Monday, July 25, 2016

KISS *Tea Party Picnic* 2016


The *Tea Party Picnic* for my KISS Quilt Guild went off without a hitch!  Whew!  
Everyone seemed to have a great time & the quilt projects, both in the Challenge & the mini group's *Show & Tell* were wonderful!!! 


I left the house at 7:30 am,
with my car packed to the max!

My committee members, JoAnn & Norma & myself ran around like crazy women, getting all the placemats, teapots & napkin/cutlery into place just 2 hours before the event.

I made the PINK lemonade & the man who runs the hall had already made up ice tea.

He also got the coffee started for us, which you can't see over in the left corner.

Photo below is a partial set-up of the beverage area with fresh mint (from my garden...for the iced tea)
in one of my silver teapots along with
those lemons that got cut up, too!


I had a bouquet of fresh PINK flowers in a bigger silver teapot, set on a round mirror next to the sign-in sheet.

I thought it made a nice *first impression* as members entered.


I typed up a little label that said, (in PINK):


I tucked it behind that opening in this cute card from my grands &
had it sitting beside the silver teapot at the entrance.


This is a shot of the food tables & dessert area prior to everyone's arrival.  
That arch had white lights, which I remember to plug in at the very last minute!

Pink & Green were the colors throughout the entire day.


Every table had ONE place setting that did not get a knife inside the PINK wrapped napkin.
The person who sat at that spot was the winner of the little fabric sweetener holders!


The ladies loved the little fabric bowls for the sweetener & we gave all 20 of them away as door prizes.
Thank you to all my committee members for helping to make them!


We had TONS of really good food!  I wish I'd gotten back to the tables to take some photos but I was up on a stage, doing the announcing,
along with Lee B., Chairwoman of the Mini Groups.  

DSC_4373 Just a few shots of the yummy desserts that arrived early enough for me to take a picture.  
(note to self:  assign a photographer next year!)

The gals really got into the theme of the party, bringing little tea sandwiches, choc. covered strawberries, beautiful mini fruit tarts, similar to these, only smaller, bite size versions.

   The biggest hit of the party was the  "Tea Bag Cookies", made by my most helpful committee member, Norma.

  She baked shortbread rectangles, cut off the top corners & poked a hole with a straw in that top area.  After they cooled, she dipped them in melted chocolate.  Then she threaded some baker's twine with a tag (like on a teabag) that said "KISS 2016". 


 Everybody oohed & awed over them!  She displayed them on an antique pedestal cake plate which added to the ambiance of the occasion nicely.  Thanks Norma!!


Let's take another peek at Norma's spectacular cookie treats!!!  SEW CUTE!!


One member captured a few photos with her phone of the big mini group's reveal *Show & Tell* .
I'm sorry the pics are blurry but it was the best I could do to enlarge them for the blog.
It really gives you an idea of all the talent in this group!

download (1)     download (2)        download (4)   IMG_0232



Lastly, a peek at one of next year's
 mini group projects! 
 I can't wait to make this one!


Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today to see the results of months of planning for the *Tea Party Picnic*.

  I hope you enjoyed viewing it as much as the members seemed to enjoy being there.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Tea Party Picnic for my Quilt Guild

F&P May June 2006 Tea Time

I am furiously working to finish making this "Time for Tea" table topper - 

Appliqué Pattern by Darlene Zimmerman & Rachel Shelburne,

 but it won't be done by this Tuesday's KISS Quilt Guild "Tea Party Picnic".  

The pattern for this quilt is now out of print but can be found in Fons & Porter's "Love of  Quilting"- May/June 2006.  You can buy the digital version of that issue for only $2.99 HERE.


This little limoges box was the inspiration for the theme of my quilt guild's annual picnic
...a "Tea Party Picnic"

teacups (2)

Every member has been asked to bring a tea cup with them, 

but they have to put it down at a different place from where 

they are going to be seated.  

Everyone will take home a 'new to them' tea cup, 

after using it at the party!


Mothers Day tablescape 2012 015[3]

Those of you who have followed my blog for years know how 

much I LOVE my TEA!! 

I collect teapots & teacups & will be bringing most of my 

collection to use as centerpieces on each table 

where members will be seated.

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 025[2]

tea & cookies on a snowy day 002[2]

tea party birthday 032[5]

tea with Ms. C. 004[8]

Here is a photo of the paper drip catchers for teapots.

and a LINK to where you can buy them!
Thanks for mentioning them, Kitty!

p (1)


I only had to borrow a few from friends, 

to make sure I had enough large sized ones to use....

I didn't think the Christmas ones would work too well.


This darling little thatched roof one, 
with the bluebird looking at his reflection, 
is my newest aquisition!  
Isn't he TOO cute?!


This delicate treasure belongs to my friend Nicole & 
I'm almost afraid to take it, 
for fear of it getting damaged in transit. 
I'm so enamoured of its graceful lines.

My committee members & I have been busy
making little fabric bowls to hold sweeteners
on each table.  
Here is a link to the video that I used to make the fabric bowls, shown below,


These are the measurements I used to get this little size:


I hope I remember to bring my camera 
so that I can share some photos of the picnic next week! 

This is the big end-of-the-year "Show & Tell" 
where everyone brings their projects 
that they learned to make in the mini groups
which are held all year long.

We will also sign up to take some new mini group 
classes for the upcoming season.  

Just wait till you see THOSE gorgeous projects...

can we say "EXCITED!!" 

Thanks for stopping by "The Gazebo House" today.

Wish we could share a cup of tea together!

Brass_Teapot_Cup_xsnagx Rettabug

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Burp Cloth Tutorial


I made a few burp cloths for the newest member of the family,
Emma Grace, born last week, to my deceased husband's (Ernie)grandson Shawn & his wife, Stephanie.
Emma is Ernie’s 4th Great Granddaughter!

Several people asked questions regarding how I made the fabric bands
on the top & bottom of these burp cloths, so I took photos as I went along.


I trim off the serged edges of the diaper, both top & bottom,
to make sure I’m starting with a straight, square edge.


The size of the fabric band is really personal preference. 
I like to cut mine between 5-7 inches long & 1 inch wider than the diaper.
This will give you a band that is between 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" in depth because you fold it in half.


It needs to be 1 inch wider than the diaper, so that 1/2” of fashion fabric extends beyond the diaper edges to start.


Placing RIGHT sides together, sew a 1/2 inch seam allowance along the bottom edge.


Take it to your ironing board, & lay it right side up.

Press the fashion fabric away from the diaper to get a nice, crisp clean edge.


While at the ironing board, turn it over to the back & fold up the other raw edge of the fashion fabric 1/2 inch & press well. 


Then fold up fabric band, RIGHT sides together, matching pressed 1/2” hem to the prior sewn seam. 
Make sure to COVER that line of bobbin stitching or it will show on the front!

Sew up both of the short sides, using a 1/2” seam allowance,
which will put the seam right next to the diaper.
(sorry for the blurry photo showing that, below)



I like to cut off a bit of the corner seam allowance,
to reduce bulk.  Do both corners the same way.


Fold the snipped corner over & place your thumb on it,
to hold in place while you turn the fashion fabric band
right sides out.


I use a chop stick’s blunt end to push out the fabric in the corners.
Don’t use scissors or anything sharp or you will poke a hole right through!
Ask me how I know this.  ~~blush~~


Instead of pinning the fabric band in place,
I like to use small bits of fusible web to hold it down while I sew along the edge.


Stitch Witchery or Wonder Under…even wash away tape will work.
You just want to get it secured into correct position so that edge stitching is easier.



An edge joining foot works great to maintain a straight line.
I move my needle over to the right a few spaces.

Repeat same directions on the other end of the burp cloth.


Can you see my boo-boo?
I wasn’t careful enough when I fused the band into position.
It doesn’t completely cover the bobbin thread! 
If you can unstitch & pull the fusible apart, this can be fixed.
If not, its just a burp cloth….don’t worry about it!!


Fonts used on both projects are 
 3" Elegant Font from Applique Designs,
as is the "Wills" frame above.
The Rosebud circle embroidery design is from

for visiting The Gazebo House today!!