Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink & Purple this time!

I used my new pink Bordallo Pinneiro bowls again this week,
mostly because I haven't found a place to store them yet!
It was easier to just wash them & put them back on the table.

Like Marty at A Stroll Thru Life says
"I think I need an intervention!!"

The white dinner plates with the soft pink & purple flowers
are by Pfaltzgraff.

They were $1 apiece at a local thrift store & they only had 6
but that works nicely for this table.


My lilac tree is blooming outside the gazebo for the first time!

What a HEAVENLY fragrance!

I cut just a few branches & mixed them with

pink carnations, baby's breath & purple statice in my large white ironstone pitcher.

I would have cut armloads if I could but you have to trim carefully to maintain the shape of the tree. Its not the usual, huge bush that we remember from Grandma's era.


My Napoleon Bee glassware by La Rochere that I won

from Taste & Twirl...
(thank you Libby) goes BEEutifully with my

Napoleon Bee flatware from Horchow

which is on SALE, by the way, until May 19th.



I found the little candlestick flower arrangers on Ebay

after seeing Diann's on her blog, The Thrifty Groove.

I have a large one for a centerpiece that I use often.

You can see it done up with yellow roses here.


I found this lovely serving platter, below,

with its pretty curved edges at T.J. Maxx
for only $10 last week.

I love the lacey textured look of the edges!


I'm thinking it will look great with roasted asparagus or perhaps a medley of grilled vegetables.

(if it ever stops raining long enough for us to use the grill!)




Just playing around with Photoscape!

I know you don't light candles in the middle of the day.


Martha Stewart says you should never put a candle on the table

that doesn't have the wick somewhat burned already.

You should always have a candle wick blackened from use if it is on display.


Another bit of advice,

when I go shopping, I ALWAYS check out the clearance aisles first.

I find so many bargains that add nice little

extra special touches to my tables.

A perfect example are these beautifully embroidered sheer organza napkins.

There were 4 in a pack & only 2 packs available, one being 1/2 torn open.

They were marked down to $4 per pack.

That's $1 per napkin!


Aren't they GORGEOUS?!

They remind me of a bride's veil.

Used as an overlay to a heavier, more absorbent napkin, they add a delicate bit of whimsy.

They'll be even prettier over softly colored napkins.


On a side table, since May is the Blessed Virgin's month,
I tucked one of the pink carnations into a bud vase
with some of my Lily of the Valley.
I can remember my mother always placing flowers by her statue,
to honor Mary.
I do the same every year, in memory of both these special Mothers.

Thank you for stopping by The Gazebo House.
I hope you have lots of beautiful flowers blooming where you live.

I'm joining Susan at
Between Naps on the Porch

The Tablescaper for
Seasonal Sunday

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for
Tabletop Tuesday

Linda at Coastal Charm for
Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

Thanks to all these ladies for hosting such fun parties each week!


  1. Rett:

    You make me laugh! I love that you're featuring the pink bowls because you haven't figured out where to keep them yet! It sure sounds like something I would do. As you do figure out their new home, keep in mind what you'd like to share for "Where do you keep it all? Part 2".

    Great napkins. You have been a busy shopper!

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Lots of things I love today Rett! The pink and purple is very pretty! Beautiful napkins, and I have to get some of the bee glasses! The living candle rings are so neat, enjoy the lilacs!
    Thanks for adding the Cook-Along to your sidebar:@)

  3. Hi Rett, how perfect to use the pink bowls with your purple! Just pretty as can be, once again. WE would have such fun playing with our dishes together, I'm sure.(see my today's post!) :) Lucky you with the lilacs. I wanted to feature fresh lilacs on one of my tables for tomorrow night but they have already fizzled out.

    Love your post today with all the tidbits tucked in.


  4. Oh your pink tablescape is so pretty. I love it. I wish I had some of those bee glasses....great job!

  5. Rett, you may be on to a new means of storage ~ just leave them stacked on the table. LOL
    Pretty table with all the special details. Those bee glasses and flatware have long been favorites of mine. Someday I may have to order some for us. ~ Sarah

  6. Hi Rett...

    Ohhh my...I just adore lavender and pink together! My friend, what a beautiful tablescape you have created! I'm lovin' those pretty pink cabbage bowls...and...I love your Phaltzgrah dinner plates as well! The floral table centerpiece is just heavenly...the lilacs are gorgeous! This is such a beautiful light...and sooo springy! Hehe...don't think that "springy" is a word...maybe I should use "spring like"!

    Rett, I just adore the pretty organza napkins you found! I have been looking for something similar and haven't run across any! They really do bring a feminine appeal to the that!

    Well my dear friend, I just wanted to stop by to say hello and see how you are doing! I hope that my note finds you and your sweet family all doing well!

    Warmest spring wishes,

  7. Such a pretty spring table. I love lilacs. They look perfect with the pink carnations. I really like the organza overlay on the napkins too. So many pretty touches that just make this table a delight.

  8. I just love your setting! Those sheer napkins are gorgous and I totally agree with you on shopping the clearance section first. It's the first place I run to. :) Thank You for sharing and I hope your day is Plum Perfect!!

  9. Rett, your table is gorgeous, I really like the pink and purple combo. I can almost smell the lilacs...unfortunately the rain and wind got to mine before I did this year!

  10. Nice to see your lilac in bloom. I don't think mine will flower until August with the weather we've been having. LOL

    As far as your pink bowls, I think perhaps "PINK" might be the color of this summer for you, huh? That way you can have them out for lettuce salads, fruit salads, and cold soups too. LOL

  11. What a delightful table. I love your lilacs they are all over blogland, except at my house. :-( I adore all your beautiful bargains. hugs ~lynne~

  12. Rett,
    There is just so much I want to comment on. First, Your florals are just gorgeous! We both had the same thing in mind.
    I just giggled when I saw you used dishes because you didn't have a place for them. Sounds like something I would do. I have a stash out in the garage!!!
    What a pretty table. So girly!
    Thanks for the good advice. You found a real treasure in those pretty "bridal veil" napkins. They are gorgeous. They add a little frilly business to your pretty table.
    So nice to stop by!
    xo Yvonne

  13. Gorgeous centerpiece. Love the whole table. So funny that you used the Bordallo Pinheiro bowls again b/c you have not found a place to store them. I do the same thing. My tables are actually storage places too. Thanks for mentioning the moth balls. I heard it from someone but I was not really sure if it works. But since you used to do it too, it must work....Christine

  14. I got little mini pink bowls like that and would love to have found big ones. Aren't they wonderful? Your flowers are just gorgeous and in that wonderful ironstone, they are a great focal point. What a find on the pretty napkins, they are a treasure. So pretty and so feminine, I just loved your table. It must have been so fun to put together. I am running to Horchow to check out the flatware, I just love that.

  15. Hi Rett, I love your table setting, so beautiful. My lilacs are not in bloom yet and every year I tell myself I will cut some and bring them in, but I never do. Yours look so perfect on the table. This could be the year.LOL. Take care and hugs, Jen.

  16. All parts of your tablescape is wonderful. I love the buys you got on things!! The bouquets are beautiful. The rains have ruined my lilacs. I only got to bring one bouquet in!

  17. Oh, this tablescape is gorgeous! Maybe you should just plain store it in the table! LOL! The plates Falzgraf, I love, beautiful and soft design to them. The lilacs are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lovelies. I'm at TT, too.
    Lots of hugs.

  18. HI RETT!!!
    That is probably one of my ALL time fav tables ever!!!really, love that pink and purple and I can smell the lilac from here!!!My Mom's fav flower!!!I love those napkins you found, I think they are perfect for this table. I learned something today--tonight, about the candle being lit before displaying, good to blog, you learn so much!!!
    you are so talented and your tables are always so perfect.

  19. Very pretty pink again! I love that you have done round two with the pink bowls because you don't know where to put them yet..I've so been there! lol! I scour clearance isles all the time for this type of stuff also. I love your napkins! However, you new glassware, congrats, and your flatware are just too cute! Very cool candle ring too, I've never seen one of those. Thanks for educating me!

  20. Rett, you have outdone yourself. That is just lovely! I had to reread when I saw Bordallo for a second!! Ha! My dirty mind!!! I have to say that Jemma would be in heaven at your pink and purple table! Just gorgeous!

  21. Such a pretty table! I'd be using those bowls often, if they were mine!
    I love the candle flower arrangers and will have to look around for a pair. They are such a nice touch.
    You know, in Europe, my friends always light a candle in the afternoon if we are sitting at coffee - especially in the cold and wet season it draws you together and brings a feeling of warmth.

  22. Hmm, where to start Rett? So many things I love in this post. You used 2 of my very favorite flowers ~ lilacs and lily of the valley. Just add some peonies and I could hardly stand it! Your table is just beautiful ~ love pink and purple together. That is the color combo I used to use on my baby twin daughters.

    Also had to laugh on the storage problem with your pink bowls. I, too, need an intervention. I keep complaining that my kitchen has so few cupboards, but I don't think that is the problem:-)

    Hope your rain stops ~ you could send it to Texas ~ we need it!

    Have a great day.

  23. Rett, what a charming table! I love (and relate to!) your reason for using the pink cabbage leaf bowls again this week! I love those little flower rings around the candles -- I think I NEED some! I always enjoy visiting your tables!

  24. It's so nice to be in the presence of a fellow "lace camp" survivor... except I was one of the teachers, but still!!! That is like the best news ever. Love your table today. I have not yet been successful in planting and keeping alive a lilac bush of any sort. Must try again. Your napkins and the bordallo bowls.. so lovely and they both add to the beauty of the centerpiece, picking up the feel and the colors! Love love love your table
    xo marlis

  25. I so need to shop at your thrift store if you can find pfaltzgraff plates for $1 each! Amazing find and so pretty (that is actually my SIL's pattern.) And the pink bowls are precious. I would use them in every place setting - so cute! Your napkins are gorgeous!

  26. Rett, this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! YOu and Yvonne have the same (almost) centerpiece:):) Love your pink bowls and the new platter!!!!! You mentioned May is Mary's month. IO was the May Queen when I was in 8th grade and on Sat. I am going to my (SHHHHHH) 50th grade school reunion!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see everyone! Have a great weekend. XO, Pinky

  27. PS, thank for the clearance aisle tip. I ADORE those gorgeous overlays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Love those pink bowls, Rett! They add just the right punch of color against the Pfaltzgraff plates. I just had some lilac bushes planted outside my dining room. If it stops raining, maybe I can open the windows and smell them! Hah- the landscaper says it will be raining for the next week! Oh well..... Hope all is well on your end. I'm trying to do a little visiting tonite. I've been really busy. People probably think I've fallen off the face of the earth. *grin*
    hugs, Sue

  29. Rett, How beautiful! I love everything about your table... I'm so happy your lilacs are blooming, I love them! And I adore your virgin Mary statuette with fresh flowers... my mom used to do the same thing. Such happy memories.
    Thank you for sharing! xo ~m.

  30. Rett, I have no idea how I missed this post, must have had to do with the blogger "maintenance" problem. This table is so pretty and dainty, I love both lilacs and Lilly of the Valley so I was sold from the beginning. I'm not familiar with that Pfaltzgraff pattern, its a very pretty pattern and goes so well with all you have on the table, and of course the pink bowls are perfect. Until recently I was using the table for extra storage too, just reset the table because I don't know where else to go with anything anymore. I can feel your pain on that one. Every time you and Yvonne do a table with your bee silverware I just swoon.

    Thanks for the information and comments earlier today, I didn't realize until I tried to send a reply that it wouldn't go back to you.

  31. I think storing a bowl in plain sight at the table is a marvelous idea!

    Since pink is my favorite color, and purple is right about one notch below it, I love this table. I have been looking for some pretty purple dishes with no luck. Yours were a steal.

    Loved the whole thing, and I really liked the way you used the flowers in the candlesticks. Perfect.

  32. Absolutely beautiful! I love how you arranged this tablescape. The pink bowls look amazing with the rest of your design.

  33. How beautiful! So many lovely things, the napkins, the pink bowls the flowers and the candle ring thingies! I have to go look for those. The white platter is beautiful!
    We always had May crownings at the end of May for the Blessed Mother. I must ask my little gkids if they do that anymore, the 2 oldest go
    go to Catholic school.
    The sun came out today, first time in days. I am glad I didn't put my annuals in, they would be rotted!

  34. Love your new platter! I just love the fragrance of lilacs. Your table is beautiful!

  35. I'm chuckling over your bowls on your table again because you don't have a place to store them, LOL! We are kindred spirits, I have my dishes out from last week ready to play with again for a table, before I put them away. I'm in heaven with your lilacs~ I can smell their delightful fragrance from here...I so wish we could grow them, but it's too HOT!

    Your organza napkins were such a find! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open & cruise the sale section of HG first on my next visit!

  36. How pretty, Rett! I love those pink bowls! And the flowers are gorgeous! I am not sure if lilacs will grow here. I don't think I have ever smelled them! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  37. The lavender, pink, and white is magical set against the taupe of your lovely dining room. I loved that you used the
    Bordallo bowls again because you haven't figured out a place to store them. I've given away at least four sets of Haviland china to make room for 'new' finds that I want to add to my collection. That said, I have an eye on some shelves in my storage room in the garage. I'm about ready to unload a ton of craft supplies to make room for more organized storage for my china. I'll buy the quilted zipper storage pieces for most of the things that I keep in the garage. It's a constant work in progress. Hagerty makes a great quilted zipper storage container that holds 12 goblets. I label each one, so that I can find the pattern that I want easily. I've seen them on eBay, if you can't locate them locally. I don't like the ones that are sold at Bed Bath n Beyond; I've bought several. They are not as well made, and they are more expensive than the Hagerty. Thanks for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  38. I love lilacs...if only we could grow them here! Now for the challange-how many different tablesscapes can you creat using those gorgeous pink bowls!

  39. Rett, here is my e-mail: I can give you my address. You are too sweet!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  40. Hi Rett~ I'm back for a second serving from your beautiful table! I have to tell you how THRILLED I was to walk in Trader Joe's and find bundles of LILACS for sale~ their fragrance is devine!

  41. Hi Rett, My lilacs are just beginning to bud and I am looking forward to smelling them! I have never seen the candleholder/vase but it looks useful. I love your idea of putting the lily of the valley with Mary. And those napkins are quite the good deal! Linda

  42. This is all so pretty -- Love all your white with the pops of pink and purple. Those candle rings are wonderful. Don't you just love all the wonderful tips you find blogging?

  43. Oh how lovely....I am in awe at that gorgeous table, it's so pretty you dont want to eat on it. Thank you so much for sharing....I love the napkin's(really all of it).

  44. This is truly a very beautiful tablesetting! Love the bowls, the glassware and all the special touches you've added,

  45. Rett, what a lovely table! I loved all the elements, and I agree that the napkins look like a bride's veil. So very pretty. Those bowls are as cute as can be, too. And I love the way you are using them in your tablescape. Pretty white plates, too. And of course, the lilacs are lovely.

    Thanks so much for your prayers. I have days when I feel better, then I do something and whamo! So I am going to listen to my body and rest it. Getting old is not for sissies!

    Love you...



  46. Wow, there's just so much to delight the eye in this post. I love the pink bowls, and the square plate, and the napkins - all so pretty. And the pink cupcakes by each place. Oh, and the lilacs - they might be the favorite. I just love lilacs!

  47. Do you think blogger is fixed yet? Have a good weekend! God bless America!

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