Monday, April 06, 2015

Two Down & Ten To Go


Holidays... two down (our anniversary & his birthday)...

and ten more to go...all the rest of the year's celebrations to come, when my sweet husband will be so sadly missed.

I didn't feel much like celebrating Easter this year but decided for the sake of the grandkids, 
I needed to do something to make it special, as they miss their Poppi Ernie, too.  

2015-04-04 001 005

The cupcakes were made with Duncan Hines *Pink Velvet* cake mix (tastes like vanilla) 

and the frosting was marshmallow fluff buttercream.   
Recipe for frosting HERE  

2015-04-04 001 006

Malted milk ball eggs & some choco. bunnies, chicks & baby lambs added to the fun.

2015-04-04 001 007

I even found butter in the shape of a lamb!!!

2015-04-04 001 002

Pink Bunny Peeps in Twinkie race cars held the monogrammed pennants, which indicated where each person was to sit.

We even made one for my oldest grandson, who is away at college.  It felt strange to set the table for only 5 people instead of the usual 7.  *big sigh*

2015-04-05 001 003 

2015-04-05 001 007

2015-04-05 001 005

2015-04-05 001 008

I found it easiest to assemble the racers right ON the salad plates & to only do one side at a time. 

I used royal icing (powdered sugar & water) to attach the marshmallows, which were cut in half with scissors dipped into boiling hot water.

I found the M&M *hubcaps* stuck nicely to the cut side of the marshmallows.

2015-04-05 001 001

 2015-04-05 001 010

Colorful placemats & colored stemmed bubbles glasses added lots of spring like color to the table.

 2015-04-05 001 011

 2015-04-05 001 012

I embroidered some sport & tea towels as gifts, too.
Designs are from Applique Corner.

 2015-04-05 001 013

I liked Charlie's the best...


he's been playing indoor baseball all winter long, so it was most appropriate!

twinkie racer place cards collage

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House & letting me share my family's Easter gathering.
I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday party.


  1. Your Easter table is lovely Rett, and I can imagine how much your family appreciated the effort you made. I love the little cars!

  2. What a pretty Easter table, Rett...I know it must have been hard...but you are my hero for trying so hard.

  3. Those little race cars are adorable, Rett! I bet the grands really enjoyed them.
    Wishing you a week of smiles!

  4. Look at you! Those Peeps in the racecars are just ADORABLE!!! And Val's tea towel is gorgeous! I know she will love displaying that in future Easter seasons in her kitchen. The boys' towels are so nice in that plaid terry. Charlie's is precious! I know the two empty spots had to be hard to see, but I know those two men in your life were with you in spirit. Love you, sweet friend.

  5. Oh you did so good. Even in your loss, you made a special memory. I am guessing you have an embroidery machine. Boy, I could keep you busy. I love things like that. Anything personalized. I am sure everyone enjoyed their precious gifts!

  6. I love your beautiful embroidery! It sounds like you had a nice Easter Rett, please take care:@)

  7. Cute little cars, Rett. I can imagine how much effort it took for you to pull all this off and I'm sure your family appreciated it.


  8. Going through all the firsts is sooo hard, Rett, but I'm glad your tried to make it special. Ernie would want you to do that. Your little Twinkie cars turned out so cute, and your cupcakes, too. I love the embroidered special!

  9. What fun party you provided for the children! Everything about it just perfect from a child's point of view and isn't that what it's all about. Big hugs to you, Rett. You haven't lost the wonder and I am sure that is one of those things Ern loved so much about you. Keep on keepin' on and I am here for any vents needed. Love, Bunny

  10. I'm sure it is not easy, but you always do things up so beautifully. I LOVE those Twinkie cars!!!

  11. HI FRIEND!!!
    I decided on a whim to pop over to my forgotten blog...I signed on and looked over my blog lists I follow. I had to stop in and say HI. I AM SO SORRY about your precious Hubby. I had no idea. YOU are so sweet and always have the best holiday table settings and make the most of every holiday even while you are grieving. I miss you so much. So much has happened in the past year. We moved and we have been so incredible busy. I need to pick up the phone and call you tomorrow. I have two appointments tomorrow but I am going to make me a to do list so I don't forget you. OH are an inspiration to all of us...handling grief with class and dignity. I love that about you. I know your dear sweet Ern appreciates you going on. Love you

  12. Of course, you would make a beautiful Easter for your family and, of course, your husband would expect this. Everything is so cute and pretty - the towels are amazing.

  13. I can only imagine what fun Ernie would have with those darling bunny cars. I can hear him now making some kind of joke or another. Bravo to you for making the holiday special. You haven't lost your touch even though I know you are hurting inside. Love ya!

  14. Such delightful and special touches, and all done with so much love! I understand the hurt of empty chairs and absent family members. But, I admire your brave and determined spirit to bring joy to those still present. As new leaves and buds appear, and Spring brings beautiful flowers, may it also bring a little peace to your aching heart.

  15. Rett, I've been missing you on the forum and heard some of the other ladies mention that you'd blogged recently. I thought I would look you up to say hello. How very awful to contemplate all those lonely holidays. But then, your dear little race cars attest to the fact that you still have love. I hope that you can find comfort in remembering that "to live is Christ, and to die is gain." And I pray that each day becomes a little easier.

  16. It's all about that base!! I love it Rett, you found the perfect spot for it. Think I will copy you!! Know you continue to be in my prayers, I can't tell you how exciting it is to see you blogging. I know it is hard and will be for a very long time but you are such a special person to carry on for those precious grands.

  17. I know your heart wasn't in it, Rett, but you sure made some adorable Easter treats. I especially like the little bunny driven race cars. I passed that Idea along to my daughter. Your embroidery work is awesome. I admire your spirit and think of you often.

  18. Rett, I had to chuckle at the embroidered 'all about that base' towel :) Your Easter treats are wonderful must make your family feel so special and I love the Peeps Twinkie car. Thinking of you and your firsts ♥.

  19. Rett, Holidays are hard when loved ones are missing. I hope your sweet memories of your well-loved hubby will give you some joy. Your grands must have been happy to see your effort to make their Easter bright. Linda

  20. You did good, I am sure the grands must have enjoyed their special homemade treats so much more the store bought kind. The pink velvet cupcakes look so cute and I know they have to be very tasty too. The bunny race cars are simply adorable and I love the embroidered towels, I understand all about the base, I know I certainly ain't got no treble.

  21. Love the cupcakes. Everything is so adorable. I want one of those towels. V is my first initial. Do you sell them? Thanks.

  22. Rett, I'm happy that you felt like setting a table to share with your family and also creating all the special touches. I know they appreciate it. You continue to be in my thoughts. I can't imagine how difficult it is to face each of these holidays. Sending hugs your way. ~ Sarah

  23. Coming by to say thank you for the sweet comment and wishing Bill a happy birthday. It brought tears to my eyes ...:)

  24. Those bunny race cars are divine!

  25. Cute, cute, cute! Love those towels, so clever! The firsts are so hard. My dad was buried on Christmas Eve when he was 50, and my mom insisted we still do Cmas, her gkids were young and it wouldn't be right not to. So glad you did celebrate, he would want you too! Pray for you every day. Still dealing with this respiratory thing. Saw a Pulmonary doc last week, all kinds of tests ahead. Take care!

  26. Love everything. Those darling bunny race cars are over the top. Such a wonderful Grandma to carry on. I cannot imagine what it feels like to lose one's husband. You are so determined and strong. I admire your spirit. Thank you for sharing your special post. xo

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  28. I LOVE those peeps in the Twinkies. and the cupcakes are adorable, too. the bubble glasses are very pretty....but wouldn't live long in my house....we need un-breakables here. haha very nice Easter spread

  29. Rett, your cupcakes are adorable and festive. I'm just popping in to say that I have been thinking about you . . .

  30. Hello, Rett,
    This is to let you know that you are missed. I am hoping it won't be long before we see your adventures in sewing and quilting again. I miss your creativity.


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