Monday, September 26, 2011

How do YOU spell "Chile"?


I spell it "YUMMO"!

as in this Green Chile Chicken Casserole

(link above is to my HALF version recipe)

Pat, author of the beautiful blog,

Gypsy Heart

posted the recipe for this very flavorful &

BIG dish of

Green Chile Chicken Casserole

at Yvonne's StoneGable

On The Menu Monday

I made it that very same night, since I just

happened to have all the ingredients on hand.

I love it when that happens!


As you can see, I used a ROUND casserole dish

figuring the tortillas would fit down inside nicely.

I used the "soft taco" sized

6" tortillas & they were perfect.

(10 in a pack by Aztec)

I also cut the recipe in HALF,

(except for the chilies, onion, cumin & garlic!)

as there were only 2 of us for dinner that night.

It was Soooo good, we had it for lunch the

following day, but would have gladly eaten

it for dinner again, if there had been more.


My only other change to Pat's recipe was to add some

crushed Frito® chips to the top during the

last few minutes of cooking,

just for some extra crunch.

Oh...and in case you're interested,

I found this information on the net about the spelling:

The Oxford English Dictionary refers to the word "chilli" as the primary spelling.

This was the original translation of the Aztec word for the plant.

Dr. Francisco Hernandez studied the flora and fauna of Mexico from 1570 to 1577.

After returning to Spain he produced a number of books identifying the local plants and animals of Spain.

Hernandez translated the native name of a spice called by the locals “chee yee” as “chilli” with two L's.

At some point in time the Spanish speakers in Mexico changed the named to “chile”.

Today, the two common variations of chilli are ‘chile’ and ‘chili’.

The variant ‘chile’ is used mainly in Mexico and ‘chili’ is used extensively in the United States, especially in California and Texas.

I'll share this recipe again with Yvonne at StoneGable for

On The Menu Monday

along with The Tablescaper for her

Seasonal Sundays &

Michael Lee at Designs by Gollum

for Foodie Friday.

My 3 most favorite cooking memes of the entire week!

Thanks Ladies, for hosting each week &

thank YOU for visiting me at The Gazebo House!



  1. This sounds perfect for dinner tonight. Yum!

  2. Looks like a great dinner Rett! There are so many good recipes in Blogland to try:@)

  3. Okay, okay, another recipe I printed off of your blog. It looks so yummy! Right up my alley with lots of carbs! LOL Guess I better start my shopping list.

  4. My husband is going to love this recipe...thanks for sharing, Rett! I happen to have everything on hand, too...

  5. I just printed the recipe & want to try it soon! I think I have everything to get started!! YUM!!

  6. Oh, I love green chiles, and with the rain we've had in MD. a pefect dish for when I get home from work - cuddle up with my Kindle and chill...chile too. LOL, Jennifer

  7. Rett, Thanks for sharing this great casserole. ANYTHING with fritos on it must be scrumptious! I think I need to make this!

  8. Oh my gosh, this looks soooo good! LOL! To me Chile is the country next to Argentina, chili is a spicy beef and bean stew, and chilly is when it feels cold. ;-)

  9. Looks delicious! My Irish can't take spicy, is it mild?

  10. Delicious. I just printed the recipe and want to try it soon! I think it will be best dish to eat every breakfast and dinner.

  11. Well, Rett, you know this New Mexico girl spells it the traditional way- chile! I use authentic NM chiles to cook my traditional NM dishes. I have to have fresh green chiles sent to me in Sept. and I find ground red chile powder at Jungle Jim's in Cincy when I run out of my supply of dried red chile pods. I like spicy flavor, not mouth burning chile like habaneros. Who can enjoy those? LOL
    Hope you are enjoying our lovely Oh. fall weather! hugs, Sue


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