Saturday, July 02, 2011

Patriotic Pettiskirt for Sweet Granddaughter, Ms. C!


My granddaughter, sweet Ms. C, fell in love with the

pettiskirt featured in the Chasing Fireflies catalog.

They wanted $98 plus shipping!



I told my daughter "I can make it for much less".


After ruffling & sewing & ruffling some more for DAYS on end,

I COMPLETELY understand why that thing cost so much!


It is extremely labor intensive.

Not hard to do, just long hours of repetitive sewing,

while continually manipulating the gathered chiffon

as it twists & turns on itself.


The little white blouse will get tucked in,

which is why I didn't put more rows of ruffles

around the bottom.

What this Nana Rett won't do for that Angel, huh?

Thanks for stopping by & letting me share my projects

with you. I have a patriotic quilt to show you for the 4th

so be sure to stop back then.

I'm linking to

The Tablescaper for her

Seasonal Sundays



p.s. Would you believe my daughter has already requested that

I make Ms. C a BLACK one for Halloween??

I think I've created a monster!


  1. Rett...I so get this post. I love all the homemade jewelry, but thought, are you kidding me? I don't have that kind of money. So I took a class and made ONE soldered charm...and trust me, they are worth every penny the people ask for them!!

  2. Rett!! You are unreal! I hope your daughter and little Caroline realize how precious you are. Glad my daughter won't see this post! That is just precious and I can't even imagine sewing all those ruffles. Very sweet. :)


  3. You are definitely a Fairy Grandmother! That little dress is so sweet - she must be in seventh heaven.

  4. This is an adorable outfit, Rett! Your grand daughte ris so lucky you are an expert seamstress.

    Happy 4th oif July! Love your blog header :)

  5. Those many hours of ruffling certainly made someone happy! You are not the first to suddenly realize why they retail for such high prices. None of those have so much love sewn into each ruffle, though!
    Start now on that Halloween one!
    Happy 4th!

  6. Start sewing NOW for Halloween! the outfit is adorable ... as is the granddaughter.
    You are one good grandma!

  7. The first thing I thought when I saw this was "what a wonderful outfit for twirling"! And then there is Miss Caroline twirling around right in front of me. I bet she is one happy little girl today.

  8. I love it and how much fun to have your own handmade(with love) rffled skirt just perfect for twirling!

  9. Hi Rett! Aren't you wonderful! This is so adorable and she looks darling in it. Now take the weekend and rest your most dainty tiny fingers! Happy 4th.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Wow! It turned out beautifully! This will always be a treasure for Caroline. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creation.
    Happy 4th.

  11. What a fun dress, I'm sure she LOVED it! Have a great 4th Rett:@)

  12. Thank God for rufflers, huh? Can you imagine doing that all by hand? Eikes! (Now you know why I'm not making one...EVER!!)

  13. Next best thing to lace camp! Love love love the petticoat. I bet you were nuts gathering and sewing all that chiffon. Its absolutely gorgeous as is your sweet granddaughter. Happy fourth, many blessings, marlis

  14. This certainly makes you the patron saint of all grandmas! I have seen these and decided I definitely don't have the patience but am in awe of those who do. Miss Caroline is one lucky girl. Have a lovely Fourth with your family....Bunny

  15. That's a labor of love if I ever saw one. I used to sew for my girls and know how much work goes into a project like that...all worth it when you see how happy she is with what you made. It's a perfect twirling skirt. Well done, grandma.

  16. Absolutely adorable, Rett! She looks beautiful in it too. How talented you are, Rett. Happy
    4th of July!
    Hugs, Beth

  17. Rett, You are every little girl's dream for a grandmother! When I have a granddaughter I dream of being just like lucky, no... blessed you! I am so happy to get a glimpse of sweet Caroline, it is so fun to watch that little darling grow! What a joy!
    She must feel like a patriotic princess in that beautiful creation! Your work is amazing!!! It might have been labor intense but what pure bliss it is bringing her, I can just tell how she loves it from the pictures!
    Get started on the black one.. October is only 3 months away!

    Have a very happy July 4th! We are going to a national cemetary today with my son and his girlfriend. It is the most wonderful place to be on a national holiday. My father was a "lifer" in the Air Force and is burried there. We go to pay our respects and take in all the hundreds and thousands of American flags lining the quiet roads and the rows of graves. It makes me so grateful to be an American.
    Love to you, my friend!

  18. Rett~ Your petticoat was obviously a labor of love! How adorable is she twirling in those patriotic ruffles and how lucky she is to have such a talented & doting seamstress for grandmother!

  19. Oh Nana, you are the best! Costco has some for $20 but not always the colors you want. Definitely a labor of love!

  20. Lucky little girl to have you! It's adorable.

    - The Tablescaper

    PS Can't wait to see the black one!LOL!

  21. Well, of course you'll make a black one too!
    You are truly amazing. That dress is darling, but it's Miss C spinning about that makes it so special. Thanks for sharing this!

  22. Fabulous! What do you make for the grandsons?

  23. pretty girl pretty dress and your what lady looks familiar lol


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