Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dinner Party after Mothers Day

Aren't these the most BEAUTIFUL flowers you have ever seen?

My husband's grandson made his 1st Holy Communion this past weekend &
these are the floral arrangements used on each table at the party
his parents held for him at Portage Country Club.

The tops of the vases were removable containers so that
the majority of the arrangement could be carried home.

They were created by Klaus at Wildflower Floristry.
Didn't he do a spectacular job?
I just them!!!!

My beautiful DIL presented each of the mothers with their own
arrangement to take home after the party.

Wasn't that just the nicest gesture? Thank you, Abby!!!!

The view of the golf course out the dining room windows.
I have more photos to share of the gorgeous country club
later on this week.

I placed mine on top of one of my crystal cake pedestals to elevate it a wee bit.

Then I promptly set the dining room table &

invited friends to join us for supper the following evening.

I didn't want to *waste* such a gorgeous centerpiece!! LOL

I set the table with my "Eternal" china by Lenox
which is my best set.

I've embedded a youtube video at the bottom of this post
to show how to make the above *Crown* napkin fold.
Its the same as used for the *Bishop*, seen HERE only its laying down.

I mix & match my Lenox by adding their "Jacquard" pattern for salad plates.
I have accessories in both patterns so it makes for a bit of variety.

The stemware is from an antique shop as well as a thrift store.
I bought them at different times but was thrilled to see how well they work together.

Jacquard pattern on the gravy boat.
I made chicken with artichoke hearts & this held extra sauce.
I'll share the recipe for that soon.
It was from a cooking class I took about 20 years ago.

Wish you could smell these pretty roses!

The buttery creme candles were ones I had on hand.
I must make a note to get more of this soft pretty color.
I love them!

Can you see the rose reflected in the bowl of the spoon?

Tiny little salt cellar with teeny-tiny-itty-bitty ornately carved silver spoon.

The flatware is the Napoleon bee pattern
available at both Horchow & Neiman Marcus.

I ran to the store & bought the cake you see below.
I removed the hard sugar flowers they had at each corner &
added freshly washed lilac sprigs.
These are from my own tree so I know they have not been sprayed with chemicals.

This square cake plate is antique American Fostoria cut glass.
They don't make them like this anymore, especially here in America.
It is a true piece of history. Its VERY heavy!!

Most pieces in the Fostoria American pattern are clear with few exceptions.
Fostoria American glass has a smooth finish because pieces were returned to the furnace to
soften the edges, a process called a fire polished surface.
Whitehall Indiana glass has a rough finish because the pieces were not fire polished.
Count at least three mold marks.
The majority of Fostoria American glass has three seams with a few rare exceptions.
Whitehall usually has two seams.
Identify Fostoria American glass by the ground bottom.
Feel for a flat, level base as opposed to a pressed bottom.
Look for clarity as an indicator of quality.
Fostoria American is Elegant glass, meaning it was more costly to
produce and always considered quality glass.
Jeanette Cube glass is Depression-era glass,
meaning it was cheaper to make and originally considered to be glass of lesser quality.
So hold the piece up, if it is transparent, then it's Fostoria.
If wavy lines are visible, it's Jeanette.

Inhale deeply...ahhhh!
I hope you're not allergic!

I set up my sofa table as the dessert station &
gathered more of my lilacs into a pitcher with baby's breath.
They smell soooo nice!

The dessert plates are *Presentation* by Lenox.

I love how the floral arrangement looks with the sun streaming through it!

Just before we sat down,
I moved the centerpiece to the buffet &
placed a single, long-stemmed yellow rose
in a tall narrow vase in its place.
Of course by that time, I was running around trying to
get the food on the table while it was hot so
I never got a picture.

Thanks for visiting the Gazebo House &
allowing me to share my
impromptu dinner party.
Everyone seemed to have a good time &
didn't mind the "last minute" invite.
Sometimes those are the best of times!

I'll be linking up with Susan's beautiful blog

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  1. Rett, for an impromptu party this is certainly elegant. I agree that the flowers are gorgeous. Love the idea of the tall vases for the party, but I think the flowers elevated on your stand are exquisite. Love the use of the fern fronds. I'm going to remember this arrangement. Your dishes and crystal and linens really do set an elegant mood. And knowing you, the food was delicious! Love the antique cake stand and your presentation of the cake with the lilacs is stunning. You are such a gracious hostess! ~ Sarah

  2. Rett-I have thrown dinner parties for lesser reasons :) A gorgeous floral arrangement is a good reason! I love it on the pedestal. That was a great idea for the cake--using the lilacs! Your table is elegant! I would love to be your guest!

  3. OH!! This is just LOVELY!! XXOO

  4. Rett, that floral arrangement is gorgeous for sure. I don't blame you wanting to have a party in order to use it again. Beautiful table and the photos are wonderful. Love the cake on the cake plate photos, too. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh!! Rett, those flowers are out of this world. I don't blame you for wanting to share them with lots more people.

    Your photography is spectacular, too! I love how you captured the light coming through the ferns. WOW!

  6. Rett...love the flowers. Everything looks just perfect! I've just got to figure out how to sneak that Bee flatware into my house! I've been looking at it for the last month on sale....hmmm.

  7. That is very impressive for impromtu. When I throw something together it tends to be pizza or burgers...and certainly not on my Lenox! Everything is gorgeous and yes, the flowers are outstanding!

  8. Quite beautiful, all of it, but especially the flowers on the table and the dessert station. What a weekend you had!

  9. The table setting is wonderful, very elegant. I love the flowers on the crystal cake stand, classy:)

  10. Rett, this is knock-out gorgeous! Loved seeing it, and your china and crystal are SO pretty. Loved all the photos in this post. And that cake stand! And those flowers! BEAUTIFUL.


    Sheila :-)

  11. Oh my word, those ARE the beautiful flower arrangements. What a great idea to be able to 'recycle' them the way they did. Your table is just fabulous. I think that Lennox is so elegant, and mixing those patterns looks great. I can't wait to try to napkin fold. Thank you for your kind comments on my teacup post. I think Fostoria is amazing glassware and apprepciate you describing how to know it when you see it.

  12. Just beautiful! What wonderful centerpieces for the First Communion! The club looks lovely!
    Your table is fabulous. I love how you did the buffet table too..The cake looks perfect with the lilacs.
    The napkins and dishes just so lovely!
    Rett, I must have missed your call...:)
    Impromptu looks very elegant to me.
    I used my Mother's Day flowers as the inspiration for my TTH too. Can't let them go to waste..

  13. I am lost for words. Beautiful doesn't describe it all. I so love the arrangement..but your dishes and crystal along with one of my favorite lilacs. Mine didn't even make it out this year the frost killed them..The antique cake plate is fabulous..As always just gorgous..Have your self a great week.

  14. Everything is just beautiful..the flowers are gorgeous and that cake stand is stunning. I have never seen a square one like that - very unnique.
    Your lilacs were a very special touch - I just wished they would last longer!

  15. So what did you serve? I love the arrangements and all the fancy tableware, but I ADORE it when you tell us everything......including the food. Although the cake did look yummy!

  16. I'll come to your next party!!!

  17. You have a beautiful blog, home and family! Truly blessed! I love your pretty cake plate! I had a wonderful visiting looking at all your pictures in this post and others!


  18. absolutely FAB flower centerpieces. did i see a SPIDER MUM in that bouquet? yay - did a recent post on them.

    your china - exquisite.

    your cake plate - amazing.

    your sharing it with us - priceless!

  19. Gorgeous table setting. I love the antique glasses and the cake plate is absolutely gorgeous.

  20. This is just beautiful...the table and the buffet. Fresh flowers add so much...elegant!

  21. I agree what Sarah said., "ELEGANT" all capital letters §;-)

    Very artistic and well planned settings. I love the cake most. Now, am drooling in the middle of the night in Sweden.

    1.38am... hmmm... can't get my eyes in your gorgeous collections.

    Happy TT Day.

  22. Rett, This is beyond words. Wow and wow! You have set the most elegant table, impromptu or not! That centerpiece is so beautiful. Love your cake stand. I have the same one! It is one of my prized possessions. Your square cake is perfect sitting on top

  23. Rett, I dropped back by to ogle your table again! If that cake plate goes missing, you'll know just where to look!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  24. Gorgeous flowers! Very elegant table, Rett...your dessert table is so pretty with the lilacs.

  25. Everything is so beautiful! Thank you for the glass tutorial.

  26. Good for you, making the effort to host a dinner so your flowers wouldn't go to "waste"! I really liked the arrangement at the 1st Communion celebration but I actually like what you did with it even better! Love that cake plate and ahhhh, I can smell those fabulous lilacs!


  27. Oh what a stunning flower arrangement! You've set a beautiful table to compliment them. Such a pretty cake stand and I love the lilacs on the cake too and in the pitcher as well. I'll bet your home smelled divine with all the flowers.

  28. Rett,

    I am truly speechless. The flower arrangements, china,crystal,linens are fantastic. Your presentation is outstanding. This could be featured in a magazine spread. I love it all. I especially love the lenox dessert plates and the cake plate with that delicious cake is divine. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful setting with us.


  29. Simply stunning. Such an elegant table to go with those gorgeous flowers. My grandson made his first communion last weekend as well. A very special event.

  30. Rett, YOu certainly know how to throw a party! And spur of the moment, too!

    I love your Eternity china. And it is over-the-top with your Jacquard. What a beautiful combination! Everything is so elegant and I'm sure your guests felt very special.

    YOur DIL was so kind to send you home with that beautiful floral arrangement. I love the color combination and the large spray!

    I'm so happy you put it to good use and shared it with us1

  31. Rett, I don't know where to start with my recognition. Everything is stunning. I love the flower arrangement as well as the idea to use them as a suggestion for an impropmtu dinner. And the flowers on your stand looks exquisite. I love also the way how your mixed Lennox matches.Great! I love your tablecloth and the folded napkins. All together truly elegant and very festive. And your photography is really spectacular. That's a phantastic tablescape.
    Greetings, Johanna

  32. Your table is so gorgeous! Thank you for the Fostoria info. I have the same cake plate, and I just checked - yay, three seams! I bought it at a garage sale while in San Francisco on vacation. It still had yellow frosting on it! But I only paid $2, so I was happy to drag it back to Dallas and clean it up :))
    Cheers, Andrea

  33. Absolutely spectacular, Rett! You know I LOVE Lenox china, and you chose wisely when you selected your beautifully elegant, classic patterns. Your vintage stemwars is wonderful, and you're right -- the patterns are perfect together! The flowers, both the professionally crafted arrangements and your lovely lilacs, are perfect! I can close my eyes and remember the ones my mother grew in her garden when I was a child. The way you've folded your napkins is wonderful. I need to add that one to my (limited) repertoire.

    Your photography just gets better and better, Rett! The backlit floral shots are amazing! I don't think it gets better than this. You should be very proud of this one, my friend! Happy Tablescape Thursday!

    Kindest regards,

  34. What a beautiful table! The floral arrangements are so elegant and your table is so sophistacated! The lilacs are just wonderful on the side table - I do smell their fragrance! The shot of the flowers reflected in the spoon is amazing!

  35. GORGEOUS...absolutely gorgeous!!!

    God Bless,
    d from homehaven

  36. Glorious cake and glorious cake stand. You certainly put that centerpiece to good use!

    - The Tablescaper

  37. Your lilacs are so pretty, Rett, and so is the centerpiece. Your grandson's Holy Communion party was so special, what a beautiful setting! I love your tablescape, it is so elegant and filled with so many gorgeous things....Christine

  38. Hi Rett!

    Oh, your table is so gorgeous! that floral arrangement is stunning! I can TOTALLY relate to the fct that you didn't want to "waste" this centerpiece and invited friends over! LOL I do the same thing!

    But, that square cake stand is to die for beautiful!! I am so going to start searching for one!!

  39. Fabulous! The flowers are just sensational and I am crazy about the peonies at the end of your blog. They take me back to my grandmothers garden, they were always my favorites and yours are perfect. The antique cake plate is wonderful. What a stunning tablescape. Thank you!

  40. Rett, I can't blame you for having company so you could display these beauties! Goregeous flower arrangement!

  41. Absolutely gorgeous! You know I love the centerpiece with the yellow roses!!

    The cake with the lilacs is wonderful, so much prettier than those candy roses, especially with the pitcher of lilacs beside it!


  42. Wow, Rett,
    This was a great post! Beautiful pictures! Love the flowers. That cake stand is so beautiful. That cake looks so delicious. I love your idea of putting your lilacs on it, and it made it look so pretty next to your pitcher of lilacs. Great job!

  43. What an absolutely beautiful blog from the header on down. The flowers are exquisite and the Lenox is just wonderful. Thank you so much for the information of the cake plate.

    Just truly lovely.


  44. Wow, Rhett! What beautiful flowers...love the blue and yellow! And your tablescape is just gorgeous! I know that your guests must have been amazed!I love how you added fresh flowers to the cake. The pitcher full of lilacs is so pretty! Your whole house must smell fabulous right now! Great job! I'm so glad you liked and decided to try the candles...easy, huh? Thanks for your sweet comments! Hope you are having a good week...hugs...Debbie

  45. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love both the "long" and "short" forms/arrangements those flowers took!
    The crystal cake plate is to die for and I adore the fact that you incorporated some fresh flowers!!!
    That tiny silver salt container & silver spoon are delightful!

    All of your photos are truly wonderful, too!!!

    Great job,

  46. Hi Rett!
    Glad you came by for a visit at HomeHaven.

    The Windmill cookies were found at Dollar Tree. I hadn't had any in years and when I saw them there I just had to buy some. I have fond memories of these cookies from my childhood.

    They still taste great...light and crunchy.

    God bless ya,

  47. I love the lavender and white on the dessert table--very striking and beautiful. I also love all the white on your table and chair area! The flowers are so nice and I also like the way they were displayed in the first pictures in the very tall vases!! Cool! They look very nice on your own table too!

  48. That is a mostly lovely flower arrangement! I like it in it's original vase but I think it look even more beautiful on your stand. A totally stunning presentation!


  49. Rett,

    Everthing was sublime. I could almost smell the lilac and taste the cake LOL I also love the header. I love peonies. Mine are not out yet. Cant wait. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower!

  50. Your tablescape was gorgeous. That cake and cake stand stole my heart. The floral arrangement was definitely an inspiration piece. Thanks for sharing your elegant dinner with us.

  51. Hi Rett!!!
    OH how I wish I could have been at this dinner party!!!The table is lovely!!!The flowers are amazing, I love hydrangeas, not grown here, but my MOM had one in Washington when she lived in Seattle!!!The table is set for Kings and Queens!!!Down to the folded napkin!!!I have no speakers set up on my computer right now, I disconnected them by accident and have not plugged them back in!!!I will watch and try and learn like a silent movie!!!!
    The place looked so inviting!!!your friends are very lucky!!!!
    How wonderful of a place to have the babtism or first communion celebration!!!I think you wrote First communion!!!Sorry for that

  52. Rett, Your tablescape is so elegant. White is a really fabulous! The flowers are really pretty and I like how you elevated them on your cake stand. The stemware is absolutely fabulous and the cake is beautiful with your lilacs! I love your tablescape, Rett!

  53. Everything is absolutely lovely! Your tablescapes always make me wish you lived closer and I could pop in for a sewing friends luncheon! :)

  54. Hi Rett,
    What a fabulous post! The floral arrangement is truly stunning. I love the china, crystal and your beautifully folded napkins...it's all gorgeous! Thanks for the info about Fostoria. I would certainly buy one of those lovely cake platters if I ever come across one...what a neat size/shape to have!

  55. What a fabulous post! Great flowers!

  56. Rett~What a stunning tablescape. The floral arrangement has a beautiful array of blooms, it makes such a grand statement in the tall vase and on your crystal pedestal as well.
    The American Fostoria (cut glass)cake plate is a precious treasure.
    I would have thought the stemware was a matched set, had you not mentioned otherwise.

    I think you and I were on the same thought for our Mothers Day posts.
    I find pleasant reminders of my mother in the things I say to my sons all the time. Moms words are good words to live by.
    I joined your followers list today, I thoroughly enjoy visiting.
    Sweet wishes,

  57. Rett:

    I'm so glad you are coming to the party! It will be great fun to see "Where do you keep it all?"

    - The Tablescaper

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  59. Oh, Rett, it's just beautiful! You've been in seventh heaven, too, with all of the celebrations ~ a first communion and friendships enjoyed ~ life is wonderful. I, also, love how these special times come with, not only laughter, but, flowers and cake! =] I just want to say that I can see what you see through your photos. The beauty of the sun streaming through the bouquet, the way that the cake stand glows, the creaminess of your sideboard, the intricacies of the hydrangea - it's all so lovely with your table setting.

    I, also, want to say thanks for your comment. Your words really warmed my heart. That someone wants to settle down with a good cuppa and spend a little bit of time with me, basking in the sunny spot, is amazing ~ I really appreciate it!

    Love to you and your family,

    Katy Noelle

  60. HI!!!!
    Yes do the salsa!!!!!I love salsa, and all recipes although mostly the same ingredients all taste different!!!!I look forward to yours!!!You are an amazing cook, hostess and place things so perfectly!!!!I adore your blog!!!!


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