Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April’s Post Card Party

crocus 005 notecard

There is a new party meme on the block!

Vee, from the blog

A Haven for Vee,

has started a monthly "Note Card Party".

Christmas cactus, April notecard

We are to choose 4 photographs

that have already appeared on our blog.

St Patricks Day 2012 001, April notecard

Ones that we think would make

good notecards to send in the mail.

Garden Party 024, Aprils notecard

Why am I not surprised that the 4 I've chosen

for April are all FLOWERS??!!

After a long, cold dark & sometimes

VERY WHITE winter,

I look forward to seeing all the

beautiful colors of Spring!

Thanks Vee, for hosting this fun gathering!


  1. Hi Rett!

    Gorgeous photos, each and every one! Swooned over the table
    scape in the previous post too {had to look around a bit 'cause every thing is eye candy!} I'm going to hang out here a bit longer if that's OK and continue to look around, but just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your first post to the note card party and appreciated your comment on my blog! Have a great day.


    1. Stay as long as you want, Robin...our doors (and gate) are always open!! Thank you for your sweet words, too.
      I enjoyed my visit to YOUR blog, as well.

  2. Excellent choices for a note card lovely that I would happily use such note cards. Glad that you found out about the party and participated. It's the easiest and most fun party ever. Hope that you'll meet an entire batch of new-to-you bloggers!

  3. They are just beautiful...I had my first orchid bloom this year...not a full stem, just three buds

    Joining from Vee's party...great note card pictures

  4. Love the last one....thanks for posting!

  5. Those are all gorgeous, but I have always loved the gorgeous crocus flowers.

  6. Hi Rett,
    Beautiful photos. I think flowers are always a perfect subject for a note card. Those pretty crocuses are always a welcome sight after a long winter.
    As a side note I tried to leave a comment a few days ago on your tomato soup post and wasn't able to. Gosh that sounds delish!! I just bought some tomato and basil plants and can't wait to try it this summer. I am green with envy over your husband's bumper crop. Lovely.

  7. wow, such great shots. i love flowers. i'm a huge fan of these. (:

  8. AH, gorgeous flowers....natures works of art~ TFS, Rett :)

  9. Beautiful photos. Your tablescape is delightful and love the flower ideas for the suckers. That would be a perfect addition to a family gathering.

  10. Beautiful flowers, Rett! Love the crocus, and the orchid, the blooming cactus, and the pansies (they are such a happy flower). Great choices for Vee's party. (Email me your address and I'll snail mail a card to you. ;D ;D ;D ) !!!!

  11. Your flower photos would all make beautiful notes cards, Rett! I love the white orchid the best!

  12. What amazing colorful photos! You are an extremely talented photographer.

  13. As I visit around at the party I am finding that the photos just keep getting better and better. Great photography, and all would make beautiful note cards. Thank you for sharing.

  14. All great pics Rett! Love the vibrant colors and yep, would all be great note cards:@)

  15. If you want a good note always can look for the flowers....they make anyone feel better! You have gorgeous shots!!

  16. Hi Rett, What a fun party! Love your photography overall - I've always admired that about The Gazebo House (and YOU!) The pansy pic is my favorite of your note cards. Have a wonderful wknd, my dear friend!

  17. Your photos are stunning! And I love how you made matching frames for them. Beautiful for notecards!

  18. That last pansy - how lovely!
    I enjoyed your earth day table - very pretty.

  19. Such pretty pictures - loved them all! It's funny how many gals chose flowers as their theme. I guess it's been a long winter for many. :)


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