Friday, October 04, 2013

Sprinkles Galore!


Today I'm joining Michael Lee, at Rattlebridge Farm
for the second episode of the
Mystery Ingredient Club!

The mystery ingredient this time ...

All the participants received from Michael Lee,
a *lab rack* of test tube vials, by Wilton, 
filled with wonderfully colorful 
Halloween sprinkles...including BONES!!

Thank you SO very much, Michael Lee, for such a FUN gift.  I was thrilled to be invited to participate again! 

I'm saving the "bones"  to use on top of some orange & brown cupcakes for a Cleveland Browns football game party we have coming up.  
(The team is known as the "Dawgs")


I started using the other colors right away.

I mixed the orange sugar with some other sprinkles of red & green that I already had on hand
to make autumn colored leaf-shaped cookies.

Then just the orange sprinkles dressed up some maple & brown sugar Pop-Tarts for Ms. C. to enjoy,
That child will put sprinkles on ANYTHING!


Together, she & I dipped two different flavors of Oreo cookies into melted almond bark chocolate 
then put them 1/2 way down into the various sprinkles...
she had to try them all, you know!


One of my favorite ways to use them was with Bugles snacks, 
dipped into chocolate & then into the sprinkles.


these are AWESOME!!
Be can't possibly eat just one...
they are addictive. 


Don't they look like little Witches hats?
My daughter is going to make them for a party that she is having when they all go to see the
performance of "Wicked" here in town. 

Such a fun idea!

You'll have to wait till next week to see the VERY BEST way I used the sprinkles, because my photos of a *Gluten FREE* 'White Wine Cake' are on my brand new $$$$ computer....which has already gotten a virus!!!!!!!!!!!  Grrrrr!!! 
 It is currently in the shop, being cleaned.  
I swear, next time, I'm buying a MAC!

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.
Won't you follow me over to Rattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday & see all the ingenious ways other participants used ML's sprinkles?
I'm also linking to The Tablescapers Seasonal Sundays.


  1. I am all grown up and I still LOVE sprinkles!! Your leaf cookies look so pretty!!

  2. Looks like you had fun Rett! the Bugles are really different and will be fun for the Wicked party too:@)

    1. Thank you, CK...I hope you try making the Bugles snacks. They truly ARE awesome!

  3. Promise me you'll try these, Lynn? Your guys would go bonkers over them, honest. My DH, who isn't a big sweet eater, squirreled away his own little Tupperware container of them, just to save for himself. He knew the grandkidlets would devour them. Something awesome about salty-crunchy-chocolate combinations...YUMMO!

  4. Rett, the bugles are new to me. I'll have to look for them. They do make perfect little witch hats, and what a clever idea to serve for a Wicked party.
    Sorry the new compute has already had a problem. I highly recommend MAC. It's all I've ever used.
    I've lots of sprinkles left for more fun projects. Everyone has shared something different so we've lots of inspiration.
    Have a great weekend.........Sarah

  5. How cute these are Rett! I love all the different things you did with the sprinkles ~ and that Bugle idea is brilliant! (I love the mix of sweet and salty...) :D
    Thank you for sharing these terrific ideas. xo

  6. the bugles are especially cute! What a great treat for a Wicked party! Do buy a Mac, you will love it!

  7. Love your bugle treats. Salty and sweet, yum!
    I just gave dh what I made for the party and told him it was dinner! :)

  8. I like the dipped Oreos and your maple leaf cookies best - I am a cookie fan! What a fun party. I have been reading what others did with the Sprinkles too. Neat!

  9. you had fun, loads of great choices to dine on! i didn't even know they still made bugles, you took me back to my childhood, my father loved those. fun hats indeed!

  10. Rett, Those Bugles witch hats are so darn cute and sweet & salty is too hard to resist! What a cute idea for your daughter to conjure these up as an opening act for Wicked! Love those dipped Oreos, I agree with Ms. C, sprinkles make everything better :)

  11. I have to write that I am enjoying this Mystery Ingredient challenge so much - seeing everyone's creations! I do love those Bugle "Witches" hats, but my favorite things are those fall leaf cookies. What a brilliant idea!!

  12. You are right, Rett. I could never eat just one of those adorable little witches hats. And what a creative way to dress up our favorite Oreo cookies. ML selected a great mystery ingredient and it looks like everybody had a fun time using it.

  13. You are right, Rett. I could never eat just one of those adorable little witches hats. And what a creative way to dress up our favorite Oreo cookies. ML selected a great mystery ingredient and it looks like everybody had a fun time using it.

  14. Rett--bugles!! I am so excited!! I had no idea they were still being made! My mom used to buy them way back in the '70s for a treat and we loved them. Your idea of witch hats is perfect for them and they sound yummy. Sprinkles make everything more fun. Linda

  15. Yup, I love my Mac, hope there's nothing too serious with your new computer. I like the way the leaf cookies turned out, fall colours for sure. The bugles sound like a yummy snack, great idea.

  16. So many clever ideas and I especially like the idea of the Bugles.

  17. I LOVE you with food!! Of course, you with fabric isn't bad either! This has been so fun....sprinkles! Who would have thought you could do a great blog post on sprinkles? I must admit that those bugles do look interesting!! I might have to try them too!

  18. Great ideas, and I know they have to taste good too!

  19. Adorable! You have to be one of the best grandmothers I know! Miss Caroline and her brothers are so lucky. I will have to remember the oreos. They look so festive in the purple and orange sprinkles.

  20. What a fun use of the MIC sprinkles, Rett! I love seeing all the creative uses of all the participants. Michael Lee makes cooking fun! xo

  21. Rett:

    Love your creativity! Both the leave and bugels are fun!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. These all look wonderful...what a fun project...and DELISH, too. :)

  23. Your bugles are very creative. I have seen Wicked so many times. Each time I see something I missed. Yes on the Mac.

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