Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Decorating


(Hurricane glass from Bombay Store, now closed)

It has really taken me a long time to get

my autumn decorations up around The Gazebo House.

I think I develop SAD once the days start to shorten &

the cloudy, cold, rainy days arrive in Ohio.


I've struggled to get my fireplace mantle decorated to suit me.

I've moved things around all week & I'm still not happy.

I just don't seem to have the "knack" for this that others have.

I can EASILY do CPR on you, insert an IV, intubate you or even

open your windpipe with a ballpoint pen in an emergency,

pack a wound or change a sterile dressing but

when it comes to this interior design stuff,

I'm often stumped!


(cloche from T.J. Maxx, tea caddy from Bombay)

However, I CAN copy from the best!

Shelia, owner of the delightful blog,


inspired me to put my bell jar cloche on top of my wooden tea caddy.


(cake stand from Tues. Morning)

It was also Shelia's idea to add some color to the inside of our crystal domed cake plates.

This little touch of color, peeking through, really balances the other side of the table.


A few more touches of autumn around the house.



(Black & white stuffed pumpkins from Target, last year)


(star shaped candy dishes from Dollar Store, last year)


(pumpkin & leaf plates from Wal-Mart, last year)





I got this idea last year, to put these little pumpkins up

on this high window at our front entrance

from Yvonne at StoneGable.

She has some of the BEST ideas!

I got the inspirations to do my black urns this way from

Lynne at Lynnes Gifts from the Heart

when she

featured the tour of Mary Carol's Nell Hill.

What an awesome tour!


I'm joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for her

Tabletop Tuesday

as well as The Tablescaper for her

Seasonal Sundays

Thank you to ALL these ladies, for showing us so many ways to beautify our homes.

Now I'm off to fuss a bit more with that mantle!

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House

♥♥ Rett ♥♥


  1. OMGosh, Rhett.....are you kidding me? You do FALL as well as anyone I know.
    You might know I sucked my breath in so hard, I nearly got strangled when I saw the black and white pumpkins.
    Sooo cute. Did you make those cuties?
    And I am going to the store today to buy white beans and candy corn and green dry peas and.......:)))

    You can order the beignet mix online and not sure about the bread. Just google.

  2. oops, sorry...I misspelled your name.

  3. That's okay, BJ...I get "Rhett" all the time! LOL

    The stuffed black & white pumpkins came from Target, last year. Mary, from Decorating Dreamer has 'em, too. We're both going to look for some for you. You NEED to have some!!!

  4. Well, I'd say you definitely pulled off some great autumnal decorating. It looks wonderful as always.

    I hear you on the SAD. I hate this time of year because it leads to a time of year I detest. Does that make sense? I think you get it. I find a need a push and a shove to get things done once the days start getting grayer and shorter. Put me in the warm sun, any day, please!

  5. Things look so pretty. And I love the mix of beans and candy etc. Great idea.

  6. Hi Rett...

    Ohhhh my goodness, Rett...your home is absolutely gorgeous all dressed up in its autumn frocks! I sooo enjoyed getting a tour around your beautiful home, my dear! Sheeeshh...you really can't be serious??? You do some of the most beautiful things in the way of decor and tablescapes in all of blogland! And...your photos are just "drop-dead" gorgeous as well!

    I really loved how you layered all the dried beans, legumes, etc. in your hurricanes! That really is sooo pretty! And...I also love your little black and white checked pumpkins...oooh, and the pretty plate with the matching ribbon! Love, love, LOVE THAT!!! My dear, your mantel is gorgeous! Wowzer...what a fabulous view you have there too! One other thing...before I close this book (hehe!)...your autumn porch is one of the prettiest that I've seen! It's sooo beautiful and I bet that all who enter in...just oooh and aaah! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous home with us, Rett! I loved each and every part!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. Rett...you did a wonderful job!! I feel the same way you do most of the time...I think there are so many ideas swirling around us! Your apothecary jars and cloches are very cute and you definitely have the fall colors going! Very well done!!


  8. Oh, my goodness. If you feel that you haven't done much, you sure don't want to see my house! Your decor is wonderful. I couldn't use candy for decor, because my hubby would eat it within an hour.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  9. Copy schmopy!! I think you do a fantastic job! I love all the sweet touches especially the beans in the candlestick holders! So pretty!!!

  10. Hi Rett! Oh, you're amazing and I am so flattered you would say I inspired you but I don't think you need any help! Everything looks wonderful!! :)
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Love how your hurricane turned out with the beans! Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know you were there!

  12. Girl.. are you serious??? You did a fabulous job. I love all your fall decor. I'm with BJ bout lost it when I saw those adorable black and white pumpkins.. may have to see if the daughter can pick some up for me... Your first picture is awesome.. may have to borrow that.
    Thank you so much for the mention... hugs ~lynne~

  13. OOPS I forgot, I went to my pininterest and it did say Kate.. got that changed not sure why it was wrong. You are a dolly... hugs ~lynne~

  14. Your decorations look great Rett! Lovin' the candles with dried beans, etc. I'd say you're ready for fall-enjoy:@)

  15. Hi Rett,

    I think you do a marvelous job! I still haven't gotten around to doing mine.
    I'll be taking some ideas from you - definitely!

  16. I didn't read what the others wrote, but I am sure they are asking if you are kidding! It looks very inspired to me, it looks perfect.
    And oh cwap, please don't stick a pen in my neck, I promise I will be good!

  17. You don't give yourself enough credit because the decorating you've done so far is beautiful. I love the cloche and the cnadle holder filled with beans. I remember those pumpkin plates at Wal-mart last year and wanted them, but decided I didn't "need" them since they'd be stored away the rest of the year. Kinda wish I'd given in when I see howpretty they are in your house!

    I certainly understand what you mean about the weather. It's getting darker earlier here, which is always kind of a downer, but at least we aren't dealing with that h-e-a-t we had this summer. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  18. Hi Rett!

    Gazebo House looks wonderful! You've gotten much further than I have. My boxes are still stacked in the dining room.

    Happy Autumn! La

  19. I'm exactly like you in that I feel inept at the decorating. And just like you, I get some of my best ideas from blogland.

    Love what you've done. In fact, that cake dish idea is downright inspiring!

  20. You always do a wonderful, beautiful job of decorating, Rett. I'm often a bit envious of how perfectly you combine many elements into one inspiring picture. The entrance to your home is wonderful and I love the little pumpkins above the door.

  21. Rett,

    Personally, I think you are spot on in your decorating. Everything is just absolutely gorgeous. Now I'm gonna take some of your ideas and "tweak" some things!

    Thanks for your visit to Shadymont and leaving such a sweet note.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  22. Excuse me....but I can hardly believe you're faltering here! You're the woman of many talents, and you've again proven that with this post! :) You're so kind to mention the sources for some of your ideas--there really is no such thing as a completely original idea, is there? So it's so nice to give credit where credit is due. However, you've certainly given me some good ones too--like the hurricane with split peas, kidney beans, etc. You know how I love my hurricanes...I'll remember that idea came from you not if, but when I do that! Your house looks beautiful! What a great view of the gazebo!

    Thanks for stopping by my pre-wedding dinner party and your sweet comments. It was a really special evening.

  23. E-gads, give me a break! Can't decorate? You? Please! You should see my house. Only the dust changes from season to season. Seriously......oh, and I do get a fake pumpkin up from the basement too this time of year.

  24. Rett:

    It's hard to believe it doesn't come easy to you because you do an amazing job! Everything looks spectacular. So happy to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  25. You can really open someone's windpipe with a ball point pen??....impressive...and so is your decorating skills ......who cares if you copied them from other blogs....I love the beans in the jars....I get ALL of my ideas from other people....and that's why we all love blogging!!

  26. I imagine that a certain young granddaughter loves to come over during this season - so much to see...and a big bowl full of goodies!

  27. Looks like you are doing a lot better than I am! I love stuffed pumpkins. I have seen some on blogs that people have made. I would love to try some. My black urns still have sick looking summer flowers in them. You motivate me just now I have to make the time!!!

  28. Hi Rett, Your autumn decor is beautiful inside and out! Love the urns with the pumpkins and the little pumpkins on top of the door frame! Even though yu say it was hard for you, your decorating came out just great! Don't sell your talents short!
    Hugs, Beth

  29. Hi Rett, Your autumn decor is beautiful inside and out! Love the urns with the pumpkins and the little pumpkins on top of the door frame! Even though yu say it was hard for you, your decorating came out just great! Don't sell your talents short!
    Hugs, Beth

  30. Hey, Rett...I was just over at Kathleen's and saw your comments re: Pinterest and pirating and the whole nine yards. I agree with your assessment of the whole tawdry situation. I hate having to slap that watermark over my hardearned work, too, but it's better to make it harder for the pirates rather than just hand it over to them. Ugh! Makes me sick!!! Sorry to be a Debby Downer!

  31. Hi Rett~ Your front porch is definitely inspiring! I'm WAY behind in the fall decorating department partly due to our long lasting summer~ I did make it to the garden center yesterday for some pumpkins & fall color inspiration! I had to chuckle at your proficiency with a ball point pen~ I'll never look at one the same way again :)

  32. Hi Rett:
    LOVE what you've done for fall! The pumpkin dishes are so cute, and I love the leafy ones on the wall, too.
    Love that you shared the idea for the pumpkins on your front porch. I might even try some of them here on my front lanai.
    Happy Weekend, girlfriend.

  33. Rett,
    Lovely job. I don't get to do much fall decorating because we get ready to go back. I will get busy on Thanksgiving as soon as we get back. Some fall stuff will be in with it.

  34. Hi Rett...you outside decor is gorgeous. I remember those Target pumpkins last year! They don't have anything out cute this year...at least not at my Target. Don't worry, a LOT of US decorate by using someone else's idea...greatest form of flattery!!

  35. OMG, Rett, everything you did is fabulous! You've done a beautiful FALL look all over your lovely house better, or just as magazine worth! You're to critical of yourself too fast! I love the cloch, the b&w pumpkins are awesome, the line of small pumpkins aoutside, actually, everything isjust great! Thank you for your generous and lovely visit... my daughters do fight for grandma's beadspread, I don't know what to do as is just one! Have a sweet Sunday lovely lady. FABBY

  36. Oh, I just don't like anything I've tried for autumn at the entrance, at the mantel, etc. I hope I'm inspired soon like you!
    Love, FABBY

  37. Rett, all your Fall decorating is just terrific. I really love the use of dried peas and candy corn in the candle holders. Too much fun!

  38. I'm feeling so behind just looking at all your beautiful fall decorations! I better get off this computer and get to work! You've put me to shame! Gorgeous fall decorations!!

  39. Rett, I would take your lifesaving skills over decorating any day... but I see I don't have to. Your Autumn dressed up home is just beautiful! I love your porch!!!!! I have gotten much inspiration for YOU dear friend! Thanks for the kind shout-out!
    xo Yvonne

  40. Rett, for someone who's stumped you sure did an amazing job with this and with all of your tablescapes and all of your sewing projects! I think you did a SUPER job!




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