Monday, July 18, 2011

Marty Is Having A Summer Cloche Party!

Dear sweet Marty, author of
is hosting a Summer Cloche Party!
She says apothecary jars also qualify so I'm including
my faux lemon filled one, with two skeleton keys from my
childhood home & a tiny little tassel on top.
A matching cookbook
(remember I told you I try to color coordinate them?) &
little vintage planter sit nearby.
(I'm rooting those basil & mint clippings to share with neighbors)

I'm not very talented at creating lovely vignettes like some people

but I keep looking at other blogs & learning from them.

This little grouping is on the family room coffee table
just in front of the fireplace.
The book is one of my husbands ANCIENT medical texts.

The idea for rolling the sheet music came from Sue at
Those are my father's song sheets...he sang in our church choir
all the years I was growing up & even sang the
Ave Maria for my daughter's wedding.
There were people who wanted him to "go professional" but he declined.
After he retired, he sang for funerals held
during the daytime at our church, too.

My granddaughter, Ms. C. does NOT like to see this bird under the glass!
It upsets her to think he's captured & "can't breathe" under there.
She is very sensitive & although she knows its artificial,
it bothers her, just the same.

I have another little faux nest with eggs
under glass on a side table in the same room.
As a nurse, I caution you to NEVER bring a nest that you've found outside into your home.
You can pick up Histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease that may be fatal.
It results from a fungus growing in dried bird droppings.
You can also get Cryptococcosis which is caused by yeast
found in the intestinal tract of pigeons and starlings.
The illness often begins as a pulmonary disease and
may later affect the central nervous system.
There is also the risk of E.coli. Cattle carry E. coli.
When birds peck on cow manure, the E. coli go right
through the birds and the bird droppings.
Please go to Michaels or JoAnn's & PURCHASE faux nests for your decorating needs?


I added a satin ribbon & a tiny feather, too.


I must not forget to share the most important cloche in the house, though.

It holds Ms. C's special stash of her favorite candies.

Strangely enough, she is the only grandchild who will

lift the lid to nibble on these.

Her brothers know they are there, but they don't

bother with them.


I have some cheese under glass out in the gazebo
to share with you later in the week.
Please come back to see the entire tablescape then?
Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House today &
be sure to stop by Marty's place to see
all the other wonderful cloches!



  1. Rett, each one looks lovely, but my favorite is the first jar filled with lemons. It reminds me of a cooling glass of lemonade, something I'm drinking a lot of this summer.
    All you information about bird nests makes me shutter when I think of all the ones I had in m classroom through the years. Fortunately no one ever became sick. Kids would bring them in for the science tale all the time. ;-)

  2. Rett,
    Thank you for the lovely cloches...I'd say your practice at vignettes is paying off nicely!!! I appreciate your information on using REAL nest!!! I have several economical sources for bird's nest that look authentic in our local retailers!!! Always be safe! I'll be back to see your tablescape!

  3. I really like all your cloche designs! So pretty and classy looking!

    Great info about birds nests, I hope lots of people read it!


  4. I think your vignettes are lovely. Very elegant!

  5. Sooo sweet! I love that lil' bird!

  6. Ok...although all favorite is the M&M cloche....MY KIND OF CLOCHE!

  7. Beautiful cloches and I did not know that about bird nests. I haven't had any problems with the one I have under a cloche.

  8. You are so active with your cloches. I really like your vignette with the apothecary jar with lemons. Thanks for the info about bird's nest and we don't want to catch any systemic fungus cause they are very hard to treat...Christine

  9. Hi Rett! I love your pretty cloches and jars! The first one with the lemons is so pretty! Your vignettes are just lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  10. Those lemons in the cloche make me think of a tall, cool glass of lemonade!
    Good advice on the nests - we have to be careful.

  11. These are lovely vignettes you have created especially the first one I loved... with the lemons and the tassel and the key... and I loved how you added the plate stand... it looks perfect! The vintage planter is sooo adorable. and I like how you rolled up the music sheets on the silver platter... very creative and inspiring ideas. Nice to know about the bird nest, never knew about it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful vignettes and your lovely collection of cloches... enjoyed going through them.~Poppy

  12. Over from Marti's. Couldn't resist joining another nurse's blog. I too am a nurse, seamstress, grandma and love to decorate.

  13. Thanks for the info about bird nests....lovely Cloche's you have and the jar of lemons is very pretty. Trish

  14. Rhett, what beautiful cloche's you have. I love each and every one of them. The vignette on your coffee table is so sweet, love the rolled up sheet music on top of the book. A treasure that is priceless. I do have a real birds nest I've had for a few years now under a cloche dome, aired and sprayed it, you think I should get rid of it?
    hugs ~lynne~

  15. Lovely vignettes, Rett. Thanks so much for the health info. I am definitely one who would bring the real nest into the house. Now, never! I always appreciate your health tidbits.

  16. Everything looks great Rett! My favorite cloches are the ones with food under them! Imagine that:@)

  17. Very pretty! I love the first picture. Looks like it's out of a magazine.

    Your bird nest info is great. I brought one in from the yard once. Didn't take long before a zillion little bugs started coming out of it. Ick! It had to go.

  18. Thanks for the medical info. I had no idea....not that I go looking for empty bird nests, you understand!

  19. Good thing to learn about a birds nest. Thanks!

    I love how you decorated your cloches.


  20. Oh Rett, Your cloches and apothecary jar looks lovely! Thanks for the shout-out, too. ♥ I love the nest and birdie under glass. Too cute about your grand that feels that he is not getting any air! If I wouldn't be into it all the time, I'd set out some candy, as well! I know absolutely no self control. LOL
    Good info on the nests. I use faux, myself. They can look just like the real thing. Hope I'll get to see you in the fall for our next get-together. Can you believe it'll be here soon? Where has the summer gone? hugs, Sue

  21. I think you do just fine, Rett! I was so glad to see your first picture, because, although I didn't post it, I have lemons in an apothecary jar on my kitchen counter, too! That jar changes with the seasons and I just love the lemons for Summer. I thought there would be a medical caution to bringing nests in from outside {many people do} and, while they are pretty, the thought of bugs and the fact that it was used by a living thing outside just hits my gross factor too much for me to do that.

  22. Hi Rett. Thanks for th tip on the nest. I need to go find a shop as am in love with it! The jar of lemons is my fav though I love cloches!


  23. They are all so charming.

  24. Rett, I love the lemons, they look so fresh and I can alsmost smell them. Great cookbook also, super vignette. Your nests are beautiful and the story about your little granddaughter worrying about the little bird is so precious. How sweet. I would love some cheese and crackers right about now. Everything looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  25. This is a lovely post and I'm so glad I visited. Thank you for entering my giveaway and for the nice comments you left. Good luck!

  26. Love all your displays and your photos are just crisp and clear. You have a talent! How sweet of you to give the info on the dangers of the real bird Mom always told us to leave them alone whenever we found them abandoned. You never know when something seemingly innocent can harbor hidden dangers.

  27. Among all, my favourite is the first jar filled with lemons. It reminds me of a cooling glass of lemonade, which I am drinking a lot of this summer. And the information about bird nests makes me shutter.
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  28. Wonderfully displayed cloche! I love that there are certain memories associated with each design, especially the keys from your childhood home. I'm with Miss C ... I would definitely be lifting that cloche and enjoying the contents. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment. Following your wonderful blog!! xo HHL


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