Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Zip-Up Vest for Ms. C!


Boy-O-Boy, was THIS ever a challenge!

The pattern is The Little Zip-Up Vest from Favorite Things.

There are almost 30 different pieces of fabric & batting

in this one little lie!

It has Warm & Natural® quilt batting between

all the layers & is fully lined & top-stitched.

I would like to publicly thank my

Smock & Talk friend, Nicole R.

for all her help with this.

It would have been a "wadder" for sure without her

patient guidance & advice.


It really taxed my brain,

trying to remember which fabric I wanted where!

I also had to modify the pattern a wee bit,

as I could only find 18" separating zippers,

not 16" per their instructions.

I cut off 2" & sewed the zipper up to, but not including the

stand-up collar, cut the ends off &

added crimped stops after sewing bar tacks, too.


I was SO please with myself that I'd found "Daisy" flower buttons

to go with the "Daisy" floral pattern,

especially since Ms. C. was a "Daisy" Girl Scout.

When I bragged about that to her,

she promptly told me that she had moved up &

was no longer a "Daisy" but a Girl Scout "Brownie" now.

However, she told me she loved the vest "anyway".


I'm working on making her a matching lined skort...

(skirt with matching, attached shorts beneath)

and with a ruffle (hopefully!)

attached around the hemline.

She loves that kind of girly-girl look because she can

cartwheel to her hearts content & not

show too much!

However, I need to find more matching fabric & will have to call

the quilt shop in FL where I purchased this last Feb.

Wish me luck!

~~insert crossed fingers~~

I'm participating in The Tablescaper's

Seasonal Sundays

since this is a big sewing season for me.

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House &

taking the time to come see what I've been sewing.


♥♥ Rett ♥♥


  1. What a lucky young lady. This is adorable. One can easily see all of the hard work that went into it. So happy to have it be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    I can't believe your Imari story. How insensitive can people be? If she was lucky enough to have it, she should have been happy to share it with you and have the opportunity to enrich anyone's knowledge about it. It is funny how a comment like that sticks with you all of these year later.

    Love the vest!

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Just adorable Rett! How fun to be able to make cute clothes for Miss C, I'm sure she feels great wearing them! Now that you've got it down pat, do you think you could whip one up just a bit bigger??? Happy Weekend:@)

  3. How cute! I know she will be excited!

  4. Rett, this is adorable and I can surely see all the work it entailed. You did a beautiful job.

    Ms. C's tastes seem to be similar to Sophie's. On my last visit she told me with of her 6 years of wisdom,"I don't like clothes that are sassy or trashy. I like to look sweet." Big eye roll........

  5. Rett, that is just precious! I just love it. And if I can help you with the Florida fabric, let me know. I'm all over the place, and if I get in that direction (not sure where you were), I might be able to help.



  6. As a seamstress, myself, I can see all the detail you put into this darling little vest! It is just precious!!!!! What a lucky, little lady to receive such a special gift.

  7. Rett, that is the cutest little are so talented!

  8. That is one cute vest!!! I'm sure your granddaughter will just love wearing it.

  9. Wow! That's crazy, but it is beautiful.
    I can see why she would need a warm vest with your cold winters.

  10. Rett, Your sweet miss C will be darling in this lovely vest. You can see how beautifully made it is! I love the coordinating fabric and sweet little pink daisy buttons!

    You are amazing... and talented... and sweet!
    xo Yvonne

  11. That little vest will be perfect on Miss C with her dark hair. I bet she loves it! Can't wait to see the whole outfit all together! Now, you get to make the easy part. LOL

  12. Rett, the vest is so cute and I bet Ms. C loves it. Is there anything you can not do???? I haven't had the sewing machine out in years (wonder what closet it is in?) and wouldn't know where to start! You go girl!!!!!

  13. Making little girl clothes often seems to be more of a challenge than we anticipate, but your project looks like it turned out great and will make someone very happy.

  14. That is so cute! Congratulations to Miss C for moving on up to Brownie status!

  15. OH wow! I have no idea what you said, I glazed over about matching 99 pieces and zippers and such! :)
    You are sooo sew talented! I love it!
    Very girly!


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