Sunday, November 15, 2009

Autumn Harvest, 2009

I am reposting this page so that I can participate with Karen in her

Doors of Welcome party at her blog

Some Days Are Diamonds

This was one of the first blogging posts I made &
I threw in all the things that I love,
flowers, gardening, decorating ~inside & out
as well as sewing!

"Domestic Dive"....yep, that's me.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you enjoy your visit & find something of interest.

Welcome to Autumn in Ohio!

This photo above was taken last year.

Now this year, with the addition of a storm door, a bench, a fern, a few more pumpkins & a friend!

The colors have been awesome this year!

My eyes just dance as I drive around, taking it all in.

I really missed the change of seasons when we lived in FL.

The mums are starting to open & I've brought out my autumn wreath.

Don't you just love FALL?!

This ironwork rack is great for displaying seasonal flowers.

In Spring, I have red, yellow & purple tulips in it.

Summer is usually something pink, per request of my DGD, Caroline.

Come Christmas, it will get lots of holly & pine roping & maybe a faux poinsettia or two.

Its a fun little spot to decorate right next to the doorbell, so folks can't miss it!

Speaking of missing things, looks like I need to get a hay basket liner for that stem area.....

I just noticed the wire stems poking down. How embarrassing!

I wish you could see the sparkle of the beaded items on this wreath better.

The photos don't do it justice!

Inside pictures to follow:

This WAS my coffee table arrangement of a silk leaf wreath & a grapevine pumpkin

that was a gift from some dear friends when we moved into our new house.

I recently bought this WONDERFUL cinnamon-apple-spice candle that smells just

like apple pie baking, so I've switched to this glass hurricane with amber glass pebbles

and moved the wire pumpkin up to the mantle.

This is my autumn dining room centerpiece with my new gunmetal/silver birdcage.

It picks up the scrolls of the metal & granite base beneath the glass top.

The pumpkins & grapes are beaded so they are reflecting the flash of the camera.

Sorta makes 'em look like they glow, huh?

Here are some pictures of our garden harvest.

The tomatoes below were so heavy on this vine that they are laying on the ground!

We've been eating them as fast as we can....with breakfast in omelets,

on toasted English muffins with Asiago cheese,

for lunch on every sandwich &/or salad & dinner

has been BLT's several times already.

Heirloom tomatoes that DH grew from seeds given to him by a golfing buddy.

Just look at the size of those babies!

Below is just ONE day's picking from the vegetables that hubby planted around the sides of our home!

We've already eaten tons eggplants & given away even more.

I'm going to be making spaghetti sauce, ratatouille, stuffed peppers & fried green tomatoes all month.

With the cooler temperatures

I've been enjoying some hand embroidery lately & recently completed this little bag

that was featured last May in Country Bumpkin's magazine,

I used the method of wash away thread in the bobbin to achieve the
Madeira scallops.

Thanks for visiting & letting me share all the autumn splendor of Ohio with you!


  1. Rett, I always enjoy seeing your seasonal displays on the Gazebo and at the front entrance of your beautiful home. You have such an eye for artful arrangements. We are still very hot and humid here, so the summer wreaths and flowers will remain until mid-September. Actually, the weather won’t be much different, but fall will be here regardless.

    Now, as to those tomatoes and peppers….my one culinary claim to fame is my spaghetti sauce. How long did we figure it would take me to drive up there?? See you then!!

  2. Honey, our doors are always open for you! Come on up!!

  3. Hiya, Rettabug! :-)

    I *adore* your black & scalloped purse! Is that issue still available?

    I love, *love*, LOVE* the brown-with-white polka dot dress. It is exquisite and the photographer did a wonderful job in capturing your granddaughter! I particularly like the shot with the rose petals being tossed in the air! :-)

    Your home is *so* lovely! It looks like something straight out of a photo shoot for Better Homes & Gardens or Architectural Digest. I wish I had the energy to make my home as pretty. :-)

    I'm adding you to my blog reader so I won't miss a single entry! :-)

    happy sewing, good buddy! :-)

  4. Charming!..,I love your beautiful house, the gardens and the lovely scalloped-edge, lovely, finery purse..,Do pop by some time to my corner of the blogging world if you'd like..,Cheers from silken Purse

  5. Thank you for your sweet words, Silk Purse (great blogs! )& Pirate (so nice to *see* you again)! I appreciate the comments so very much.

    Yes, that issue of Inspirations is still available online from Country fact, it is now on sale!
    I just now made the word "Inspirations" in that post a hot link so you could find it, Pirate.

    Thank you both for stopping by.

  6. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and I am so EXCITED that you are going to participate in "Doors of Welcome". I think it should be a lot of fun!
    You are ahead of the rest!! Looks like you are ready to go! It is so hot here - 103 today, and with all the fires burning in So Cal, I just can't get in to the swing of Fall, even though it is my very favorite season! ANd there is so much ash falaling, all my pretty things would get covered and ruined. So - I'll wait!
    I'll be following you from now on. Your recipes look so yummy!!! I can't wait until I can turn the oven on. Too hot right now.
    Thanks again!
    Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

  7. Absolutely love your blog, Rett. Your photography is wonderful and your writing is very good. You have a great place to visit here and I am going to add you to my blog roll. You have made a fabulous entrance to the blogosphere!

  8. I love your displays....and that little so sweet, I just love it!

  9. WOW!
    You can cook, embroider, smock,AND you're a great photographer and now you blog too!!
    I love that pink and brown smocked dress too, and agree with pirate on my favorite photo.

  10. Your house is just gorgeous, Rett, and your decorating talents are superb! I love having a chance to see everything. Thank you!

  11. Rett, lovely fall displays around your home, and the bounty of the vegetable garden is amazing. You did a beautiful job on the little purse. Just stunning!

  12. Hi, I'm a new follower. I'm very happy to have found your blog (thank you Karen), so much beauty in one page, I love the ironwork rack !

  13. HOLY COW! Your door, the metal rack with flowers, out in the yard... more beauty AND inside too? Wow, everything is just gorgeous! I love tomatoes and those are ginormous and I bet delicious:) Have a blessed day and thanks for inviting me into your home:)

  14. Your Fall fluffing is beautiful! I think I'm in love with your gorgeous wreath. It is just perfect for your door. Thanks for a wonderful tour!

  15. OH GIRL! It all looks so fabulous! Love your little friend sitting there, and all the pumpkins. I love Fall, the colors are just fabulous!
    And the TOMATOES!!! Holy cow! They look like something from a magazine!
    Thanks for joining in!!!! Karen

  16. Wow do I love those tomatoes!! YOur decorations are great; I especially love the glass table in front of the fireplace---I like how it reflects the windows!

  17. Talk about bright autumn colors!!! Gorgeous pictures! Holy cow...that tomato is huge!!!

  18. Gorgeous Fall decor!! Love your porch and the mums are wonderful! Aren't the trees fabulous this time of year? Happy week!...Debbie

  19. Your home is beautiful! Your garden, and porch decorations really set the stage for a warm welcome for guests.
    And holy cow!! I never saw a tomato that big!!

  20. What a lovely house and decor, and such a welcoming entryway! It's all so lovely, thanks for inviting us in!

  21. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us and all your decorations. Do you still have vegetables in your garden in November? Beautiful Decor, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Meg

  22. HI RETTABUG!!!!
    Thank you for popping over and saying HI to me!!!! I love meeting new blogger friends and I had a lovely time looking over your beautiful blog!!! I really thought you had some great ideas and your Grandson's Birthday Halloween Party was Spooktacular!!!!! I will remember some of those dishes I hope for next year!!!! The deviled eggs, the carrot fingers, the ghosts in a blanket!!!! Great little touches to make it so fun!!!!
    I hope we can become good blogger buddies!!! I was born in Indiana your state's neighbor!!!!! But my parents moved us out to Az when I was just 4 months old!!! So I really do not get all 4 seasons sadly!!!!!
    have a Blessed day
    love your Grandma nickname!!!

  23. Hi Rett,
    What a beautiful home you have. It certainly looks like fall and very welcoming too!
    Just love the opens so many decorating opportunities!
    And your little purse is gorgeous.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  24. Hi Rett,Love your beautiful Front Entrance Door..Everything is just gorgeous...

  25. Everything looks so beautiful. Your house looks spotless. Love you purse project and your garden was prolific. It's making me crave a nice juicy tomato.

  26. Hi Rett, Me again, thanks for stopping over... Are you talking about the glass candle stick holders? I do love them, They belonged to my husband's Mother and I was lucky to be the one that got them when she passed...She was a sweet heart and I think of her often...
    P.S She was a Nurse...

  27. Rett, the front door is fabulous, as is the bounty from your garden, and the charming little purse project. You are an amazing lady! I always delight in my visits to the Gazebo House. ~ Sarah


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