Monday, September 19, 2011

Basil Infused Oil

I've been infusing oil with herbs for many, many years.
I remember giving a demonstration on how to do it when
I was president of the New Clevelanders group over 22 years ago!
I still have the handouts that I used.

"Mother, you never throw anything away!"
Do you get that from your kids?
You know the tone..."MOtherrr"...emphasis on the first syllable.

"Yes, DD, I have totally stopped getting rid of items, because every single time I do, I turn around & want it again later, then spend hours hunting for it, only to realize I threw it away last week."

Anyway, the infused oil does not have any preservatives in it,
so its very healthy but that also makes it very perishable.
You must refrigerate it & use it up quickly or pitch it & make fresh.

Mari, author of the beautiful blog, Once Upon a Plate,
has wonderful directions on how to make it,
so rather than me retype my handout,
just go to her recipe blog HERE to learn how.

My sweet Italian neighbor brought over some of her large leaf Italian basil for me to try.
Just look at the difference in the size of those leaves, compared to my puny, little plant!
Today, I'm going to dry basil leaves in the microwave,
per instructions from Lynn over at Happier Than A Pig In Mud
but over the weekend,
I used my neighbor's BIG leaves to make one lovely batch of infused olive oil.

Isn't that the most gorgeous color of GREEN?
I have a cardigan sweater that shade & I just love to
wear it over a black silk shell & black pants!

I'm joining Yvonne at StoneGable for
as well as Michael Lee, at Designs by Gollum for
Foodie Friday
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Please be sure to visit them as the best ideas are to be found at
these ladies blogs!
Thank YOU for stopping by The Gazebo House, too.
Another past president of my old New Clevelanders group found me through
this blog & we are planning to get together to share old photos & memories.
(maybe I'll wear my GREEN sweater)
Aren't the connections we make through blogging just amazing?
♥♥ Rett ♥♥

EDIT: to answer Donna's question below, regarding uses...
I like to drizzle it over roasted tomatoes, fish (especially good over salmon) chicken or other vegetables, such as roasted eggplant. It looks beautiful squiggled on a white plate...but be thrifty...a little goes a long way.

You can make the following dressing with it:

Balsamic Vinaigrette with Basil Infused Oil

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tsp finely chopped garlic
2 tsp finely chopped shallots
1 cup basil-infused olive oil (I use less, as I rarely make a FULL cup of it)
Salt and freshly ground pepper

1. Whisk together vinegar, garlic and shallots in a small bowl. Whisk in basil oil and season to taste with salt and pepper. It will keep up to four days refrigerated in a tightly sealed container.

Ina Garten uses it over her oven roasted red peppers.
Hope that helps!
Try'll like it!


  1. Oh Rett, If there was a blogging award for Miss Congeniality you would win it hands down. When I get a comment from you it is like getting a gift! Thank you for your always sweet, always kind , always encouraging words!
    Basil infused oil is green gold in a bottle!I LOVE basil. And have never made this great oil.
    My basil is all but gone in my garden so I will have to use store bought basil. This recipe is a must try!!!! Thanks for bringing your sweetness... and this recipe to ON THE MENU MONDAY! Bless your heart!
    xo Yvonne

  2. The basil oil looks amazing Rett, love the color! Thanks for the shout out! So glad you're going to try drying your basil, a friend just did it on Saturday and said it worked well (start at 30 second intervals until you find out how long it takes)-have fun:@)

  3. Do you like pesto? It is so wonderful and freezes beautifully.

    I have done my last basil a couple of days ago as we have gotten down to 33º and it is pretty much stripped at this point. Every year I decide next year I need to plant more basil. Its still never enough.

  4. You had me at basil!!!! I may have to break down and try that. We used to use a lemon infused oil on our salads and it was soooooo yummy! I love basil and I think your plant is beautiful!!!

  5. Oh Rett, I want to try this. Much as I love to cook, I've never infused olive oil!! I have my basil still growing, too! Wouldn't this make nice gifts? It's such a beautiful it!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. Your basil oil looks so pretty. My basil is still growing well and I've been making pesto all summer. This looks like another great way to enjoy basil. I'm just curious to know what do you like to use it for? I'm thinking maybe to marinate chicken or dress salads? I'd love to hear your ideas.

  7. Your basil infused oil looks awesome and I am heading over right now to find out how to make it. It really is the prettiest shade of green!!

  8. Oh, yum. They all sound mouthwatering!! Thanks for posting your recipe and ideas. I WILL be trying this for sure.

  9. Not only am I very interested in the infused oil, I think the application of it sounds wonderful.

    I'd feel all "Ina-ish" using it.

  10. Hi darling, what a wonderful post. I've never infused basi in oil, this recipe is a must try. thank you for sharing. hugs ~lynne~

  11. That would be amazing over garden-fresh tomatoes! I looks beautiful too. I need to get going and dry some of my basil and herbs too.

  12. That is a beautiful oil. I have bought Basil infused Olive Oil (love it drizzled over tomatoes with some of my Herbed Sea Salt from France) but it certainly didn't look like this. I am making this before I lose all my basil. Thanks for sharing this.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  13. This is outstanding. I have never ventured into making my own Infused oil. I might have to try it.
    Thanks for visiting Rett. if you like my orange leaf plates, venture out to a Ross. They still have them for $1.99 a plate. I also saw the cream ones.

  14. Basil is one of my favorites and I've never made the oi.
    Thanks much for this great recipe.
    xo bj

  15. Rett, I think this infused oil sounds tremendous! Basil is such a favorite of mine. I grew it this summer and it is still growing, despite some neglect on my part! LOL I think I should dry what is remaining just like you. :-) Luv your green photos! Are you having rain? It is a mud pit here- thank goodness they are done with the yard. I just have a few touch-ups to finish. hugs, Sue

  16. How festive all the bright beautiful pumpkins look at the top of your site. I've never had basil oil before. Pat

  17. Oh my gosh, it does look like green gold it's so beautiful. I saw the photo on Foodie Friday and had to see more for myself.

    Our basil is gone, but your recipe is a keeper for next year. I'm off now to get the details. Thanks so much. I've been searching for a way to make basil oil and thanks to you I've found it.

  18. Rett, that header is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! I adore the squirrel and the raccoon, and am smiling from ear to ear. SO cute!

    And this basil oil just looks yummy. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us. I think even kitchen-challened moi could make this, and I know I would enjoy using it.

    And thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog. It has been one unbelievable year, but the Lord is good. Plus the prayers of friends like you have helped sustain me through it. There are days, that I am so weepy, and when anyone says even "boo" to me, I cry. I just cry in front of anyone. Thankfully, we are at an age when we're not embarassed to show emotion, but it's kind of hard when you are at advisory board meetings with businesmen. LOL! All I've done all week, aside from be with Adelaide's family, is go to meeting after meeting. I don't know where they all came from or how I got involved in so much unknowingly. Suddenly, they just all converged on me like a sink full of dishes.

    I have to tell you this one thing. Last night, I babysat Adelaide's granddaughter Addie, and we had a wonderful talk about what Adelaide was doing. It's always so good to hear what little ones think, and she was so happy talking about her grandmother in Heaven who she was convinced was at a church service with her loved ones which is exactly what I was thinking! She also said Adelaide was having tea with Aunt Jackie who was her other BFF who went home to be with the Lord about ten years ago. Which got me thinking... it's getting to the point that I know more people over there than here. Well, with the exception of bloggers of which there seems to be an endless wells. Where did all of these new blogs come from??? Are there that many people in the world??? I love it!

    Love you...



  19. P.S. No pun intended about smiling from "ear" to "ear"! LOL!

  20. It looks wonderful! I have never made it. I didn't grow herbs this year. I really must try again next spring!
    I think I will buy some and try it.
    I remember Mary telling us how to do that years ago pre blogging, but I never tried it!
    Have a good weekend, and same prob here with looking for things I donated! And I keep things too, you never know when a post will need it! :)

  21. hi Rett, just discovered your blog. So fun and beautiful to look at! I will definitely copy your basil infused oil. how long can you keep it outside of the fridge?


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