Sunday, December 21, 2014

KISS Guild Winter Wonderland Quilt Show

2014-12-16 001 031

This past Tuesday, my KISS quilt guild held their Christmas Holiday party & combined it with a Winter Wonderland Quilt Show.  It was not open to the public & was just a gathering of the member's Christmas/Winter quilted items. 
We meet monthly, in the basement of a local church & received permission from them to use pews upstairs as our quilt "racks". 

2014-12-16 001 034 sm
A big "Thank You!" goes out to Norma H. & her team of elves, who set up the quilts, both the day before as well as on the actual day of the party.  Lots of work but it was SEW worth it to get to see all these wonderful quilted treasures.

2014-12-16 001 004

My friend, Robin & I were in charge of the party downstairs, where we had tables set up for 100 people,
with cute Mason jar centerpieces holding Fat Quarters Flowers of pretty red & green fabric.


Each jar, filled with peppermints, had a festive holiday lid attached to the side as well as a darling cork snowman, fastened with raffia.  Thank you, Robin, for all your help with this party!

2014-12-16 001 005

2014-12-16 001 006

The decorated jars were all different & were awarded as door prizes at the end of the meal.

Since we meet at 10 am, members brought breakfast casseroles, fresh fruit salads along with muffins & quick breads to share. 

We used the Perfect Potluck site to coordinate the food contributions, which were abundant & DELICIOUS, too!

2014-12-16 001 007

Each place setting had a sugar cookie in the center, as a favor. 

101 quilt guild cookies for christmas favors 2014 005-horz III
101 quilt guild cookies for christmas favors 2014 003

We tucked them into CD sleeves with clear cellophane windows & then sealed them with a winter snowflake sticker.

101 quilt guild cookies for christmas favors 2014 004

Not my usual elaborate placesetting type of tablescape but festive no less!

2014-12-16 001 008

Let's go back upstairs to enjoy more photos of the quilt show!!

2014-12-16 001 020

2014-12-16 001 009

They were displayed all over the church...some on pews, some on the organ seat...
2014-12-16 001 010 

some on the steps.

2014-12-16 001 011

2014-12-16 001 012

2014-12-16 001 013

2014-12-16 001 014

Some even up in the sanctuary!
I think they were running out of room!
2014-12-16 001 016 

2014-12-16 001 018

2014-12-16 001 020

2014-12-16 001 021

2014-12-16 001 022

Did you recognize any of mine??

2014-12-16 001 023

2014-12-16 001 024

2014-12-16 001 025

2014-12-16 001 026

2014-12-16 001 027
2014-12-16 001 028

2014-12-16 001 029 

2014-12-16 001 030

2014-12-16 001 032 sm
2014-12-16 001 035

I see a little elf, working in the back doorway...
Hi Cathy P.!! 
2014-12-16 001 033 sm

I hope you enjoyed the show.  Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.
I'll be in the kitchen, still baking up a storm,

spritz collage

as there are only 4 more days till Christmas!  If you're in the neighborhood, stop by for some cookies & a cuppa tea.

Merry~Merry Everyone!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Copycat Challenge & a whole lot more!

santa mug from home is where the boat is

My older sister chastised me for neglecting my blog...I'm sorry...I just got out of the habit of posting!

Then along came Cuisine Kathleen's "Christmas Copy-Cat Table Challenge" & I had to get back in the swing.

Thanks, Kathleen, for hosting these fun tablescape parties!
I chose Mary's photo of her Santa mug & cookies, (1st photo, above) from her beautiful & inspiring blog, "Home is Where the Boat is".

2014-12-11 001 2014-12-11 001

 I have a very similar Santa faced container (a teapot) 

2014-12-11 001 2014-12-11 002

 and similar Pink Willow dishes & Christmas mugs, although teddy bears instead of Santa faces.

2014-12-11 001 2014-12-11 003

Instead of cookies, I've made chocolate dipped/peppermint coated marshmallows for stirring into hot cocoa for granddaughter Ms. C. & her friend. 

2014-12-11 001 2014-12-11 004

Both girls are coming here on Saturday for a "Sewing Day" together.  I'm thrilled!!!!  They want to make pull-on fleece pants to wear over their bathing suits when they get out of the pool.  They are both swimming competitively for their school this year, so we're doing them in their school colors.

2014-12-11 001 2014-12-11 005

I have actually been making Christmas cookies and did Pizzelles for the first time in my life.  There is a knack to getting the correct amount of dough each time & getting it positioned in the same place on the iron. 

2014-11-19 001 2014-11-19 002

 These were almond flavored & I'm making a combination of orange & lemon ones next.
(You all KNOW how much I ♥♥♥ LEMON!)


In between baking, I've been busy practicing my free motion quilting of small projects on my Innova long arm machine, too. 

 Above in my own Lil' Twister Christmas Wreath and below is my friend, Robin's version that I quilted for her. 


I was honored that she trusted me enough to let me work on it for her.  Thanks Robin!!


I had FUN doing it, too!  This long arm is such a joy to work with, both in free-motion custom work, (as seen above) and computerized designs, like the one in the green border, (seen below).


Here is a second, smaller Lil' Twister Christmas Wreath that Robin also asked me to do for her. 

Pizzelles, clouds, m. emb jar toppers 11-14 2014-11-06 001

 So far, she is my best customer!  LOL
Pizzelles, clouds, m. emb jar toppers 11-14 2014-11-06 008

The next one (below) I'm working on is my sewing friend,  Nicole's, (pattern from All People Quilt).  Shhhh, its a gift for her Mom, so don't tell.

Nicole's quilt

I hope you're also getting to enjoy this festive, holiday season with some hot cocoa & marshmallows & maybe even a quilt to curl up under.

Thanks so much for visiting The Gazebo House.  Please be sure to pop on over to Cuisine Kathleen's blog, to see all the other copycat tables...always so much creative talent to see!

I promise, it won't be such a long time in between posts next time.  I have TONS of photos from our local quilt show to share with you later.