Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day & K.I.S.S. Quilt Guild Auction

We prepare to honor our fallen heroes tomorrow,
never forgetting the ultimate sacrifice they made.
All three of my grandkidlets will be marching in
our local Memorial Day parade.
One a Girl Scout, one a Boy Scout &
one a high school band member.
Other posts about this day can be seen
here & here.

 The day after Memorial Day,
my K.I.S.S. Quilt Guild is
having an Auction!

I've been busy working on it for a long time!
All the donations were measured, 
photographed & cataloged, 
along with the quilt maker & 
pattern information,
 (if available). 


This will be a LIVE auction & we are expecting some
 very LIVELY bidding to take place,
(with paper plates as paddles)!


 My granddaughter, Ms. C., visited recently & 
has put in her requests for me to bid on...LOL...
I better bring plenty of cash! 





















Three prizes will be awarded that day:

One for "Best Use of Color & Cloth",
One for "Viewers' Choice" &
One for "Over-Achiever".

I wish I knew how to insert a voting poll so YOU could take part, online, in the judging.  I will have to put that on my bucket list of things to learn how to do.

There is an amazing amount of talent & diversity in this group & I'm proud to be a part of it.

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.
I appreciate your visits & comments.  

The sadness over my nephew & nieces deaths is softening somewhat & we've also had some fun times with a recent visit of another niece & her husband from Colorado.
Nothing like young people to get you laughing again!


  1. What fun, Rett! I like #5, and of course I love #14. I love to visit the shows that the Quilters' Guild puts on up here - so much talent and lots of inspiration, even if my needles do other things than quilting.

  2. Wow, lots of talent in that group of yours! LOve your mug rug and hope it sells for a bundle! Happy Memorial Day!

  3. They all look great Rett! Perfect works of art, I like the petal quilting in #10! Happy Memorial Day, have fun at the parade:@)

  4. No doubt this is going to be an exciting auction with all these beautiful pieces of work. I always enjoy the local quilt shows. They usually have a raffle quilt, but no auctions. Enjoy the holiday parades and activities. Sounds like a full day.

  5. Every piece is so gorgeous - I think I see a couple of my previous favorites in there. Love your header. I might try to do something like that for mine.

  6. They are all beautiful...I'd be hard pressed to know which one to bid on...
    If you want to put a poll type link to see which one each person would bid on or like the most, just go to your Layout page, click on GADGET, when the window opens up, scroll down to POLL and you can follow the instructions on the opened page...easy peasy
    Good Lubk on the auction....
    xo bj

  7. These are beautiful works. I hope the auction goes very well!

  8. Dearest Rett,
    First of all I am truly sorry about the deaths of your niece and nephew. My thought s and prayers are with you and your family. I did not know of this sad news. Thankfully your visiting family lightened your hearts with some joy and laughter.
    All the quilts that you shared are truly works of art. Thank you for showing their beauty to us.
    I hope your Memorial Day was a good one at the parade. Hugs and kisses are sent to you across the miles.

  9. Rett, Al the quilts are very beautiful. What a lot of hours so graciously given by your quilting friends. I hope the auction goes well...

    Isn't the warmth wonderful; are your bones and Ern's starting to warm up. Mine might be, can never be sure the warmth will be permanent!

  10. Oh my goodness, that black quilt took my breath away. If I was rich I would SO be making a bid on that baby. Being retired now has its downfalls.....and that is one of them. Not ever being able to buy something just because I am in LOVE! These quilts are gorgeous!

  11. Beautiful quilts! Love the placemat you made - it's so colorful and pretty.
    So sorry about the losses in your family, Rett.


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