Saturday, August 10, 2013

Despicable ME!

Minions! 010 

 Aren't these just the cutest little cuppies?? 

I saw them on & instantly fell in love!

Minions! 001

 They're really easy to do!  
Just cut Twinkies in half & place on a cookie sheet with room between so you can decorate them with Wilton's black sparkle gel icing & candy eyes.  
I found both at JoAnn's.

Borrowing Tiffany's image of what you'll need,
 because I opened my packages
before I thought to take a photo...

Minions! 002

I did mine a little different than she did.  
I made a straight line across, from one side to the other, 
then add 2 bigger blobs of icing in the center.

Press a candy eye into each of the blobs & 
the black will ooze up around the eye...
looks just like glasses, huh?

Minions! 003

 I got a little carried away with trying to make lips on this one above.  She looks like she is having a stroke, with one pupil dilated & one constricted plus a droopy mouth!
(sorry, once a nurse, always a nurse) 

Minions! 005

When you have all the heads completed, 
just press them down  into an upright position,
onto your pre-iced cupcakes.  

I added an extra circle of icing around
 the base to hold them steady, in place.

Minions! 006

At the very last minute, I remembered 
that there were one-eyed Minions, too!  
Yikes...Almost forgot!!

Minions! 009

My husband laughed out loud when he saw them all lined up on the table.  Then he asked if I had run out of candy eyeballs.  I laughed then...He obviously has not seen the movie!  

My grandkidlets have been away at camp all week,
so I'm taking these over to them tonight,
as a "Welcome Home" treat.
I missed those little buggers!!

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  1. What a grandma you are! Those are so funny-looking and I'll be they will be a big hit!

    1. Ms. H, I couldn't wait till they arrived home, so I sent a photo of them to my DD's phone. Within 5 minutes, Caroline called to ask "Did you MAKE those Minions, Nana?" They aren't even home yet...still on the highway, but she had to call & of course, asked if she could come for a sleepover. LOL I think she missed me as much as I missed her!
      They rode horses & paddled canoes & shot arrows & did zip lines & the food was "yucky" she tells me, except for the smores around the campfire. LOL

  2. They are so funny, Rett. I would smile every time I looked at them. Going to pass this fun idea along to my daughter. My kiddos have been camping too and I sure miss them.

    1. They really would have been fun to do WITH the kids, but I couldn't wait. I have no patience!
      Perhaps Ms. C. & I can do them together for some Girl Scout event or a party sometime. She LOVES to help out in the kitchen.

  3. Hilarious-The kids will freak out! I love your commentary about the stroke too. Now, as for the cayenne, I do have a fall version of those carrots in mind... Have a great weekend Rett, enjoy your time with the kids:@)

  4. Adorable - those grandchildren are going to love these. I have not seen the movie, but both of my grown children have and loved it! You did a wonderful job making these!

  5. Oh Rett, What fun, I've been wanting to see the movie! I laughed out loud at your stroke comment! Thanks for the smiles, I'm craving Twinkies and cupcakes now :)

  6. Those are soooo adorable!!! What a creative cupcake and one that is sure to make for great conversation!

  7. I am sitting here, laughing out loud. Only you, Rett, only you!!!

  8. Rett, these are adorable. I've not seen the movie. I can just imagine the delight of your grands when they arrived home to these cute treats. I'm nominating you for a Grandmother Award!
    Have fun with Ms C. ~ Sarah

  9. These are adorable!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. My daughter is making these for her son's bd party next week. So cute!

  11. OOO, I am totally lovin' these cuties and MUST make some soon.
    You did an awesome job....

  12. Love them, just took my grandson's to see the movie. This would be so fun to make with them.

  13. Rett: these made me giggle, I'm sure your grandchildren were over the moon when you brought these in for them. Thanks for sharing.

  14. How much fun, I have seen those eyeballs for sale and always thought they would be so much fun to use! Your cupcakes are soooo cute, I bet your grands went crazy!!

  15. those look like fun and humorous, now how can I get a cyber sample?

  16. These are darling! I'm sharing your post with my daughter-in-love. My grandsons will love them. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  17. They look great....and funny!

  18. Adorable Minion cupcakes, Rett! My grandson would love these :) We watch Despicable Me together and I love that movie! Can't wait to see the sequel.

  19. I saw these on Pinterest and thought they were so darn cute! I bet your grands were over he moon with excitement! You made me laugh and snort with the stroke just hit me as very funny! Now, if only I had one of those little creatures to snack on right now!

  20. This is one of the cutest little foodie ideas I've ever seen! I just love it and I need to send a bunch of young mommies I know this way for them to see it. ADORABLE!!

  21. How fun. I agree with the others - I would smile every time I looked at them. Not only would kids love them, they would also make a nice gift for someone who was housebound or recouperating at home.


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