My Favorite Season!!

My Favorite Season!!

Monday, September 07, 2015

Labor Day & the End of Summer


Labor Day has always had such a melancholy feel to it for me.
It is the official end of the summer, although certainly not the summer heat!
We're to be in the 90's today!

I'm *Laboring* for a good cause this weekend, by making Christmas stockings for our military men & women.

2015-09-06 001 002 sm label

A member of my KISS quilt guild, Valerie Liambeis spearheads this project every year.
She solicits donations of fabric then cuts the stocking shapes as well as the cuffs & tucks several sets into little baggies.
The KISS members take the packets home & sew the stockings together & once they are all completed,
a Yo-Yo gets tucked down into the toe of the stocking & they are then filled with candy for the troops.
I think we made over 400 last year & will probably do as many this year, too.

As Valerie says “Wouldn't it be nice if they weren't needed at all?”

Another melancholy note….I've gathered the last of my roses & a few hydrangea blooms for an impromptu bouquet.


I'm sad to see the flowers end, although some yellow mums are now opening.
My sewing buddies have kept me quite busy this summer, taking me to several different quilt shows & events.
I truly do not know how I would manage without my sewing friends!
2015-06-04 001 001

These GORGEOUS quilts are from a trunk show by Pat Knoechel, the sister of Eleanor Burns. (Quilt In A Day fame)
What a delightful presentation...she is a sweetheart!!
I was enthralled...both by the delicious quilts she shared but also by the spectacular quilting done on each one.

2015-06-04 001 007

2015-06-04 001 008

Such wonderful variety!!

2015-06-04 001 028

2015-06-04 001 034
That is Pat, taking the time to explain how each one was made. 

2015-06-04 001 013

2015-06-04 001 040

Every color of the rainbow!!

2015-06-04 001 025

2015-06-04 001 043

Some modern....

2015-06-04 001 048

Some traditional...
2015-06-04 001 061

Doesn't that quilting around the leaves look just like wind, tossing them about?

2015-06-04 001 063

Some were very little, like the wall hanging below..

2015-06-04 001 064

with embellishments of sparkles & pearls.  (look closely at the white pine trees to see the pearls)

2015-06-04 001 055

Some really BIG ones...note that pretty scalloped edge...

2015-06-04 001 069

I adore the following color combination!!! 
Purple, green & cream or white is going to be my next quilt, for sure.
2015-06-04 001 071

2015-06-04 001 073

2015-06-04 001 065

2015-06-04 001 059

Actually, this black, tan & creamy-white one, below, was my 2nd most favorite of them all!

2015-06-04 001 020

I just love this classy combination & frequently find myself wearing it, too.
The quilting on this one was really special.

2015-06-04 001 022

Time to put away the flip flops & hang up the beach wear....looking forward to some cooler weather & all the lovely colors of Autumn.

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House!  You're always welcome here.



Saturday, August 08, 2015

Six Months Have Passed….

It has been half a year now since my Ernie passed away.  I’ve made it through two more holidays….
Memorial Day & July 4th plus a few family events, like hosting this dinner when my baby sister visited from Maui.


It was fun to *play* with my dishes again!

Indigo Blues, 015

Ms. C. rode with her school’s unicycle club the entire parade route!  I was amazed!!
2015-05-25 001 038 unicycle

2015-05-25 001 010
2015-05-25 001 013
2015-05-25 001 028 cropped

Two other “occasions” that just weren’t the same without him were Ms. C’s 11th birthday party
as well as my daughter’s birthday.  *sigh*

Indigo Blues, 002
Indigo Blues, 004 Indigo Blues, 005

I’ve been keeping busy with my sewing & baking, though, as it helps to distract me & pass the days.

I made this little toddler quilt from a piece of Ikea fabric & Minky backing for extra cuddle-softness.

2015-07-14 001 005 sm  

It was VERY warm on my lap while I hand stitched the binding!

This was the first time I had quilted anything with Minky & I was glad that I didn’t have a bit of trouble.

I used Hobbs 80/20 batting inside & Sew Fine thread throughout.
The Minky is stretchy & I had been warned to place the selvages parallel to the poles of my long arm,
to help control the stretch. 

I did make sure to clean out my machine really well afterwards, as it leaves more fluff than usual behind.

The quilting pattern is called “Green Tea” & I was hoping the big leaves looked rather jungle-ish, given the critters on the front.

Here is a shot of the back, where you can see the pattern better:

2015-07-14 001 003 sm

I have also used my Innova longarm to quilt some items for my friends.
This first one is Nicole’s gift for a young relative with health issues.

2015-07-14 001 001 

I was SEW impressed with the beautiful job she did with her embroidery machine on the blocks!

2015-07-14 001 007 sm 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the theme she has chosen, using the words from St. Patrick's breastplate (and song) "Christ Be Beside Me".
hey played this at my husband's funeral in Feb. & I find it so touching & meaningful.

Known as "The Breastplate of St. Patrick" and "The Lorica"
This powerful prayer was composed by Saint Patrick in the year 433.
He was aware that there was an ambush to try to kill him and his group en route to the King's court.
It was during the march that they chanted the sacred "Lorica" or Deer's Cry -
later known as St. Patrick's Breastplate.
As the druids lay in hiding, ready to kill, they saw not Patrick and his men,
but a gentle deer followed by twenty fawns.
St. Patrick and his men were saved.

I put a design of a "deer" on the back of the quilt, per her request.
2015-07-14 001 003

She has used her embroidery machine to create the individual blocks by Anita Goodesign, called "A Quilt For All Seasons" here:
She also stitched out the words of the prayer with her sewing machine's built-in fonts, in the sashings.

I did a lot of ruler work to just anchor along the edges of the sashings.
2015-07-11 001 002 sashing sm.JPG
She wanted it to be "poofy" so I used wool batting.   
I did each block's unembroidered triangle areas in a color that will blend into it.
I anchored down each embroidered section but they're pretty thick so I didn’t do much ON those areas… just SID, as the intersections were thick.

2015-07-14 001 009sm

Ive also done a few smaller projects for my friend, Robin.
If I remember correctly, this quilt pattern is called "Sand Dunes" & can be found HERE.

Yippee-Ki-Yay Panto full front

The quilting design had a Western theme, per her request.
It is called “Yippee Ki Yay” with cowboy boots, lassos,
stars & cowboy hats.  It went beautifully with the
fabric she chose as her backing…too cute!

2015-07-20 001 004

I did this little table topper/wall hanging for her, too.
There are faint white *pumpkin seed* designs in the squares that are half white.  Hard to see them in this photo.

2015-04-29 001 004 smaller

With lots more time on my hands these days, I’ve been a *Domestic Diva* in the kitchen, making over 100 Eiffel tower cookies for DGD
Ms. C’s Girl Scout troop.

2015-04-10 001 002

They sold them for $1 apiece & also won an award for the “BEST DESSERT” at the event!

I just completed a really pretty & very dramatic quilt but I don’t want to share too much of it until
after I enter it into the upcoming Mutton Hill Quilt Show at the John S. Knight center.
Here is a sneak peak, though:

2015-08-02 001 001-vert collage

There is more to come…I have TONS of beautiful photos from a Pat Knegel (Eleanor Burns' sister) trunk show I attended
but this post is long enough. I'll save those for another day.

I thank each of you who have contacted me to check on how I was coping.
Some days are better than others & the weekends are still the worst.
However….I muddle on!
Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, April 06, 2015

Two Down & Ten To Go


Holidays... two down (our anniversary & his birthday)...

and ten more to go...all the rest of the year's celebrations to come, when my sweet husband will be so sadly missed.

I didn't feel much like celebrating Easter this year but decided for the sake of the grandkids, 
I needed to do something to make it special, as they miss their Poppi Ernie, too.  

2015-04-04 001 005

The cupcakes were made with Duncan Hines *Pink Velvet* cake mix (tastes like vanilla) 

and the frosting was marshmallow fluff buttercream.   
Recipe for frosting HERE  

2015-04-04 001 006

Malted milk ball eggs & some choco. bunnies, chicks & baby lambs added to the fun.

2015-04-04 001 007

I even found butter in the shape of a lamb!!!

2015-04-04 001 002

Pink Bunny Peeps in Twinkie race cars held the monogrammed pennants, which indicated where each person was to sit.

We even made one for my oldest grandson, who is away at college.  It felt strange to set the table for only 5 people instead of the usual 7.  *big sigh*

2015-04-05 001 003 

2015-04-05 001 007

2015-04-05 001 005

2015-04-05 001 008

I found it easiest to assemble the racers right ON the salad plates & to only do one side at a time. 

I used royal icing (powdered sugar & water) to attach the marshmallows, which were cut in half with scissors dipped into boiling hot water.

I found the M&M *hubcaps* stuck nicely to the cut side of the marshmallows.

2015-04-05 001 001

 2015-04-05 001 010

Colorful placemats & colored stemmed bubbles glasses added lots of spring like color to the table.

 2015-04-05 001 011

 2015-04-05 001 012

I embroidered some sport & tea towels as gifts, too.
Designs are from Applique Corner.

 2015-04-05 001 013

I liked Charlie's the best...


he's been playing indoor baseball all winter long, so it was most appropriate!

twinkie racer place cards collage

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House & letting me share my family's Easter gathering.
I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday party.