Tuesday, June 25, 2013

National PINK Day in the Gazebo

 Pink in the Gazebo 005

Did you know that June 23rd was National PINK Day?
In honor of the occasion...plus the fact that I was given this gorgeous PINK centerpiece to take home from a bridal shower, I had my sewing friends come over for a bit of lunch in the gazebo, before stitching. 

Pink in the Gazebo 004 
 Only 3 gals were available on such short notice...many are away for the summer.  No matter, we enjoyed each others company & I had a chance to show them my latest quilt that I picked up from the long arm quilter.
(I'll post photos of that later in the week)

Pink in the Gazebo 006

I used the PINK polka-dot placemats that I found at Dollar Tree three years ago for Ms. C's 6th birthday.  You can access that event on my sidebar, if you like.
The plates are American Antelier, Bianca, the flatware is American Harmony by Oneida & the white linen hemstitched napkins are as old as the hills!

I must make mention of the fact that I am TRYING to remember not to put the napkin under the fork.  Old habits die hard & I've been told that it is incorrect to place them there.

Also, I'm trying to remember that the fold goes TOWARDS the plate & the open ends are on the left side of the napkin.  

Pink in the Gazebo 007

 To carry out the PINK polka-dot theme, I threaded PINK polka-dot ribbon through both the Ralph Lauren cakeplate & the artificial sweetener holder as well.
  Pink in the Gazebo 009

 I loved how the reticulated edge on this milkglass candy dish echoed the placemats.  PINK & white M&M's, make more dots, of course.

Pink in the Gazebo 008 

 I always get a kick out of seeing the spiral of the gazebo house ceiling reflected in the silverware! 
It surprises me every time.

Pink in the Gazebo 010

I used this trio of little PINK planters to serve
 three choices of salad dressing.
I had fresh grapes & cheese under the PINK  
painted cheese dome. 

Pink in the Gazebo 003

I have a little hint for you to use, if you want to be able to reuse your ribbons for another project.  I bought this beautiful PINK grosgrain ribbon with plans to use it as trim on an outfit for Ms. C. 
Rather than cut it after weaving it through the holes, I just coiled it up into a little package & taped it to the bottom of the cakeplate.  It will iron out beautifully & I still have the full length for sewing onto something.
 Pink in the Gazebo 013

Pink in the Gazebo 015

Pink in the Gazebo 016

I have some photos from the bridal shower to share next week. 
I was thrilled when my daughter-in-love handed me one of the centerpieces!  So thoughtful & it was nice that other people got to enjoy them at my house a few days later.  I kept them in the refrigerator the entire time prior to lunch. 

Pink in the Gazebo 017

Pink in the Gazebo 019

 No wine for this group...we'd never be able to sew straight!
Instead, I served fruit punch in these ancient wine glasses that have a matching carafe.  I've had them F-O-R-E-V-E-R...they may be Princess House, with the etched grape design...again, mimicking the dots on the placemats.
  Pink in the Gazebo 020

 If you look off to the right in the photo below, you can see the lake & the fountain that we see on a daily basis from the kitchen sunroom, great room & even our master bedroom.  The view was a BIG factor in buying this house.  I always feel like I'm up in a tree house while in the gazebo!
 Pink in the Gazebo 021

For those who didn't want cake for dessert, I had fresh strawberries in low-fat strawberry/banana yogurt that I sweetened with honey & topped with Kashi Go Lean Crisp *Cinnamon Crumble*.  That little touch of crunch plus some extra sugar on top of a BIG strawberry makes fresh fruit just a little bit special & not very high in calories, either.

If you use sugar substitute instead of honey, it is REALLY  a low calorie treat...close to only 3 points on WW, depending on the amounts of fruit & yogurt you use PLUS it has PROTEIN in it!

Pink in the Gazebo 022

Pink in the Gazebo 025
One more peek at those pretty flowers before you go.

Pink in the Gazebo 016

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.  
I hope you were 'tickled pink' by what you saw & will come back again soon.
I'm joining Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish on Wednesday.
Yvonne at StoneGable for Tutorials, Tips & Tidbits on Thursday as well as Susans Tablescape Thursday.
Michael Lee at Rattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday &
The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.
I hope you visit them, too, for lots of wonderful inspiration!


  1. Rett, Your bouquet is absolutely gorgeous, as is your table. Love the placemats and flatware. Love the extra little touch of the ribbon threaded through the sweetener container and cake plate. And I'm absolutely tickled pink by the view! No wonder you love your outside views! Is your gazebo a part of your deck? It seems high off the ground and many I've seen are built right at ground level. Just curious. Beautiful! Loved your post!

    1. Yes, Beth, the gazebo is part of the deck across the entire back of the house. They were all built together at one time, although different companies did each item. The Trex decking people hired Amish to construct the gazebo per their blueprint dimensions. It is high off the ground!

  2. Ooooh, I just love it all....what a great theme and those polka dots. I enjoyed seeing it...thanks!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful Rett and it looks like you were all set for a fun time! I missed National Pink Day but it sounds like a holiday I could get behind:@)

    1. Earl would be the perfect spokesman/pig for National Pink Day!!! LOL

  4. What a beautiful bouquet, Rett, and the perfect inspiration for your party. I love the polka dot placemats. I hope you all had a wonderful time.

  5. Oh, I so wish I was at your Pink luncheon with the sewing girls. What fun you must have all had! Everyone needs a pink party now and then!

  6. That is such a happy table! I know everyone had a great time. I love the placemats!

  7. A gorgeous pink themed table Rett and the bouquet is the perfect centrepiece. I didn't know the napkin doesn't go under the fork either.

  8. Rett, as a lover of all things pink this table is just perfect in my book. What a happy summer table, your sewing friends are lucky to have you to set such a sweet table for them.

  9. What a beautiful setting you made for your sewing friends, Rett! National Pink Day sounds like a perfect reason to get together for lunch. The beautiful flowers certainly set the stage for your table. Those polka dot placemats certainly shout "happy", don't they? I saw the ceiling fan reflection in the flatware and at first I thought it was just part of the design!! The strawberries with yogurt and the added crunch sounds like the perfect, sweet ending. I look forward to seeing your quilt and pics of the wedding. xo

  10. I love your pink and white table, Rett. The placemats are perfect with your beautiful centerpiece. Getting together with friends for lunch is so much fun.

  11. I have never heard of National Pink Day! How much fun! I love everything here Rett, the bright polka dot mats and gorgeous pink blooms in the center, but my favorite is the 3 little planter pots for salad dressing! What a cute,cute idea!

  12. What a fun theme....pink! Who knew that there actually was a National Pink Day? Certainly not me, that's for sure! Figures you'd know though...I ALWAYS learn something from reading your blog. Like the napkin bit.......HELLO! I always put the fork on top of it. Shame, shame on me, huh? And the fold next to the side of the plate? I usually always have the fold on the opposite side so everything looks neat. Wrong again! All these years.....I've been doing it wrong? E-gads! Wish I had been with you all in the gazebo. What a gorgeous view!

    1. I wish you could have been here, too, Carol. You would have fit right in!!!

  13. Lovely table Rett. Your flowers are gorgeous. I can see why they inspired you. What a blessing to have such a lovely place to lunch with friends. Thanks for the napkin tip. I am kind of an etiquette nut and did not even know this. Thanks for letting us know. Have a wonderful day! Love,Wanda

  14. So beautiful and bright! I love the colors, Rett...Christine

  15. It's so heart warming to see you enjoying your gazebo again. It makes me know that things have balanced out in your life again...an answer to prayer..a reason for prayers of praise. The gift of the centerpiece created the perfect focus for your beautiful pink and polka dot luncheon. I might never get to the quilting...I'd still be sitting in the gazebo come supper time, soaking in the lake view and totally relaxing. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  16. I love your table! It is so happy & summery....great job. Your flowers are gorgeous!
    Blessings My Friend,

  17. Okay, Rett... I am in love with that centerpiece. Those flowers! And the cute placemats! And the whole 'scape. Great job. I adore pink, so you really made me smile. Thanks. I needed a happy post today.



  18. Oh I do Love all your pinkness! How did a pink lover like me miss that there was a national Pink day! I'll be celebrating all things pink next year for sure.....and I did have quite a bit of pink in my table this week too....because I love it so. Those flowers a certainly gorgeous....how wonderful to share with us. Love your dessert tip too....I'm on WW and always looking for something light for dessert.

  19. You do pink veryyyyy well! Love the touches and those plates are wonderful.


  20. There is just something about pink polka-dots that make everyone want to join in. This is just gorgeous. Pinning so I will remember for my next get together.

  21. This is so pretty. Great shade of pink and the centerpiece really is lovely.

  22. Dang, I missed celebrating National Pink Day! Love the centerpiece you received from the bridal shower! You are so clever to tape your ribbon so it can be reused on your cake plate and I LOVE your pink planters repurposed for dishing up salad dressing! I love your gazebo, I would eat there every chance I could!

  23. What a darling table!!! I love the color pink and you certainly paid tribute to it. The flowers are gorgeous!!! hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  24. I love what you did with the ribbon, what a great idea to not cut it, but roll it up and hide it! Thanks for stopping by and making a comment about my sister's gift I made. And also for your comment about the "anonymous" people. I guess I need to change a setting, it's getting totally out of hand! Thanks again for stopping by, come back again sometime. Sandi

  25. I love reading your blog, Rett! You take such gorgeous photos and you always have such great ideas. Your Pink Day celebration looks so pretty in your love gazebo. Lucky friends!

  26. Your table setting is so sweet with polka dots and lots of pink. I think I need to throw a lunch party so I can decorate my table.

  27. Pretty in pink.The saying suites your table setting very much.Relaxing and beautiful view of greenery...:):)

  28. Rett, you may be changing my mind about pink...this table is beautiful! Those flowers are gorgeous and match the placemats perfectly.
    Have a wonderful week...

  29. What a lovely afternoon that must have been, Rett. I'll bet every one of your friends felt very, very special. It always does my heart good to sit at a pretty table - to think that a friend has taken such care to make a beautiful setting.
    Now that I (HURRAY!!) have a granddaughter, I will be going back to look at some of your sewing posts!


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