Friday, August 29, 2014

End of Summer Tablescapes

2014-08-22 001 001

Cuisine Kathleen has issued another tablescape challenge!  

This time, it is "A Farewell to Summer" & she forbids anything "FALL" to be shown.
Us Northerners never want Summer to end, so we don't rush that Fall season (although it IS my favorite) because we know what comes after it.
When I lived in FL, I couldn't wait for summer to end!

We haven't done much entertaining this summer, as my hubby hasn't been feeling well.
However, I did have the gals from my new neighbor's sewing retreat come over for lunch a few times.  They currently live in Atlanta so they truly appreciated Ohio's less humid weather.

It has been a lovely summer here with cool breezes & moderate rainfall every few days.
I think I've turned the lawn sprinklers on only TWICE the entire summer! 

2014-08-22 001 002

This little table for four was set up in my sewing room, just for dessert.  I used these small "Agapanthus" printed luncheon plates on moss green QUILTED placemats with pretty scalloped edges.

Purple & yellow were the primary colors, with mimosas being served in amethyst champagne flutes. 
My neighbor has agapanthus blooming right across from my gazebo, but did I remember to capture a photograph before they died?  Noooo...bad blogger, bad!

2014-08-22 001 003

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint for the first time ever, to paint the base of this domed pastry server.  
Rubbing that wax on & off really gives your arms a work out!

2014-08-22 001 004

I used ASCP "Versaille" color, which matched my newly purchased, hand-painted hutch.

Isn't she DARLING???  I just love the little birds on twiggy branches.  
This gives me a place to set up tea & coffee along with cream & sugar/sweeteners, leaving more room on the table for food.
There are two shelves with lots of storage space behind those pretty doors.

2014-08-22 001 042

I even painted this strip of wood on the front of the TV cabinet to match it.  Wish I was brave enough to try painting some birds on it!  

My friend suggested stencils, so I may try to find one that is similar.  I just placed my little white ceramic birdie nearby, to continue the theme.

2014-07-26 001 003

2014-08-22 001 045

I have a new secretary in the sewing room also, which I'm using to display my teacup collection.
It works perfectly when there is a bigger crowd, such as a recent quilt class I held here.

2014-08-22 001 007

2014-08-22 001 008

2014-08-22 001 009

Let me leave you with a mouth watering shot of one of the desserts I made for the sewing retreat gals...LEMON BREAD!!!  You KNOW how much I ♥♥♥ LEMON!!

2014-08-22 001 010 

No recipe...just buy the box mix by Carnation...Delish!

Thanks for hosting the party, Kathleen.  It is always fun to join other tablescapers & see all the pretty dishes on display.

Thank YOU for stopping by The Gazebo House today.

If you come by next week, I hope to share some pictures of a quilt class I took yesterday with Sue Jones on her "Colorful Cubes" quilt pattern.

Here is a snippet of the various blocks made by each of the gals in the class, stuck to a flannel design wall, as they finished their first block.  Even with the wide variety of fabrics, this grouping would make a cool quilt.
Can you guess which block is mine?


More info about it later...I hope you have a SAFE Labor Day weekend!  Enjoy the last holiday of the summer!


  1. The table is festive and summery, but what I REALLY loved the most was that wonderful cabinet with the birds on it. I think the TV cabinet would look adorable stenciled to match. I'll bet you can find some stencils for it, too. Birds, especially simple ones, are one of my favorite motifs in decorating. I don't know why, but I do love them.

    (And I love the secretary in the sewing room, too. It would make me feel so restful to work in a room with a display like that. )

  2. I am guessing that your block is either the purple one to match the agapanthus or the pink one in the front that looks like it might have slices of lemon. My guess is the latter. ;-)

    I love your table, your new cabinet, and that delicious lemon dessert. I love lemon, too!

    I am so sorry to hear your husband hasn't been feeling well, and I send prayers to him for healing.

    I have been MIA but decided to pop back into the water before summer's end. I think Kathleen's challenge is he perfect opportunity. I had the photos from last year and hadn't posted them yet! :-)

    Sending warm hugs and love your way...



  3. PS

    I left you a little comment next to your comment on my blog, but then I thought, she won.t see this. In a nutshell, it was nothing exciting like a bender, though my knees and hand got bent well enough. LOL

    CHURCH was the scene of the first episode. Some young lady crunched my hand in an alleged handshake at church.Yes, you read that correctly. Episcopalians don't shake quite as hard as the Baptists, and I came out on the losing end. ;-) I was with a friend at a special service at her church, and the young lady was, I think, keyed up from a stellar performance of violin. Then again, she could have been strength training as her mom is also a personal trainer. Take your pick! But now I know I would no longer win in in an Indian wrestling competition. The second it happened, I felt it go, and then it swelled almost immediately. To my credit, I did not holler out loud. Only silently, and that was LOUD. ;-)

    The knees are compliments of FPL whose truck parked itself outside our front windows around bedtime with a flashing yellow light that was akin to a disco strobe and a Diesel engine running. I got up to ask him to move since I ascertained he was doing paperwork and not working on power lines, and being sleepy and still favoring my right knee from the fall last fall (out of habit), I tripped. Naturally, he left the next second! I mean it! Literally left as I was lying in a puddle of broken Chinese porcelain and papers! And the worst thing is, he parked in front of a fire hydrant and didn't even get a ticket! ;-)

    Doing much better, but my knees are still skinned. I would like to skin one lineman. Yet, they keep our house nice and cool in the Florida sunshine. So I'll give him a pass and the girl, too. At least she wasn't out getting all tattooed. Thank goodness for small wonders. :-)



  4. Oh to visit your sewing room in person, Rett, would be a dream! I'll bet the ladies certainly enjoyed your Ohio hospitality. You know I love your pretty bird cabinet that you and your sweetie lovingly put in your sewing room. The secretary is perfect for displaying your teacups and for serving tea.
    All the cubes are so pretty and at first thought, I'm guessing the purple block is yours??
    Happy Labor Day weekend. I'll be sewing for the new baby to be!

  5. Sorry to hear dh is not feeling well, but good for you for doing some entertaining! I am in the same boat here, pushing myself to invite people over. Your table in the sewing room for tea is lovely!
    It has been the best summer weather wise, hasn't it. And you are so right, I'll kick and scream to hold on to it. Yes, I love Fall, but after last winter, I am in fear!

  6. So many fun things to look at here and I enjoyed them all. Love the little dress shapes hanging by the hutch.

  7. I loved your post, so many fun things to see. I love your table, yellow is so summery with all those pretty dishes!
    God bless your hubby.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Rett, sounds like you have had a great summer. I love your new hutch with the birds painted on the doors.
    I think your desk would be perfect with birds on them.
    Your table is so pretty and glad the ladies enjoyed their dessert.
    So glad that you had a wonderful summer. I can remember when growing up in Ohio - the summers were terrible - hot, sticky and rained all the time - never could play=n anything.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. A mouth watering shot of the lemon bread is right! Even though this summer has been mild I haven't been baking... Gonna work on that soon! My guess would be the block with the most mitered corners is yours:@)

  10. What a lovely table...♥ the agapanthus plates.
    The lemon bread looks you, anything lemon will find its way into my mouth!
    Hope your hubby gets to feeling better.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Rett, sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope things improve. Your table is gorgeous, and the lemon dessert looks fabulous. I know it's delish!!!
    Good to see a post from you. The quilt is lovely!

  12. Everything you make always looks good, even if it's from a package!!! Lucky company…they get some! I'm like you with summer and fall……….and OMG, if we have another winter like last year, bury me now! Give that sweetie hubby of yours a big hug from me…I so wish he'd improve a bit.

  13. Rett, Your table is so pretty set for dessert and count me in when you're serving mimosas in lavender champagne flutes! I love your new cabinet with birds painted on the doors! I painted a chest of drawers with ASCP, I love how quickly it dries but I agree, the waxing is muscle-building :) Hope your hubby is feeling better and wishing you a Happy Labor Day!

  14. I love agapanthus Rett, what cute plates! Mimosas sound good too! Your tea station is adorable, and I know you will have lots of fun with your ASCP, it is great stuff! I need to try stenciling something, I love the birds on the doors~

  15. Everything is always so gorgeous right down to the tiniest detail. What a treat it must be to visit your home.

    Hope your husband is feeling better

  16. Wish I went to your house, my friend! Maybe we can swap visits every other month! Wow, your table is gorgeous and the cake sounds awesome! Wish I had a piece!
    Have a great week and a better one for your hubby.

  17. Hi Rett. I adore your new secretary and hutch. So pretty! You've dressed them up really beautifully too with your teacups etc. Love your table. You have always set pretty tables, Rett. Hope your hubby is feeling better.
    Hugs, Beth

  18. I love your new tea service furniture and those birds are very special. Your secretary is quite nice as well. I am glad you are getting to attend some classes and commiserate with other sewists from the retreat. Nothing better than shared passions!

    Prayers for you and your Ern.

  19. The secretary is wonderful and all of those cups are gorgeous.
    What a fun quilt. Mine would probably be the purple or pink one. How much fun is that?!

  20. Your table is so pretty, Rett, and what a lovely place to serve tea. I've just discovered Annie Sloan paints and am thrilled with the results so far. I painted a buffet and am going to do my dining room chairs next. Kind of nervous about that but I love the paint so it should turn out OK. I am so ready for Fall and can't wait for the days to cool off. 92 forecast for today.

  21. I have never painted any furniture, I know I am a dinosour:):) I love those plates and would love to have one of those mimosas! Your cabinet is so pretty with the birds on it. I didn't know about the party. I will go check it out.

  22. What a lovely collection. I haven't painted anything with chalk paint, so I admire your style. Lovely table and that lemon cake looks divine.

  23. Mercy, woman...that lemon bread looks sooo you, I love anything lemon.
    Love your little green hutch..just precious.
    Now, I must ck out your eggs in a cloud....

  24. Soooo...I was sitting at my ironing board a few minutes ago...ironing my ballet dot napkins, and I thought....oh noooo, I haven't touched base with Rett in way too long. Just turned on my iPad in order to find you. So good to see that you are here and that you have been able to stay in tune with your quilting friends etc. Sounds like you had a delightful summer. Prayers for your hubby. Cherry Kay

  25. Miss you, Rett! How are things?

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  27. A lovely table, Ret. You just made me miss summer. I wish I had a sewing room. Love the secretary....Christine


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