Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cinco De Mayo Party

Last night, we attended the Cinco De Mayo party
at Walden Country Club in Aurora, OH.

There were 16 of us in our group & all the husbands are friends from playing either golf or tennis together for several years.

Most of the wives play tennis, too.
Some of us have been playing together for over 20 years!

The food was authentic, delicious, abundant
& beautifully presented.

Ooops...should have removed that stray bit of lettuce before
I captured a few photographs to share.

Each of the ladies place settings had a maraca
waiting for her to shake.
You KNOW that wasn't all they were shaking
especially after those yummy Margaritas...

The men got mustaches to wear!

What a hoot!

We had a great laugh over how different they looked.

Several brought sombreros, as well.

I'm sorry I didn't get any photos of the wives.
I was too busy laughing & capturing the guys.
I totally spaced on that.
My apologies. Next time.

There was a contest to see who could answer certain
questions regarding Mexican history.

I won a jalapeno pepper...others got a can of refried beans,
an avocado or
a Corona beer...the most coveted prize of all.

They spared no expense!

They had 2 strolling guitar players in authentic
Mexican clothing who
played all night long.
I understand the young woman is a member of the
world renowned Cleveland Orchestra.
They were both extremely talented &
very gracious in filling our many requests.
I wish I would have thought to try to record them!
My new camera does that but I totally forgot!

It was really a FUN evening!
Thank you to
Mark & Rebecca for getting everyone together.


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  1. Cute, cute! Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  2. what fun, what fun!!! so nice to have long lasting frienships and to celebrate in such a fun fashion- laughing at the mustaches- too fun

  3. That looks like so much fun!! I am drooling over the flan! They make that in Puerto Rico also and my husband makes it for us occasionally. Love the mustaches!

  4. It looks like all of you had a ball, Rett. I love the bright colors and the festive mood!!


  5. That looks like a good time!! Love the mustaches! That flan looks yummy! I had the best flan ever in Spain a few years ago! Yummy! So glad you had a good time!

  6. Looks like everyone had a ball. How cool!

  7. Rett, what a fun post you've shared. The photos of the guys are priceless.
    ¿Qué hombre pertenece a usted?

    Thanks for sharing. Muy festivo! ~ Sarita

  8. Looks like so much fun!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. What fun! I love all the men in their 'staches. Too cute. Dropping by from BNOTP, link #1.


  10. Rett, looks like your group had a great time at the Cinco de Mayo party. The men were charming wearing the mustaches!

  11. That looks like so much fun! I love the mustaches! Those guys had to be feeling pretty good to let you take their pictures in those! laurie

  12. Well that looks like a lot of fun!
    What man can't be improved by the addition of a jet-black mustache?

  13. HI!!!
    Oh boy that looked like the place to be!!!!I loved all the decorations and yes, they thought of everything, even a Pinata!!!!I love the men in their fake mustaches!!!!
    How clever!!!!!I love good Mexican Food and around here it is everywhere, we have so many favorite places to go for good Mexican food, my favorite dish is a cheese enchilada!!!!I can make them but prefer to go out for them!!!!
    Happy Mother's DAY
    I will be busy delivering flowers for the next 2 days, I work for a flower shop owned by a friend!!!

  14. How fun!
    My daughter and son-in-law graduated from Hiram College, so I am quite familiar with your area.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. This looks like y'all had a really fun time. The men look really cute and the food sounds delicious. The musicians look awesome!


  16. Still trying to catch up on the TTs.
    This looks like a lot of fun! Decorations are great! Those mustaches added so much fun!!


  17. P.S. - I meant to tell you I also had a Cinco de Mayo tablescape!


  18. Oh that looks like so much fun! I must be on the look out for mustaches for next year...Maybe I will have the ladies wear them, LOL..
    I had to laugh at the label for LETTUCE?
    Fun post!

  19. What fun - you have a great group of friends and it looks like you had a wonderful evening!


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