Tuesday, September 06, 2011

♪♫ A Sundress out of Peachy-Rose Fabric ♫♪


When I was working on my peach pie photos HERE

I needed a pretty tablecloth that would pick up the same colors

as the pie & the Peach Peel Jelly.

I found the perfect yardage in my sewing room stash & used it for

a backdrop in the photos.

The more I looked at it, the more I thought

it would make a really pretty nightgown for

DGD, Ms. C!

I used the same pattern as the last sundress that

I made for her, as it fit her so perfectly.

Copy of DSC_0241

The only thing I did differently was to leave off the

wide hemband & I attached

the straps in the BACK of the dress this time


then add buttons & buttonholes to fasten

them in the front.


She ♥♥♥ it & we decided that it was too pretty

to be a nightgown!

She wore it to church the very next day &

I hear that it is currently her favorite that

gets put on as soon as it comes out of the wash.


The buttons are just pinned in place for this photo,


since I had to wait to measure it on her.

Of course, I forgot to get a modeled picture,

Darn it!
I'll try to capture one next time I visit.

You’ve got to see her twirling in this one!

Since September is National Sewing Month,

I've been on a roll.

I'm working on a quilted, zip up the front vest for her,

as well as this *coffee* quilt.

You can download the free pattern for the quilt HERE.

I'll be linking to The Tablescaper's

Seasonal Sunday party.

Thanks for letting visiting The Gazebo House &

letting me share my sewing projects with you.


♥♥ Rett ♥♥


  1. DARLING!!! Love the fabric on that sweet dress! I had one daughter out of a bunch of boys and I made all of her clothes for her. She has three daughters of her own, but I don't sew anymore! I did recently pull my machine out of the mothballs. Will see.... Thanks so much for coming by!

  2. Hi rett, I saw at susans your dh is having his surgery today, wanted to let you know I am praying things go smoothly for both of you, best wishes, Jain.

  3. Rett, This is a darling dress. I love the colors and the sweetness of it. What a lucky girl!!! xo marlis

  4. Hi, Rett. Thanks soo much for visiting my first post, and your nice comments. I've been watching your posts, and now know about your little darling, as I am blessed to have one of those too :). I'd love to be able to sew beautiful dresses like this one. The fabric is perfect for the style. Really, really pretty. Shall we plan an Ohio gathering??

  5. Sweet ms. C is a very lucky girl to have such a talented grandmother. I love to see your sewing projects, Rett. You pay so much attention to detail and it shows in everything you sew. Looking forward to seeing the quilted vest you are working on.

  6. What a darling dress & such pretty, feminine fabric! That's one lucky granddaughter.

  7. Hi Rett~

    Oh my gosh, I adore this darling dress ~ the fabric is beautiful, and the style is adorable. I bet it looks so cute on your sweet granddaughter!

    Such a lucky girl to have a Gramma like you!


    P.S. Come on over to my blog when you have a minute ~ GOOD NEWS!!

  8. Hi Rett,
    So dang cute! Amazing, the two dresses really look different. I love both of them! I just bought some peaches and was thinking that I should make a pie. Yours looks amazing! Think I'll have to check it out. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Yes, you should throw a 'garden party' TOO MUCH FUN! Could not see where to follow you. Am I just missing it?

  9. Oooooh...I'm tempted to pull out my Pfaff. Perfect tablecloth and precious dress! I'll be watching for the Salmon Caesar Salad recipe. Sounds delightful. Hope all is going well. Cherry Kay

  10. Just read Jain's note. You know you are in my prayers. I'll be in touch. These dresses are so cute. Miss C is certainly in fashion. ~ sarah

  11. Of course Miss C loved this dress! She was right, it IS too pretty for a nightie. The fabric is gorgeous!

  12. Hi Rett~ Princess C is right...it IS too cute to be a nightgown! She is lucky to have such a doting, talented grandmother! Hope your DH is on the mend & surgery wasn't too serious~

  13. That is just the sweetest little dress! the fabric is so adorable. I have a 3 yr old little girl that would love that as well. I just love seeing little girls happy to wear cute dresses!

  14. Oh mercy...precious, precious little dresses!! What a beautiful job! Thanks so much for stopping by Take Six!!

  15. I love the dress also! I've thought of making one and do the straps similar.
    I love the big bow in the back. It's just hard to wear it tied sitting in a car seat. LOL
    Wish I had some of that pie!

  16. Such a pretty dress for Ms. C! Rett, I pray all goes well for Ern. Keep me posted....Bunny

  17. The dress is so pretty Rett, I can see why she loves it:@)

  18. HI RETT!!!
    OH THAT DRESS IS AMAZING, when you said Pj's, I thought the same thing, way to pretty for sleeping in!!
    I would be sewing, except, the sewing machine I borrowed, I cannot figure out how to do the bobbin thread....I have tried on 2 different occasions for over an hour each time....I Know something is wrong...with me of course!!!!

  19. Rett, I want you to be my grandmother! I'm too old???? Oh well - it was worth a try!

  20. It is beautiful! I am so glad it is used as a dress, just adorable. Love the color . What a lucky little girl!
    Now what do you make for the gsons besides cookies??? :)


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