Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy May Day!

May & May Flowers are some of my favorite things

along with my Faith & my Family!

I'm joining Laurie for her
Favorite Things Party!

May 1st is the beginning of a very busy &

very special month for our family this year.

We have my #1 grandson's Confirmation,

my hubby's grandson's First Holy Communion,

Ms. Sweet Caroline's dance recital,

Hubby's granddaughter's wedding in Chicago

and Mother's Day!!

My dear Mother passed away in May so it is always full of

bittersweet memories of her, too.

May is considered the Blessed Virgin Mary's month.

When I was growing up, my Mom always kept a

statue of the Blessed Virgin on a little shelf in the kitchen.

She would put flowers beside it throughout the month.

I've had this little statue since 1995 & have put it out

every May since then.

It was given to me for having nearly perfect attendance

at Sunday School the year that my Grandpa Joe

(Mom's father) passed away.

The only time I missed class was the weekend that he died.

These lily of the valley flowers now grow on

two sides of my home.

They originated at my parent's house...the one I grew up in.

My sisters, who have shared so many of their

perennials with me, brought them to our

new home the first summer we were back here in Ohio.

Every year the plantings spread a little more.

I will have LOTS for arrangements this year.

They smell SO wonderful!!!

I've been working on

getting my annuals planted

around the front entrance.

This bakers rack used to be in our kitchen & then it sat on our

lanai in Florida, holding orchids for almost 10 years.

Needless to say, the shelf looked a little shabby.

I spray painted it black & I like it so much better!

It goes beautifully with my black planters in the front.

There are White & purple Wave petunias, spikes, money wort,

(love that lime green color!)

variegated ivy, some vinca vine all waiting to be planted.

You know where I'll be today...Happy May Day, Everyone!

Thanks Laurie for letting me join your party & thank

YOU for stopping by the Gazebo House.



  1. Happy May Day to you too!
    I love this month - my son's birthday, my parents' anniversary and the possibility of real spring weather.
    I think I'm going to have to buy some lily-of-the-valley plants today!

  2. Gorgeous flowers and photographs, and such sweet memories. My mother's birthday is in early May, and that day is always a little bittersweet. Thank goodness for my husband's and son's birthdays that brighten up the middle and latter part of the month!
    Happy May Day to you, too!

  3. Happy May Day to you too, Rett. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. This is a big birthday month in my family, plus Mother's Day of course.

  4. I hope you both have the most marvelous May ever!

  5. Happy May Day...your yard will be gorgeous....enjoy planting!

  6. Hi RETT!!!!
    Yes, May is busy here too!!!!
    More on that soon!!!!
    But your yard looks amazing, so pretty and green and the flowers are stunning!!!You have been a very busy lady in the garden!!!Good for you!!!!
    The place is a picture out of Better homes and Garden!!!!
    Hugs to you today

  7. Such a bittersweet post. I love that your mother passed the tradition down to you to put the statue of the Blessed Virgin out every May.

    You have a busy month and you sure have your work cut out for you with all of your flowers to plant! I am so looking forward to this but, it is still a bit too cold here. Soon, I hope. Love the bakers rack!!

    Happy May Day, Rett!


  8. Happy May Day, Rett! Your walkway looks beautiful even without the new plantings. Once all that color is in it is going to be gorgeous. Love the pink blooming trees all around your neighborhood. What is that?
    I'm envious of your lily-of-the-valley. I wonder if they would grow here in TX. I doubt it. May is definitely a banner month for you. Enjoy all the special activities. Thanks for sharing all this colorful beauty.

  9. Looks like it will be busy but also lots of fun for you this month! Enjoy every sweet minute!

    Best wishes,

  10. I love all the purple and blue annuals you are planting! Everything looks beautiful! It does sound like you have lots of family things going on this month! Enjoy your May!!!

  11. Everything is looking lovely. Have fun in the garden today. We have a busy May at house as well. Three birthdays and numerous things the grandchildren are doing. My husand lost his mother in May as well three years ago.

  12. Rett, these photos are gorgeous! What beautiful flowers! I also want to comment on your header. It is beautiful, and the photos of that precious little girl in the white dress look so professional. I'm so glad you linked this post to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  13. Rett, I love everything about your blog...your garden, your tablescapes, your crafts and sewing, your sharing of your family. This is a beautiful vignette. Nice to see the "old house" and the pool and orchids too. do you miss Florida? Did you move to Ohio to be closer to family? Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I especially love the peonies in the header (with Caroline) and at the bottom of your blog.
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  14. your yard is just great! Lezlee

  15. You do have a busy month!

    I have the statue of Mary too from grade school.
    We used to say the Rosary every night in May, and then the May crowning..
    I love Lily of the Valley..and so sweet you have plants from your sisters.
    I haven't bought plants yet, we can still get frost till mid May.
    All your flowers look beautiful!
    Enjoy all your events..all GOOD things!
    Have a wonderful week, Rett!

  16. Lovely posting. I, too, have a statue of Our Blessed Mother. I leave it out all year to honor Her.

  17. I'm running a bit behind...but I'm glad I got to see all of your beautiful flowers. Is there anything more sweet than pansies?

    It sounds as if you really have a busy month! Take care of yourself:)



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