Monday, November 04, 2013

Candle Jar Lids

candle lid hints 001

I've heard me say it here a million times.
My daughter's favorite comment is... 

"Motherrrr, you never throw anything away! 

Well, neither do my friends & relatives!

I've got everybody saving their candle jar lids for me.

You can pry off the rubber gaskets with needle nose pliers & turn them upside down to use as votive candle holders for your tablescapes. 

BJ from Sweet Nothings blog taught me to put a tiny bit of water in the bottom first & the melted candle will just pop right out when you're done with them.  Thanks for the tip, BJ!   

 I also use them in my sewing room as
pattern weights.

candle lid hints 003

These are wonderful substitutes for pinning through the pattern & the fabric.
The two on the far right aren't candle jar lids...they are vintage electric & telegraph glass insulators that my sister found while cleaning out the basement of my parents' home.

As railway & telegraph lines spread over the USA, electricity needed to be carried along powerful cables along those same lines.  Live electrical wires & wooden telegraph can't touch...they can start a fire!

Glass & porcelain resist the conduction of electricity & thus could protect the live wires from coming into contact with the wooden poles.  Some people use them today as paper weights on their desks & they also do decorative paiting on ones that are cracked or chipped.  Don't paint them if they are in perfect condition, as this will destroy their value to a collector.
I've also seen folks hang them upside down outside, with votive  or battery operated candles lit in them.  
It is a really pretty effect in the evening!

Glass insulators come in many colors...clear, aqua, red, green...even purpleSince the railway lines shared the right of way with many different companies, this was the way the linesman could  identify which line belonged to which company. 

I have a few of the Aqua ones stashed away somewhere in MY basement.  I should dig them out to hang in the gazebo next summer.  ~~note to self...remember to do that~~

This knit, below is a good example of how I use both the candle lids & the insulators as pattern weights...the less pin holes, the better.

hints 007

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  1. I just glanced to my left and there sits a lid, I'm seeing it in a whole new light (pun intended:@) I really like the idea of using them for pattern weights, always seems a shame to put holes in the patterns!

  2. Love them as votive holders. I use them as pattern weights as well. I've seen some people glue fabric to the bottoms but I like the shiny glassiness of it all. If you can get the really flat ones you can keep pins in them upside down while you use them as pattern weights, multitasking! Another great post, Rett.

  3. Now isn't that a clever idea, Rett? I will rethink throwing away all those candle lids after reading your post, that's for sure!!! I do have pattern weights that someone gave me that had belonged to their mother, but I could always use some more. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. xo

  4. Great idea Rett, I'm off to the basement to see how many of these little gems I've got stashed for a "someday" project. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rett,
    Good idea! I love the glass insulators - don't think I have any - yet!!!! Going to sew today for a while. I am making a "dress" for Mabel Elizabeth (a cover for my Featherweight). Have a wonderful day.


  6. Great post - I'm a firm believer in pattern weights and these look like good ones.

  7. Great ideas for recycling beautifully. Love the pattern weight idea.

  8. This is a wonderful idea, Rett! I will have to keep this in mind. I hate to throw out candle jars. This is a neat idea of how to handle that. Thanks!

  9. Rett, Your candle jar lids as votive holders are genius! I can see how they'd make a wonderful pattern weight. I've always loved old insulators, my FIL worked for the power company his whole career and he had a small collection folks had given him :)

  10. Hi, dear Rett....I have used those so many times for votives...just never could throw away such a large piece of glass...
    and that little bit of water really works, doesn't it...:))
    Did you know I had to start a whole new blog...lost control of my old's still there but I can't log into it.

  11. What a fantastic way to use the lids and for the tip about water in the bottom of the holder:) Have a blessed week Rett. Take care, Jen xo

  12. Clever girl! Another way to pop out used candles is to put the container into the freezer. Take it out after a bit and the candle should pop right out.

  13. So creative.

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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