Friday, May 21, 2010

Venezia ~ Food For Thought

I'm joining

the brainchild of the very talented Jain from
and editor of

In an edible book review of the cookbook,
Venezie: Food & Dreams by Tessa Kiros

This delicious cookbook is so full of wonderful recipes & photographs of Venice, Italy that I hated to return it to the library. It brought back so many wonderful memories of our trip there. I only wish I had owned a digital camera back then. All my pictures of that vacation are stuck in photo albums.

I made several of the dishes mentioned in the book, like this one with rice & peas, but I cannot share the recipes here due to copyright laws. Trust me, you won't regret checking out this book so you can try them yourself.

Just look at these photos!! Does this look like an ordinary cookbook???
No way!
It is a gorgeous book, with gold edging on the pages &
a black velvet ribbon to mark your spot.
It is also extraordinary in its depiction of this wonderfully magical city.

I made the sausage & carmelized onions recipe but passed on including the polenta,
as we're not big fans of it.

I added some red & orange peppers to the mix for a little color & extra flavor boost.

Wish I'd had a pair of white gloves to toss across the silver tray, as shown in the photo above.

I suspect the drinks shown in the book were *adult beverages*
...mine was sans alcohol & it was my breakfast!!

A healthy combination of low-fat strawberry yogurt, fresh strawberries, 1/2 of a banana & a wee bit of low fat milk all swirled in the blender. You get your calcium, fiber, Vitamin. C & potassium all in one glass.

Thanks Jain, for creating this fun way to eat & read our way through some beautiful books.
Thank you to my faithful followers who continue to visit
the Gazebo House, too.
Be sure to visit Jain at Food For Thought to see what others a reading & eating!




  1. Oh so very wonderful! It all looks wonderful and I must get this book.

    I've always wanted to go to Venice and have thought about going this summer, somehow. And this week, everywhere I turn there are mentions of Venice, over and over again. And here I stumble on this from you-- another sign!

  2. What a beautiful book! I love Venice and hope to get there in the Fall. Your pictures and book review are really whetting my appetite for Venice.

  3. Such beautiful pictures, as always, Rett. Venice was one of my favorite cities when we visited my sister in Europe. You brought back great memories and your food looks delizioso!

  4. Hi, I'm visiting your blog for the first time and I was so distracted by the beautiful peonies and your breakfast beverage!

    The cookbook looks like a beautiful read - even if you don't cook!

  5. Beautiful book & great review! I confess to being a sucker for cookbooks with great pictures so I need to check this out!

    Your rice & peas and sausage & onions look yummy too... I'm having yogurt & fruit this morning, maybe if I had whirled around in the blender it would look as enticing as your smoothie!

    Thanks for my second trip to Italy this morning :-)

  6. Adding the book to my cart- you sold me- I did read the funeral book- laughed at the stories-knowing folks like those shared are not hard to find around here!!

    Your photos are just gorgeous- glad to see you are enjoying your new camera.

  7. Rett, this is GORGEOUS! I love your Saturday reviews! That book is definitely worth purchasing. I love beautiful coffee table cookbooks. That one is a case in point. You did a great job tempting me to get the book and try the recipe with your wonderful vignettes and plated food and drink!


    Sheila :-)

  8. Rett, this is a total visual delight. I haven't even had breakfast, but I'm ready to "dig" in to these delicious offerings. Your photos and the styling of the food are both gorgeous. We rarely buy cookbooks anymore, but this is one I want to explore. I'll look for it in the library. We have friends who recently returned from a trip to Venice (lucky ones) and this would make the perfect gift for them. Thank you for introducing me to this jewel. Stellar job! ~ Sarah

  9. That chicken looked yummy!! Venice is a beautiful city. We are very fortunate to have gone several times while living in Europe. Tom's parents lived about 40 minutes away! We live Venice most at night when all the tourist leave and you can just meander the streets. It is magical!

  10. Oh Rett!!!
    This is a wonderful book! Like you, I wish so much that digital cameras were the rage 15 years ago when we were in Venice! We traveled with friends and our teenage kids...every corner I turned they would line up in front of shops with linens or lace to block my view, hoping I wouldn't see...LOL. It got to be quite funny. Your pics of the recipes are too good....I'm so hungry! Like you...we are not fans of polenta either.

  11. i want to thank you rett for your kind words about my fathers passing... he had a good long life and i am so grateful i had such a wonderful lunch with him that day, it truly was a gift.

    its always wonderful coming here and enjoying all the wonderful things you share! just the cover of that book has me swooning... and your peonies, let me draw a deep breath...

    i had to scan my pic in from venice too, pre digital cameras, luckily i had a few on my computer already for food for thought, but you need to upload your pics so you can share more~

    such a gorgeous book, how did you even find it?

    one thing i have learned this morning is that i am hungry again! my mouth is watering over those caramelized onions...

    your smoothy is a work of art, LOVE your colors, such a pretty pic~

    oh that was fun, thank you so much for giving me such a cheerful morning, i love all you shared!

  12. Rett, How beautiful the book is! Your food photos are lovely too. I think you could have a second career as a food photographer for a magazine!

  13. Well that looks good! I don't know what to have! Some of each!
    Looks like a beautiful book! I spent my allowance at Christmas Tree Shops, so it is budget time books! :)
    (dishes are ok though..:) )

  14. Dearest Rett,

    Glad I came to visit you... First of all the peonies you show are unreal! What a huge size and gorgeous looking peonies with cute grandchildren; perfect combination.
    My husband and I lived and worked for one year in the Venice area so we are very familiar with its food. The Polenta from the region is delicious, wish you could taste a good one to get you hooked as well. We are lucky here in our town we do have an authentic Italian restaurant run by Lady Chef Maria from Bolzano, Italy. Quite different from the Italian restaurant chains we have here in the US...
    But I certainly did enjoy your blog; thanks for sharing and may I invite you for a visit; always welcome!

    Greetings from Georgia/USA


  15. Your photos absolutely make my mouth water, Rett. I hope my little town has a copy of this wonderful cookbook. I can't wait to see it and try some of the recipes.

  16. Wonderful photos and what a great book. Love the pictures in it.I am convinced after your review of the book and I have to get it....Christine

  17. Rett, just looking at that food is making me hungry for some good cooking instead of all the junk food we have had this weekend. We have been to Venice, too and my pictures are in an album, too instead of on the computer. Thanks for coming by my kitchen and the sweet comment. You are right I haven't shown the master bath yet.

  18. Oh my goodness, not only does the food look absolutely delicious, but you copied the pictures with your tablescapes perfectly. How fun is that. I need to try some new recipes, we get in such a rut.
    Thanks so much for your precious comments about my Grandson. Yes, he doesn't remember too much about the first weeks, but he did go back up the the first trauma area he was in to see it and to thank everyone who took such faithful care of him. I don't know if you have any idea what kind of an angel you and anyone who works in these areas are. Life is so fragile and you with the help and grace of God hold all the tiny threads together. Such love and compassion as I've never seen before. I know the Lord has a very special place for you in heaven. Bless you and thank you for the work you do. Hugs, Marty

  19. Hi, this is my first visit. I love your blog. The food looks out of this world!! I look forward to getting to know you,


  20. Hello Rett, I can tell that you really enjoy cooking and in fact making a lovely home for your dh and the kids and grandkids! You do a great job, too! Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes, you may use my photo for your wallpaper. I'm honored! By the way, that photo was not uploaded from my digital camera - it was scanned in - so you might consider trying that with some of your beautiful photos of Italy that you mentioned were in a photo album.
    Have a good week, Rett!
    Hugs, Beth


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