Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Decorations

Just a few shots from around the house.

I painted the butternut squash myself!!

See, Kim? I CAN paint like you... a wee bit. LOL




I'd like to state that I had these black & white checked ribbons on waaaaay

before I ever saw Yvonne's darling postings with them.

I did NOT copy from her, honest...we just think alike.


I keep my Lladro nurse up high on the mantle,

just to keep her safe.

I took a second photo with the flash on,

just to see how the beaded pumpkins change with the light.



What a miserable, yucky, dreary rainy day!


A good day to light some fragrant candles & curl up with a good book.



Excuse me while I go find some Windex to clean that cylinder...

why is it I never notice stuff like that until the photo is posted &

I can't retake it because it is pitch black out at the moment?

Also showing off a little machine embroidered shirt I just finished for Ms. C.

I have more Halloween items to get out but have been a bit under the weather

so running the stairs, carrying boxes was out of the question.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you return to visit soon.




  1. I'll tell ya Rett, even a nasty dreary day looks uplifting with the shots you took through the window that included the gazebo. I love your decorating style, we do have similar styles and that shirt is just too much fun. I know if I keep visiting your blog I'm gonna have to upgrade my machine. Your work is fabulous, thanks for starting my day with such nice eye candy blog.

  2. Rett, I love your decorations and you did better than me painting that. I don't do art work! I love the rain shots. Makes me want to curl up under a throw.
    I don't have a recipe for the stew. My mom picked the food up from a barbeque place and brought it. So sorry.

  3. It may be yucky outside, Rett, but inside your home it is cozy, warm and inviting. I always look forward to your sewing projects.

  4. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful home, Rett!! Even on a cool, rainy day! The gazebo outside the window looks awesome! And you certainly look ready for all your touches!


  5. Hello Rett:

    I enjoyed your visit and your humor. Although Ms.Cuisine and I do enjoy our visits, they're not often enough.

    So hope you're feeling better. I love that hurricane with the etching - and I for one didn't notice the smudges until you mentioned them.

    Love how you took the shots at different times.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Your pictures look so wonderful -I love seeing the rain and the candles lit -I love your nurse too

  7. Rett, I love all your fall decorations, even with the rain splashing on the window - LOVE the gazebo in the background! My mother in law also collects Lladro figurines - love your nurse!
    I also love the shirt you machine embroidered for Miss C - it's tooooo cute!

  8. It maybe dreary outside but your home decor is warm and cozy. It looks so lovely. Just love the Halloween T-shirt. Take care.

  9. hope you get back to your self soon!!

    adorable halloween shirt- so cute with the fluffy, black trim. glad that you are still sewing for C.

    enjoyed seeing your fall accents to your home- pretty indeed- curling up with a good book sounds heavenly

  10. Fall is looking lovely at the Gazebo House! Everything looks wonderful - love your pumpkin collection. Thanks for your sweet visit to my Halloween party table.

  11. It's all so festive, the scariest way, of course!
    I love the shirt with the witch's boots and the happy little squash ghost. Our rain must have leaked its way down to your because we're having lovely sunny weather up here.

  12. Fun, Rett, and your home always looks lovely. The through-the-windows-in-the-rain pictures with the gazebo in the background are very dramatic! I wish it would rain here -- we need it so badly!

    I know exactly what you mean about photos showing flaws we can't seem to see with our own critical eyes. Usually I just let it go and hope nobody else focuses on the problem area.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the day-making comment for me.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Warmest wishes ...

  13. You must be getting the rain we so clearly lack. I bet it hasn't rained here in weeks. Your house looks lovely (again) as per usual. I put my fake pumpkin up and that's it. E-gads. I just remembered I have a witch for the front door that I have forgotten til now. Thanks for reminding me.

  14. ...looks like Fall to me! You have decorated your home so lovely! Cute butternut squash too!

    I am having a "double-the-fun" giveaway...something for a little one and something for you! Stop on by to join the fun if you get a chance! I enjoyed my visit today! :)

  15. Rett, It all looks festive. I've used the black and white check ribbon at Halloween for years. Great minds! ;-)

    Now sure why but this post just now showed up for me. Sorry to be so late. Rain ~ wish we would get some.
    ~ Sarah

  16. Your home looks lovely, and I love the shirt you made for Caroline. You are so talented! The shots of the rain are just wonderful and make me want to curl up with a good book. We need some rainy days!

    Happy Fall!

  17. Hey, Rett!

    I think you did a marvelous job on your pumpkins. Your house is all ready for the season and looks wonderful! And the rainy shots are neat. And that shirt is too, too perfect! You are so talented, lady.

    I also wanted to say that I hope your husband's stone situation is resolved. Mr. Magpie has had these since he was in his early twenties, and it has been a bear. This last one was the worst out of all the years I've been amublance driver and nurse to that man, both for him and for me. But he has finally turned that corner for which I give thanks to the Lord!

    Sending you big hugs and hoping your weather brings you sunny skies soon.


    Sheila :-)

  18. Hi Rhett! Everything looks fabulous! I love the photo of the gazebo through the rainy window! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie


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