Sunday, November 20, 2016

Time Spent by the Water


I've neglected my blog drastically... mostly because I haven't had a great deal of things to share. 

These photos were taken this past summer, at a sewing friend's cottage on Lake Erie...seems so very long ago! 


As a child, my family used to spend a day on the shores of Lake Erie at least once a summer.

I have fond memories of walking along the water's edge, hunting for pretty seashells.


This relaxing day was a wonderful trip down memory lane for me.

 I am SEW very grateful that I was included.

  My sore hip (bursitis) prevented me from some of the activity in the water but it was still a very fun day.
I sat in the shade on the deck & worked on some hand stitching.


Those warm summer days seem so far away now.

This morning, I awoke to SNOW on the pumpkins....


as well as my geraniums!

 It was 73º just a day ago!


I'm going to spend my Sunday afternoon, stitching some binding & catching up on the "Poldark" series on PBS.

Talk about being at the water's edge....this takes place in Wales, from whence my father's ancestors hail.
 I love the scenes of them walking & riding along these rocky cliffs, with the water crashing below.

Cromwell Coast

If you're not watching this series, I urge you to start at the beginning, from the library or On Demand TV.
Like Downton Abbey, you'll need to know the history of all the characters in order to fully enjoy the stories.


I'm especially enamoured with this red headed damsel, Demelza, wife of Poldark.

Lots of scenes with her standing by the water's edge, her gorgeous naturally curly red hair blowing in the wind. 


Perfect program for a snowy Sunday, especially if you're not into sports on TV.

I'll be able to show you a few sewing projects soon but for now they have to remain a secret.
Here is just a sneak peek though:


May you be surrounded by family & friends this Thanksgiving!


  1. I love that you are using your amazing creative talents in quilting and sewing these days. I think of you often, and your precious Ernie, too. I know that you miss him terribly. I too, am slowly returning to blog world, so it is extra special to find my dear Rett here again. It's been so long since I've been by the sea...such a special treat whenever it happens. Drop by for a visit soon. I'm eager for us to catch up with each other. Cherry Kay

  2. Hi Rett, I loved the sneak peek at your pretty embroidered and quilted leaves! Time spent by the water is good for the soul. I've been hearing about Poldark recently, I need to see if I can watch season 1 to see what it's all about. It's frosty here this morning but no snow on the pumpkins for us. We're looking at 68-70 degree forecast and porch weather for turkey day. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with your family. ♥

  3. Hello Rett, it's always nice to see a post from you in my reader. I've heard about Poldark, but haven't watched it. Sounds intriguing. I did watch all 10 episodes of The Crown recently and loved it. Our weather is dark and drizzly and I'd welcome a little fresh white snow. Glad you enjoyed your waterside moments - there's something special about being in the fresh air, isn't there?
    Have a most Happy Thanksgiving, Rett.

  4. Hi Rett, I'm here in Ohio, visiting my mom and sister, and have been slow in visiting my blogging friends. When I lived in Ohio, I had a friend who had a condo at Port Clinton, and it was such fun to get there and relax with our kids. Love your sneak peek of your latest project! I must try to figure out how to watch the Poldark series, as it sounds so good. Right now I'm watching Hallmark movies...I know they're cheesy, but they have happy ending.
    Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Rett! xo

  5. I love that pic of fall in your header! And those gorgeous shots of the water, oh so relaxing!! I hope to see some sewing pics soon;-) Your embroidered leaves look wonderful, you'll have to tell us more when you can.

  6. Rett, glad you had the summer get away. Looks like a great place to relax. Your quilting talents are stellar. I think of you often!

  7. Merry Christmas Rett, obviously, I keep a rare eye on you...and right now I am glad that I have not had to be waiting since November to hear about your beautiful leaf project. (One less month of extreme impatience). Thank you for the tea tour, your Asian cup is so beautiful...I know I am more partial to the Asian designs than the English tea cups. 🙂

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful with your little family, and have a very blessed New Year as we continue to pray for Peace and Good Will to all men. Thank you for the Christmas walk thru your home,


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