Tuesday, April 05, 2016

More of My Sewing Room

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 005 label

 I meant to post these photos last Feb. but circumstances had my blogging mojo in the pits last year.
The little wooden caddy was made for me by my Son-in-Love & for awhile, I grew herbs on the deck in it.

 The weather was taking its toll though, so my sweet hubby refinished it for me &
 now I only use it inside the house, down in my sewing room. 

Four Mason jars fit nicely & provide a source of treats...
peppermint, cinnamon, marshmallows, hot cocoa... 
to be used when visitors come to visit & sew with me in my sewing room. 

I used this metal planter to coral some flowers one year....

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 010

 but here it is doing double duty as a plate rack.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 011

You saw this little wire caddy in my last post...it holds sugar free flavorings,
to add to your coffee or tea...
Hazelnut, Vanilla, Almond, Raspberry & my favorite, Caramel!

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 013

When any of my sewing friends come to visit,
I try to serve something sweet to nibble on while we talk & sew.  
Usually it is cookies ...

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 015

  & ALWAYS some chocolate...

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 016

with a few *heart-healthy* almonds available in pretty milkglass containers, as well.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 018 labels

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 019

 I have a WIDE variety of teas available.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 020

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 021

I am always on the look-out for more interesting flavors to try, too.


sewing room cocoa, tea bar 026

I change the fabrics that cover the Mason jar tops, according to the season.
This little candle was an embroidery design done on my sewing machine.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 001

 I often just cut circles of novelty fabrics with the theme of the current season's motifs on them.


This was the set-up in my sewing room, over the Christmas holiday one year....see all the snow outside?



Cute little mugs with matching snack plates add to the winter festivities.


 Unfortunately, with our lingering cold weather, they're still appropriate in April right now!


 The mugs match the individual plates....


 & every pair is a wee bit different from the others.


I even have candles that match the appropriate seasons!


I am SOOOOO ready for Spring, though!!  
Bring on the flowers!!!!


Thank you for visiting The Gazebo House today.  
I wish you could join me for a cup of something hot & a sweet treat!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sewing Room Credenza

Recently, Lisa H. Calle, an award winning quilter, 
did a blog post & asked her readers
 to show how they stored their thread.

That reminded me that I've never shown
 my hand painted (not by me!)
 credenza in my sewing room! 

2014-08-30 001 004

This is the cabinet where I store most (not all) of my threads.

2014-08-30 001 005

I just fell in love with both the painted scrolls &
 the carvings on this piece.

2014-08-30 002 007

It looks very French to me, 
so I've tried to accent that style with
 napkins with scrolls
 & trivets with French wording
 to carry out the theme.

2014-08-30 002 009

This past year, I added a coffee/tea station 
that allows my guests to enjoy a hot cup of either while visiting.

The little rack on the left holds bottles of 
various sugar free flavorings while the
gold chest on the right contains
an assortment of teas.

I use the two shelves behind the doors to 
store my threads for the Innova longarm machine,
keeping them away from both damaging light & dust.

I tried to group them according to colors &
 get a thrill every time I open it!
Reminds me of a rainbow!

On the other side of the room, I have my tea cups & 
a few teapots on display in a wooden secretary.

I wish I were talented enough to paint it, 
but I hate to paint!  
Just not my thing!

I'm sure I've shared this little hand painted hutch 
 on the other side of the sewing room.

It is nearer the table where I sit with guests
 to enjoy a sweet treat...or two...with our tea.

It also has a few teacups & pretty
 vintage "Quban Royal" plates, 
which are trimmed in 
 14 k.  gold & have to be hand washed,
thus mostly used for display.

I am NOT going to open the bottom doors on this one.  
It needs to be straightened up first before I show it off!

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House today.  
If you're ever in the neighborhood, 
just ring the doorbell &
 I'll gladly put the kettle on!


Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Plans



Come in through the front door...I'm almost ready for Easter.
There are rabbits all over The Gazebo House!


The foyer shelf holds my Kaldun & Bogle Easter Egg trinket box, in pink & green, next to a darling porcelain bunny with a matching ribbon.


On the other side of the shelf, a second bunny sits beside a fun photo of "Bill", a beautiful golden retriever who used to ride around with his owner in their golf cart in our development in Venice, FL.  His picture brings back fond memories of our time there.


Outside, near the front walk, one very heavy stone rabbit is inspecting some white hyacinths, that are about to open.

The dining room table contains items for coffee, tea & desserts, since we're eating in the sunroom on Sunday. 

DSC_4026                                                                                                                                                            DSC_4028

Two different Easter teapots sit at the ready, awaiting a selection of various flavored teas.


Ms. C. loves English Breakfast tea the most...I prefer Irish Breakfast, but honestly there isn't much difference to me!


That is a Longaberger  egg plate in the center, that awaits the eggs I intend to dye tomorrow. 


My apothecary jar contains colorful plastic eggs, while the bunny dish has pastel malted milk balls.


I thought this pretty Fitz & Floyd Easter egg plate matched the pales shades of the candy dish & contents.


Like many other bloggers at this time of year, I'm using my Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates & bowls.


They provide such wonderful texture & they're just so perfect for SPRING!!


I have several other "cabbage" accessories that aren't made in Portugal, but still look very similar.


Peter Rabbit holds pepper & the little cabbage he is resting upon holds the salt.


The triple server awaits various condiments & accoutrements to be added Sunday morning just prior to the family's arrival after church.


This little creamer really needs a matching sugar bowl, but I have not been able to find one yet.


Of course, everybody gets a nice big solid chocolate bunny!
I already sent one back to Kenyon college with DGS#1, 
as he won't be able to come home for Easter.
The table will seem very empty without both he & Ernie eating with us.


I have some pretty pots of flowers in the sunroom windows, just waiting for it to warm up so they can go in the ground.  There are three mixed red & white dianthus plants, which should come back every year.  The blossoms look like peppermint to me!

It is risky to plant things here in Ohio before Mother's Day in May, out of fear of frost.


I always set out all the serving bowls that I think I'm going to need before the actual serving day.
I usually put little papers with the names of what I'm putting in them, so I don't forget anything.
These will be for salad & broccoli, to go with a Honey Baked Ham, buttered parsley potatoes, ambrosia salad with coconut, pineapple & colorful marshmallows & Rhodes buns (which taste EXACTLY like my Dad's homemade bread!)


The pale yellow waffle weave napkins were embroidered by me, years ago.
Sadly, I can't remember where I got the design.  I always like to give credit for the designers, as I don't digitize.


Other areas of the house have more spring-like Easter colors to brighten up the rooms.
We need it....it has been dreary~rainy~gloomy around here!
Those are hand painted Spring Carnival Ceramic baskets on either side of the fireplace mantel.

Shhhh...don't tell the kidlets, but I hid special eggs with MONEY inside each one.  
I wonder how long it will take for them to discover their treasures?


Ms. C. requested a "chocolate bunny cake" for dessert & I fully intended to make one with the Wilton bunny pan but when I went to the grocery store & saw this darling PINK BUNNY cake that came in chocolate flavor, I snatched it up, as it is much cuter than anything I could have done.


Wish you & yours a very Blessed, Happy & Healthy Easter!!