Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recent Sewing Projects


I recently completed a few sewing projects &

took them over to my daughter's home to

photograph them on my granddaughter, Ms. C.

DSC_0134 shadow frame

I couldn't resist capturing a few shots

of her on their front porch with all the

pretty autumn decorations, too.


This machine embroidered sweatshirt, below,

turned out to be too big on Ms. C.

even though I cut off the bottom ribbing &

added the shorter ruffle & trims.

I'm tucking it away for next year.


Here she is, modeling it.

DSC_0154 cropped

I've decided not to show her face on my blog anymore.

Makes me sad but there are just too many creeps out there &

photographs, even with "right click disabled"

(which I have NOT been able to figure out how to do!)

can still be stolen.

Especially since I just learned that one of the sponsors of a popular

machine embroidery site has been running pornography sites

in his secret access back rooms!

I don't want her picture to end up on some slime-ball's

ceiling or a prison wall someplace.


Back to the sewing....the little knit dress, below, was an experiment with knits.


I took a vintage Kwik Sew tee-shirt pattern, (#307) &

cut off the pattern about 4" below the armpits.

I then gathered & serged a full width of fabric onto the bottom for the skirt.

Black interlock knit was used to finish the neckline & sleeves.

The black grosgrain ribbon is sewn into the side seams &

topstitched across the front only,

(per my sewing mentor, Carol's suggestion)

so that the back of the dress still had some stretch to it.

The bow is sewn together but then pinned on from the inside

with just a safety pin so it can be removed for laundry.

The ends of the ribbon were heat sealed with a flame to prevent fraying.

DSC_0157 cropped

She loves this dress as it is very soft & comfy.

She is able to move freely in it & immediately started in with the cartwheels & splits.

She is going to be a cheerleader, I just know it!


This last little project is another attempt to master the "Cotton Theory" of quilting.

It is the first project in Betty Cotton's first book...a simple trivet.

It took me ALL AFTERNOON!!!!!!

Double batting is used inside the first square for insulation &

each section around it has its own separate section of batting,

cut 1" smaller all around than the top fabric.

Reverse side:


You use a 1" seam allowance & fold the sections over themselves to make

flanges & topstitch with decorative stitches to finish the quilting.

I must say, I'm not thrilled with the method &

I can't see myself doing an entire quilt this way

but I'm glad I finally figured out how to do it!

Thanks for stopping by the Gazebo House!

I'll have more autumn photos to share soon.

I missed the colors of this season so much when we lived in FL

that I want to capture & hold them forever.




  1. You have been busy! Sweet Caroline is so fortunate to have you as her grandmother. She is most likely the best dressed little girl in her class. I know she loves wearing the fun outfits you make for her.
    I finally pulled the Halloween decorations down from the attic. Things are beginning to look like fall around here. ;-)
    Have a great day! ~ Sarah

  2. What pretty things!
    I quite understand your reluctance to post photos of your sweet granddaughter on your site - I've decided the same thing regarding my wee grandsons. It's too bad, isn't it - but better to be safe!

  3. Wow! You have been busy! I love the pink and black dress. That would be super comfy for oh, say, and adult!! I have worried about posting Jemma's pictures also, but have continued to do so because this is a link for our family. I am going to try to learn how to do the right click thing. I figured that there is just as much chance of a predator sitting in the woods behind her preschool taking pictures of kids as there is someone finding my blog. I know I am probably deluding myself, but who knows in this crazy world. I think it is just so sad...

  4. Everything you make turns out beautiful, Rett. How lucky Caroline is!!

    I am loving your daughter's porch! It's so festive. She definitely has fall going on. I'm still working on the outside of my house. If only the squirrels would stay away!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  5. Love that cute little t-shirt dress! I may have to try that. You have been quite busy. Love that cute little sweatshirt. And you are ahead for next year!

  6. The porches all look so warm and welcoming! I adore the penguin, and it will be just as cute next year! So glad you had fun creating for sweet Caroline. Thanks for sharing the joy -- which can still be seen even without showing her face. There is so much good, and unfortunately bad, when it comes to the internet.
    The trivet is so pretty, but I can relate to the time involved. For some reason, I can whip up a little dress faster than some quick quilting projects!

  7. So cute! I just love the sweatshirt with the ruffled bottom. Heck! I want one of those! It is a shame there are so many pervs out there! I can certainly understand you wanting to take more caution. Thank you so much for sharing all your creations with us, you are so talented!

  8. good to see you are sewing some!! adorable knit dress.

    i understand your hesistancy over showing your sweetie's face-

  9. Such cute things that you made. So sorry we can't see her pretty face anymore, but I do understand your concern.

  10. Your daughter's home is lovely, Rett. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you know!

    I also am very guarded about my grandchildren's pics. Sometimes I will show them from the back at a distance or some other sort of camouflage. And so many people ask to see the outfit on the babes, but I just don't do it. That is pretty stunning information about the back room porn. They are out there.

  11. Rett,
    You are so talented!!! I would love to have the pink with black polka dot dress myself... is looks so comfy and adorable.
    I'm saddend but totally am on board with you about darling Caroline! It was so much fun to see her grow. But safety, always first!
    I love the pillows! Did you make them. I am changing my outdoor decor to black, grey, white and that bright lime green. Do you use Sunbrella or other outdoor safe fabrics.
    YOur daughter's home is beautiful!
    What a lovely stop, my friend!

  12. I love your projects Rett, I hope to have a little grand baby to sew for someday.

    That sweatshirt with the ruffled bottom is just darling, what type of sewing machine do you have if I might ask?

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. I fully understand your reluctance to show your granddaughter any longer on your blog. I have been much more careful about showing my grandson on mine. The outfits you made are so darling, and your daughter has a beautiful home.

  14. You have a very lucky granddaughter...she is like a little fashion model with all the cute things you make her. I hate it that we even have to think of those creeps and what they can do with internet photos. It is just a sick world in many ways.

  15. Wow, so impressed with your sewing skills! I love all of the precious clothes you've made for your beautiful granddaughter (she's styling, for sure)! Thanks for sharing (and thanks for your kind (and funny) note about my sitting room re-do. Now, go find that jute! lol Take care, Becca

  16. Hi,
    Just checking to see if you have your kitchen featured for Sheila's party!

    Looks like you are still having fun at the sewing machine! Great designs!



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