Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 100th Tablescape Thursday!!


Susan is hosting her 100th

Tablescape Thursday

this week!!


we’re having a party to celebrate!


A little birdie told me she would like
us to do our Tablescapes OUTSIDE!!


No greater love hath a friend

than to do one outside in this tropical heat wave!


So we’re having a cool, green, tropical themed

dinner in the gazebo, which

provides some shade,

even though the screening makes it

difficult to photograph inside.


There are decorations hung in

anticipation of the celebration.


Also, pretty tropical colors of


little punch

of HOT pink too.



That is the top of the gazebo seen in

bowl of the spoon.

I just love that effect!



Lemon shaped serving platter &

smaller dishes are from Pier One

on sale a few months ago.



The palm tree dishes were a thrift

store find months ago.

I’ve been waiting for

a chance to use them outside.


Soft lemony-butter shades of waffle weave

napkins provide a textural contrast

to the wicker pattern at the edges of the plates.


The silverware motif looks a bit like a tropical fruit...

maybe a pineapple or an artichoke?

It is "Danish Princess" by

Holmes & Edwards & was introduced in 1938.



As you can tell by the flickering

flames, we get a nice breeze here in

the gazebo.

This gave me the perfect

opportunity to use a set of

tablecloth weights that I won in a

give-away from Michael Lee at

Designs by Gollum

Thank you so much, ML!

I just love the

Extraordinary detailing on these

little creatures.




Speaking of details, this cute tropical scene

serving platter will help

carry food from the grill into the

gazebo. We use LOTS of trays when

we entertain out here!

(Saves steps in & out)


I thought these shots really captured

the texture of the pieces nicely.



Just a little more texture for ya’

We'll have ice cream cake for dessert

to cool us off

Some other time, I'll turn the cake plate over

& use it to serve salsa & chips.


As evening sets in & the grill is lit,

so are the candles & the lanterns.


DSC_0119framed DSC_0120 DSC_0121 DSC_0124

Happy 100th
Tablescape Thursday, Susan!!

Thank you for being such a
wonderful hostess for all these fun
I hope everyone gets to see how
others are celebrating with you on
Thursday by going to

Between Naps on the Porch

Thank you for visiting the

Gazebo House, too!



  1. Dear Rett, It's a delight to visit your part of the world and see your lovely tablescape!

    Just seems like yesterday that I came across Susan's blog and started looking at the tablescapes and now it's number 100. That's a milestone.

    May you have a sweet week and God bless,

  2. Wonderful job, Rett! So much color and happy energy -- love the way the lanterns tie in all the colors of your tablescape. The effect of the gazebo ceiling reflected in the spoons is dramatic and eye-catching (the only reflection I seem to always capture in shiny spoons is ME, the camera, and the tripod!). ;)

    Your flatware is very beautiful! I've looked at that pattern on eBay many times. It always seems to go for more then I want to pay. Amazing how something introduced in 1938 can seem so fresh and modern today!

    This is a lovely tribute to Susan. It speaks well for you that you braved the heat and did something so very special in her honor.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Hi Rett

    The Tablescape in the Gazebo looks wonderful, so lovely and Summery. The cutlery (flatware) is beautiful I love the way you have caught the reflection in the spoon, it looks like a spidersweb!!

    Happy 100th tablescape to you, I look forward to seeing the next 100!!
    Jackie in UK.

  4. Rett, you are really on top of things. What a lovely post to celebrate Susan's 100th Tablescape Thursday. Love all the tropical details. The soft greens with the yellow, orange, and pink accents offers a refreshing feeling. Great find on the little palm tree plates. I'm still at work on my TT post. You and Bill are way ahead of me! ~ sarah

  5. Such a wonderful color palette and nothing says summer more than palm trees and lemons!! I love all the details, the tablecloth weights are SO charming! And your flatware, entirely stylish. Nicely done, Rett!! :-)


  6. Hi Rett, This is gorgeous! I LOVE that shot of the gazebo in the looked like a giant white spider. :-)
    So sorry about the heat...maybe outdoors wasn't such a great idea, huh? LOL
    You tables is just exquisite...and I love your little buggies from Michael...adorable!

  7. Rett-

    Lovely send up to to bnotp- such a pleasure to see your beautiful photos- even the chips look good and what a unique shot of the spoon.

    The color scheme is certainly warranted on such a warm summer's day and your elements play so nicely together- i can imagine your giddiness at snapping up those palm tree dishes.

    Wishing you a good week and that you are staying cool

  8. GOR-GEE-US!!!!!! Love all the colors and textures together! Love the gazebo top reflected in the spoons! Love the centerpiece. It looks like a lei that you would get when you step off the plane in Hawaii! Love your photography! You have a wonderful eye and really capture beautiful shots!

  9. Beautiful summery table Rett. You always take such great pictures, the spidery web in the spoon is fabulous. It really shows your eye for detail. Your gazebo is a wonderful place for summer dining too!

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your tea party with your granddaughter.

  10. You tablescape is delightful. love the pink & green combinations. An inviting setting to say the least.

  11. Oh your are brave! I am still hesitating about an outdoor table. So hot.
    Yours is beautiful! I love the dishes, were they a bargain?
    The whole table is just lovely, and I am glad the bugs are metal and can't bite!
    Great celebration post!

  12. What a delightful setting for a celebration! I think that anyone would feel a little cooler with those beautiful colours.
    Terrific photo of the gazebo ceiling in the bowl of the spoon.

  13. Hi Rett - You are a trouper to set up your beautiful table in such heat. I think I would melt right along with the ice cubes in my tea.

    Your photos are stunning and you capture so much in the little details. Love the table weights and the gazebo reflection in the spoon. Wonderful post.

  14. What a lovely place for outdoor dining. I love every detail of your tablescape...the flowers around the candle holder, the napkins, flatware, cloth...all of it! It's cheery and serene at the same time. Gorgeous!

  15. Very the colors and you get an award for doing it in the heat...I am not so adventurous!

  16. I love this one. It is perfect for summer. The reflection in the spoon is amazing.

  17. Rett. your table setting is just beautiful. I love the colors and those little weights are so cute that you won. Your photos are so big and clear. That spoon reflecting the top of the gazebo looks like a spider web on the spoon.

  18. Rett. your table setting is just beautiful. I love the colors and those little weights are so cute that you won. Your photos are so big and clear. That spoon reflecting the top of the gazebo looks like a spider web on the spoon.

  19. Beautiful again, as usual! I was waiting for the candles to tip in the heat though. Wow! You are a lot braver than me to eat outside in that weather.

  20. Cute and colorful! Glad you had a breeze, this has been a brutal summer!

  21. Happy 100th week of TT to you! I REALLY like the pic you chose for your link - the green candles in a row like that look spectacular! And it looks like a "cooler" green to beat the heat you are having! Fun tropical theme to your 'scape! I can't believe you got the palm tree plates at a TS - fantastic! Your gazebo looks like a great place to hang out on a summer day.


  22. Very, very pretty, Rett! I love what you did with your table, and your dishes are cute as can be! I love your gazebo, too. I always want to sit out there every time I see it. The lanterns were the perfect touch.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  23. Rett, I love your colors! The tablecloth, centerpiece and lemon dishes and platter look so beautiful together. I too like how the top of the gazebo is reflected in your spoon. This is a beautiful outside table!

  24. Rett,
    this is such a delightful setting for a celebration! Thos plates with the
    palm trees and the ones with lemons just shout summer. I love all the details, especially the green canles and the orchid as center piece. The tablecloth weights are relly charming!
    Greetings, Johanna

  25. Always a joy to visit! I love your gazebo...what a great place to rest and prepare a table! The colors you used are so summery and inviting. Love all the little "extras" you added to make things special. Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Beautiful tropical tablescape! I need it here in FL! Great details!


  27. Rett, You make everything look cool! Even in all that heat. I love your lemon inspired table. The colors are so cheery and fresh! And you and I do think alike! Lanterns make everything festive. YOu have the most beautiful gazebo! I would live out there.

  28. Nice cheery table, it would even make an over-heated person be happy to sit outside for a meal! The tablecloth weights are adorable.

  29. Your gazebo is charming...a delightful spot to entertain or while away an evening. The balance that you achieved between the plaid tablecloth and the tropical tree dinnerware is very pleasing. The shot of the ceiling of your gazebo in the spoon is a treasure. Thank you for your kind comments for my blog...I'm a newbie...and thank you for sharing your tablescape design. Cherry Kay

  30. There is just something so inviting about a gazebo, and candlelight in a gazebo is all the more so. I had to scroll through twice to take in all of the details. I LOVE those tablecloth weights (lucky you!). They gave a little whimsy to the tropical setting.

    Love it!

  31. Nice to hop on over from TT and see this lovely gazebo. By far and away that shot of the top of the gazebo captured in the spoon is just incredible. I don't think my flatware is ever that shiny! Such fun colors and I love the little lanterns, they are so fun with the design on them. Great table.

  32. Hi, Rett,
    I want a gazebo just like yours!
    How nice it must be. Your pictures are always so amazingly clear and beautiful.

  33. Rett, I so love this~ What a trooper you are to brave that heat, it makes it look cool where we are by comparison! Love the colors & palm tree dishes. And I love seeing that gorgeous gazebo ceiling reflected in that spoon :-)
    How perfect are those tablecloth weights?!!

  34. HI Rett, Your table is beautiful. And your gazebo is the perfect place for it. I love the way you used the patterned tablecloth and still mixed in the printed dishes. I am working on that skill but have not had much success yet! I am your newest follower and will be back to see some of your old posts!! Linda

  35. You are so right! My cups and trays would go very well w/your plates! I really love your glasses though! I just adore the seeded look! I also love that colorful tropical tray you have! That is so cute! Your reflection in the spoons from your gazebo is fantastic! It looks like a spider web at first glance to me, like it's made that way on the spoon! I love it! Isn't that something? I also love your pretty centerpiece and tablecloth. Your setting looks very cool and refreshing to me!

  36. Rett, your Gazebo is so beautiful and your table setting is perfect. I love the wonderful colors. The orchids in the centerpiece are stunning and so tropical with the really tropical heat. You are unreal to brave that heat and go outside. Love your palm dishes. Everything looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  37. What a pretty, pretty setting! I love the color scheme that you chose - so summery and refreshing. The reflection of the top of the gazebo is so cool! I am always trying to avoid seeing myself in the spoons. Love those lanterns!

  38. are you still standing, or did you keel over into the ice cream cake with the heat! oy, heat, plus your humidity, it must have been like swimming thru fire to share with us!

    love the gazebo, what a fun place to dine. i love your spoon spider shot, fabulous! cute tableweights too, anything garden and i am in. i need to find those lanterns too, they sure make for a fun table. well you really brought the tropics home, right down to the sultry weather, lets hope you had the a/c blasting for a nightcap!

  39. Rett, your table is, as always, beautifully done. I love all the color you have used here. It really looks wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  40. What a wonderful table, Rett! I love it! And your gazebo house is the perfect setting too. Beautifully photographed!

  41. Such a delightful tablescape! So cool and colorful.

  42. Rett, you ARE a good friend, to set an outdoor table in this heat! I love the colors you chose, and those lemon bowls are perfect atop the palm tree plates. Thanks for showing us the details in the tablecloth weights, too!

  43. love your tablescape.. it's very cool although the thermometer is showing different.

  44. I love the colors and textures of this tablescape. Everything looks so cool and fresh, but I know that unless you live in just isn't so:) They just said our heat index is 102 at 6:00 p.m. Ugh!

    Your centerpiece is beautiful!

  45. Rett! You are a scream! I can't believe you asked me if I have staff! I am ALWAYS saying,"I need staff!". Hysterical!!!!!!!
    If I had staff my house would not look like it is an orphan! It is geting out of hand again.
    I say...." Make a tablescape or clean out the closet... NO CONTEST!"
    Thank goodness I have a husband that has an extremely high tolerance for disfunction!

    xo Yvonne

  46. Oh how pretty. It is worth going out in the heat to see! (Of course, I AM sitting in my air conditioned home, but I'm sure glad you went out to the gazebo to create this table!) Love the fresh colors on the table, and your photographs are fabulous - love the gazebo ceiling reflected in your sparkling spoon! laurie

  47. The Gazebo is beautiful and so is the tropical tablescape ~ great color combinations. I like the effect of the top of the Gazebo reflecting in your spoon, too. Love those palm tree plates and flatware. Oh, the tablecloth weights are soooo cute.

    All the Best,


  48. How fun these colors are! Love your bright pinks and greens. The spoon reflection is amazing! So glad that there was a bit of breeze - because those temps are awful! Thanks for setting the table for us this week!

  49. Love the color combo and those lemon dishes are adorable!

  50. Hi Rett, Thank you so much for your kind comment a few days ago!!!

    I love your blog and I will be back to visit more! Nancy

  51. Rett:

    So tropical and fun!!! Awesome gazebo in which to display your wonderful treasures.

    Hope to see you at Summer Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  52. Rett-I adore the pink and green! What are those beautiful flowers??? Every detail (love the weights) is perfect for the celebration! I noticed the reflection in the silverware right away--what a great photo! I love it all!

  53. Dear Rett,
    Simply gorgeous! Everything is lovely! The tablecloth (since I love tableclothes) especially caught my eye. And, of course it's plaid.
    And those spoons! :) Now those made me smile...loved them. So different!

    I am wondering where Gollum got those nice tablecloth weights. Just so cute!

    Thank you for your comment about "facebook"...
    My family will be fine. It's a long and intricate story...and facebook contributed to the sticky situation. I am sure it will be time. My family is SO extensive...and they are high profile people...not shy and retiring at all. (like me) :)

    It really is not funny...and even though I am not directly involved, I am close to both parties...Daughter and DIL. They love one it will be fine. I have faith. I really do.
    They are good people...kind and loving...and I hope as forgiving as I think they are.
    I am glad to be off facebook. It's just too easy to miss a step..
    Thanks for you comment. Thanks so much!

  54. Rett, thank you so much for your sweet comments today.

    Your tablesetting is beautiful!! The gazebo is the perfect spot to begin with. I love the flatware and all the summery touches. Your pictures are fantastic!

  55. Rett, although I read your post earlier, I checked it out again and was captured by the darling lemon plates. I can think of so many fun applications for them! Thank you for your kind comments on 'The Girls of Summer' birthday luncheon. I'm sure that at some point the silver in the background will be involved in a tablescape, more than likely in a repurposed fashion. You won't be surprised to learn that virtually all of it is a sweet legacy that we received from Nana, my sweet love's grandmother, through his mom...both of whom were amazing hostesses. I'll try to remember to mention the Lafayette tea service the next time that it can be seen in a post that involves the dining room. I appreciate you for dropping by...may I offer you a cup of virtual tea? Cherry Kay

  56. Your tablescape is absolutely beautiful, fresh and trophical romantic. Thank you for sharing this bit of your life

  57. What beautiful pictures. I am not sure what a tablescape party is but I plan to find out as soon as I post this comment...

    I came here today to introduce myself. My name is Sherry, and I am one of the new Bloggerette Sorority Sisters. I have only been blogging for a few weeks so I missed the rush, but am excited to take part in all the fun! I would be honored if you would come for a visit at my blog

    Take Care~ Sherry

  58. I still cant get over how gorgeous your pictures are!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have took your words of wisdom and advice and am going to edit my blog. Thank you I appreciate it. We newbies need your experience for stuff just like this.

    Sherry F.

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