Saturday, October 02, 2010

Scenes of Autumn in Ohio


I'm FINALLY seeing a break in the

crazy schedule around here!

I've been helping to care for my three

grandchildren while

my daughter & her husband were away.


The logistics of getting everyone to their band practice, piano,

oboe, dance, after school tutoring in math

& swim lessons as well as

Daisy (Girl Scouts) meetings was a real challenge!


We got to attend their high school’s

first home game

& watch my DGS#1 march in the band.

Autumn in the development

We enjoyed a wonderfully cool, crisp evening.

Our trees are rapidly changing colors with

the cooler temperatures now.

Autumn in the neighborhood

I’ve decided to let these black-eyed Susan’s go to seed

rather than cut them back.

I’ve been told the birds enjoy them

throughout the winter.

Black-eyed Susans

I still have to pull up all the tomato plants &

bring in the lawn furniture from the deck & gazebo.

It always makes me sad to close it up for the winter

but soon we'll put our little Christmas tree out in it

and that will cheer me up.

These cloudy, overcast skies make me want to curl up

under a quilt with a mug of hot cocoa.


Some autumn scenes from around our town.

I was able to put out some of my fall decor yesterday.


Oh & my Morning Glories finally bloomed!

Thanks for all the advice to

STOP fertilizing really helped!

Front door wreath sparkle DSC_0173

We took the kids to visit a local corn maze

to buy some pumpkins & apple butter.


I carefully explained to 6 yr. old Caroline how they

made apple butter by peeling & coring & cooking it down

with sugar & cinnamon till it was nice & thick.

When I asked her if she wanted to try some on her

toast the following morning, she looks at me with

her sweet innocent face & said,

"Not on your life!"


She's a very picky eater.










I LOVE Fall so much...

I'm not sure who had more fun

me or the kids!




I turned the car around on a country road

to capture these pictures with my old camera that I keep in my car.


"There is no season when such pleasant and

sunny spots may be lighted on

and produce so pleasant an effect on

the feelings, as now in October."

- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House.

I hope to be able to show you some inside decorations next week.

Right now, I need a Nap!



  1. Lovely, you make me tired too!

  2. I bet you need a nap! Our 4 are 9 and under so we get to do some diaper changing too! I am always exhausted!
    Those are fabulous pics! Today is the first Fall like day here, it has been so warm! Not inspired to sweat getting out the pumpkins! :)
    Thanks for the tour, it was great!

  3. Hi Rett - it's good to hear from you - I was just recently thinking about you. Your photos of your town are lovely - you live in such a pretty place. Today I'm going to bring some autumn notes to the house decor and your post will be my inspiration. Lucky you to have some time with the grands!! You'll be glad of the peace and quiet when you're finished, but the memories of the fun you've had will stay with you (and the grands) forever.

  4. Go take a nap! After the week you put in last week, you need one! Gorgeous pictures again......Wow!

  5. Sounds like a busy and really fun week. Your pictures are wonderful. I love looking at all the scenes of fall. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  6. I enjoyed your post so much today. I can't wait for the Fall colors to come to our area. We're just glad not to have 90 degree days until next year. The stuffed squirrel is so cute. (much cuter than the family of squirrels who think they own our yard.)

  7. I wish I could jump right through the computer and come visit you....your neighborhood is lovely...and such beautiful Fall color!!

  8. Rett, its great to see what you've been up to. The corn maze must be a fun activity. Did you get lost?
    As always your photography is stunning. Love seeing some fall color. We don't get much of that here in TX. I haven't pull out any decorations as yet, but hope to do that this weekend. Guess I better get organized if it's going to happy THIS weekend. ;-)
    Sending hugs ~ Sarah

  9. Beautiful pictures, especially the morning glories...gorgeous!
    Have fun with the grands, they grow up all too fast.

  10. Love all your beautiful scenery pictures of ohio. I am hoping to get down this fall to see my brother who lives in Wooster, ohio...I grew up in Ohio and lived there until I married.. Amish country in Holmes county is a favorite of mine.

  11. What a wonderful post, you have been very busy. The morning glories look wonderful, love the blue colour. Take care and rest this weekend.

  12. I enjoyed looking at all the lovely pictures, Rett. Your trees are beautiful! Ours have not changed in color yet. It just started getting cooler at nights. I love your front entry. It is so inviting....Christine

  13. Caroline is so funny!!!! I don't know how you did it, keeping two of mine just for a few hours wears me OUT!!!!
    Loved looking at all your fall photos!!1 Just gorgeous!!

  14. I love Fall too and enjoyed all your lovely photos, Rett. The architecture where you live is so beautiful, very different than styles here in the Pacific Northwest.

    I sympathize with how pooped you were after watching after grandkids. Ours are 5 and 7 and can completely do me in with no apparent effort on their part.

  15. Hey Rett, Apparently it's a little cooler up there, 'cause we have no changing trees down in SW Ohio yet! A lot of the leaves have just dropped because it's been so hot and dry. I don't expect a pretty and colorful fall. :-(
    Hope all is well- just take some time to recover from all the activity! LOL Wore ya out, girl... I'm off on a little trip by myself on Thursday, so I'm busy getting ready. I hate ironing!
    hugs, Sue

  16. It is a beautiful time of year. Today was clear blue and crispy out, just perfect. However, we are recuperating from massive rains. For the first time ever we had water in the basement so we have to deal with that. Thanks for the glorious pictures.

  17. I enjoyed your entire post, but I really laughed when you said "I need a nap!" I'm a big napper, too. My motto is: "Work slow and take lots of breaks!" Thank you for sharing the lovely pics of your town and for stopping by my post. Come visit any time. Cherry Kay

  18. Your morning glories and fall decor on the porch is glorious! Loved seeing the photos of your town too. Enjoy the grandkids - I know you do.
    Hugs, Beth

  19. Love, love, love your pictures of fall. You take such good pictures!! You have really been busy...all fun stuff though. I am also very late in thanking you for your computer help. I have yet to have a minute to "practice", but I intend to and will "holler" if I need more help. You were so sweet to help and I really appreciate it!!

  20. HI RETT!!!
    I so enjoyed your fall tour!!!!
    it is cooling down here, got so much rain here today, some parts of town got LOTS OF golf ball size hail!!!!
    Lots of rian in some parts, us slow and steady and at some points lots, but nothing like some got.
    I love your fall decor as well, I would love apple butter!!!
    I understand picky eaters though!!
    Enjoy your crisp cool fall days!!
    we shall be there soon

  21. Oh, Rett! What fun! Loved it all. Your fall decorations and the ones at that farm are so much fun, the town is pretty, and the morning glories are knock-out! Loved seeing this. Glad you survived your routine. It made me tired reading it, but I know it was a special time spent with those you love best.


    Sheila :-)

  22. Whew~ I need a nap just reading about all the activities! Your fall decor & scenes around town are lovely~ Your Morning Glories are Glorious :-)

  23. You are looking very fallish both and home and around the town. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.


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