Monday, May 24, 2010

A tisket, A tasket....

A pretty new blue basket!

Don't you just ♥ ♥ ♥ my Froo-Froo Frenchy
glazed pottery basket that
I found this week at my
favorite local antique shop?

It is HUGE & wait till you see how
beautifully it picks up the colors of
my Oriental rugs.

I'm joining Marty at

A Stroll Thru Life

for her

Tabletop Tuesday

Be sure to visit all the participants
for some great inspiration!

I am envisioning this filled with frothy white flowers,
like roses & baby's breath
as a centerpiece on the dining room table.

Look how well it picks up the blues in my rug.
I've heard that pale blues are very "in" this year.

Nothing pale OR blue in my garden, however.

The peonies have started to bloom &
my iris are going full steam ahead.
I love these two colors together!

Every one of these plants were FREE from
my wonderful sisters.
Thank you SO much, Weezie & Fritzie!
I love my gardens that you
helped to create.

These colors will have to do until I can
find some beautiful white flowers.

My friend sent me a link to an online video
explaining how you can save some peony buds
in water & keep them refrigerated for up to
6 months, then allow them to bloom when
brought to room temperature.

I've cut lots of the buds & have them stored in
about 2" of water in my garage refrigerator.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed to see if
they will last until ... what, Thanksgiving maybe???

Wouldn't that be wonderful!

Here is the video clip if you'd like to try it.

Preserving Peonies

Thank you, Madeline for that link & everyone else for
visiting the Gazebo House today.
I sure wish you could smell my flowers!




  1. I absolutley adore your basket!!

  2. What a beautiful blog! Every picture is stunning; love your style and vibe-pure sunshine and joy. I wonder if Lily of the Valley would grow in Colorado, I don't think I have seen it...

  3. Good morning girl...I love that basket and your so right it does match your beautiful rug...Girl I hope that light blue does come back it's one of my favorite colors...I use to have my whole kitchen 40 years ago done in it...that was at the time when blue was only for "Boys" rooms and "Pink" for times have changed ha ha!! Love the flowers..beautiful post my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Oh, my goodness! What a beautiful basket! I've never seen one like it! It looks gorgeous with those pretty flowers in it. Your flowers around your home are so lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. What a treasure - and you've arranged it so beautifully!
    I can't wait to hear the results of your peony experiment - who wouldn't want to save some of that beauty!?

  6. Hi Rett, such a pretty basket and love all your sweet pictures.

    Barb ♥

  7. Your flowers are always so lovely! I think they look beautiful in your new basket!

  8. Rett, PRETTY! Luv that basket and your FREE flowers are outstanding! Thanks for coming to my party...hope you are having a FUN time here:)


  9. what beautiful flowers- even more so coming from your sisters- let us know how the peony experiment works- the flowers look lovely in your pretty blue basket.

  10. That is a beautiful basket! It looks wonderful with your rug..

    The peonies are gorgeous! Mine haven't bloomed yet..
    Thanks for the video link!
    Do you grow Baby's Breath? I have a few kinds..and every year I add a few them!

  11. Oh my Rett, that is an awesome basket! Great find! I love your header, the photographs are just stunning.


  12. Rett, that new blue basket is amazing, as are all your beautiful flowers.. you have got a seriously green thumb~!!

    happy tuesday

  13. That basket is precious. It will be beautiful filled with roses and babies breath.
    And, I am totally jealous of your peonies! They are amazing.

  14. Rett, adore your new basket. It is perfect for your table and yes, this will look so stunning filled with flowers. Great find! I'm so impressed with all your blooming plants. My irises have finished blooming, and believe me I didn't have near the abundance you have. And the peonies, well I have to just dream about those. Love the idea of saving the buds for later. Hope that works!
    Have a great week, dear friend. ~ Sarah

  15. Your flowers are gorgeous! Some hydrangeas would look lovely in your new basket, did your sisters share any of those with you? I love shared plants, they are the best!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I must say, you don't look vintage to me!

  16. Rett, this basket is absolutley stunning. What a fabulous find and I love the soft pale blue color. I can imagine it with white but I LOVE it with the blue and pink. Exquisite and it still matches your rug. I can't wait to hear how the preserving experiment goes. That sounds interesting. Thanks so much for joining the party. Your gardens are indeed awesome. Hugs, Marty

  17. Oh Rett, your basket is perfect with your rug. I love all those gorgeous colors. I'll trade you an armfull of calla lilies for a big bunch of peonies. Here's hoping you have peonies at Thanksgiving. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!!

  18. What a gorgeous basket! I can only imagine the beautiful blooms you will fill it with.
    The pinks and purples look very nice in it also...
    I checked out the peony site..leave it to Martha's site to come up with something like that!

  19. What a pretty basket! Everything is so gorgeous, the photography is wonderful!

    I'm back from two weeks of celebrating, trying to catch up now!


  20. I love peonies. They won't grow here...your basket is lovely. Of course blue would be coming back...I finally got rid of all mine! Oh well....have a great week!

  21. OMG...Rett, your yard is gorgeous with all those irises and peonies. I would surely steal some for my house if I lived closer. It's such a joy having fresh flowers in a home. You are so lucky to have those thoughtful sisters!

  22. That's a perfect flower basket. The colors are superb and I love the horizontal arrangement as it's unusual. Jane F

  23. Rett, those flowers are breathtaking! I can't get over how lovely they are!!! They are just perfect in your new basket. Love that too!


    Sheila :-)

  24. Rett, look at those fantastic flowers. Just gorgeous. I love your Frenchy basket, too. It is huge and looks so good with your flowers. You must have one of those really good cameras. Your photos are super.

  25. Rett, that blue basket is DARLING!!! I am in love with anything that has bows - that basket is precious!!! Your photos are always soooo stunning!

  26. Oh, pretty pretties. Peonies take me back to my childhood with my nanny. She adored and lovingly cared for many different varieties of them.

    Thanks for the memories!


  27. Your basket is quite a catch. It is huge! But your flowers, oh my! I love how they grow on the border of your home's foundation. Just beautiful, Rett.

  28. Lovely basket. Perfect color for your home. I am going to try preserving the peonies. Your peonies are beautiful. Love the color. Stella

  29. Hi Rett!!!!
    That is a very lovely blue basket, I agree about some beautiful white flowers!!!!Do you think peonies and iris would grow in my yard in AZ????Did your sister in AZ give you those????
    I hope so then Maybe I can give it a try!!!!
    They are amazing!!!!!
    hope you have a Great Memorial Day weekend
    we have so much to be thankful for and for so many brave Men and Women who fought for our freedoms.
    I also will be remembering my Dad, my MIL, my Grandparents and all of my relatives who left this earth to soon.
    Hugs to you sweetie,

  30. Happy Memorial Weekend my friend…Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria

  31. Rett,
    Your basket is wonderful! I love all your flowers and how you have filled it. As always, you photography is stunning. I'm a visual person and when I see pictures on blogs this clear and large, I'm in heaven. Have a great weekend my friend.

  32. Rett, That is a great basket! So very pretty and it goes well with your decor - yes, even the peonies and iris. You have lovely flowers and home and you know just how to put things together to create a beautiful setting. I think you're a hostess with the mostest!


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