Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Preparations


Its a ....

♫♫*Beautiful day in the neighborhood, the neighborhood..." ♫♫


We're getting ready for the family to visit after Sunday Mass.

Homemade waffles, bacon & eggs are on the menu.


Coffee, tea & doughnuts, too! This guy looks a little squished.

Probably because THIS guy....


was sitting on top of him in the box!

I'm sure they will both get eaten anyway.


I tried to make Jack-O-Lantern faces on some orange colored Hostess Snowballs.

You can't poked things into them very easily. They're just too soft!

I had to use a cocktail fork to get to the sticky marshmallow centers


This wasn't a huge success. They can't all be show-stoppers, I guess.

Knowing the grandkidlets, the chocolate covered raisins won't be on there

very long, anyway.


We're hoping for a clear & starry night that isn't too cold or wet.

I made Caroline's Ariel costume & even made a flesh-colored long sleeved

top for her to wear under it, but she will need something warm

beneath that.

She wanted to be Ariel &

also asked if I could make her American girl doll a matching costume.

(modeled on my 18" Target doll who lives at my house)


Hope you get lots of Treats & no Tricks at your house tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House & a special "thanks" to Yvonne at StoneGable for the idea of putting little pumpkins above the door. We've lived in this new house 5 years & I never even noticed that shelf up there.


  1. Thanks for the kind mention. YOu are so talented. Little Caroline must be thrilled!!!!
    What little princess would not want to be Ariel?
    Fabulous, dahling!

  2. Rett, Caloline's outfit looks amazing. You are one talented grandmother. Clever design for the fins. ;-)

    Your goodies look tasty. Have a Happy Halloween! ~ Sarah

  3. Oh those costumes are SOOOOO cute!! I'll be making some doll clothes for the American Girl dolls my girls have here for Christmas. I have not made doll clothes in years!! Sounds like fun!! Enjoy!

  4. Looks like your home will be a festive place to be for the family. I made AG doll costumes last year to match my grands. This year only one grand wanted costumes for her dolls (yep 2 of them). It's fun.

  5. It looks like Halloween is popping up all over the place at your house!! I love it. And Caroline's costume is just adorable!! I made an Ariel cake for my daughter's birthday one year. It is not easy to do her in icing but it came out pretty good!!

    Happy Halloween!


  6. Adorable outfits! One of my favorite memories is Ma making me pajamas and then a matching set for my Barbie! Have a great time tomorrow:@)

  7. The pumpkins are so cute up there...and wow, you did a great job on the costume!

  8. Happy Halloween!!! I love those pumpkins above the door! How clever is that?!? Caroline's costume is adorable! You are one talented lady. Jemma is going to be a Renaissance princess! I can't wait! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Love what you did with the little pumpkins. I have seen people up here do the same with apples. Very pretty.

    Caroline's costume is wonderful. Surely there's not a kid in the neigborhood with and AG Doll in a matching costume. You are one cool grandma!

  10. You are just the best grandma ever. She will remember all these costumes and clothes that you have made forever.

  11. Oh, it looks like there will be lots of fun at your house tomorrow night! You are really a fun grandmother. Just think of all the good memories young Caroline will have. I wish we had trick or treaters coming, but we'll go to the fire hall and have hot chocolate and roast some hot dogs on the bonfire and watch the kids from our rural community have fun in their costumes.

  12. Enjoy the family tomorrow and don't work too hard! Love the pumpkins above the door......looks like you made a discovery after 5 years too, this week, just like me.

  13. Rett- Caroline's costume turned out just lovely! She'll look amazing. How absolutely fun to place mini pumpkins on the window ledge above your door. I don't have a ledge outside, but I guess I could put them inside where they could be seen. hmmmm .... I wonder if I'll remember for next year! It is trick or treating night right now. 10 more minutes and then I can go back to watching the movie I put on pause. LOL
    Although there are few children on our block, they are coming from other neighborhoods. Have a good day tomorrow. ~ Sue

  14. What a cute, cute costume! She'll never forget that you made it for her. :)

  15. Can't wait to see Caroline in her costume - sooo cute that you made one for her doll too!

  16. Wonderful costumes for Caroline and her doll! Have a blessed Sunday with lots of special treats!

  17. Rett, You are a wizard with a needle & thread! Caroline's Ariel costume & matching American Girl outfit are perfect under the sea attire~ Hope the ghosts & ghouls don't leave any tricks at your house, only treats :-)

  18. Looks like fun, and a matching doll outfit, how fun.

  19. Yummy looking food for brunch!

    The costumes are fabulous, you are a great seamstress! So sweet that you also make one for the dolly!

    Have fun!


  20. Cute stuff, as always. You must show pics of Caroline in her costume. It's adorable.

  21. What an adorable costume! Such a talented gal you are!
    We drove 3 hrs round trip to see my 4. Their neighborhood had 100's of trick or treaters. My dil went through 200 bags before 4 PM!

  22. How talented you are, and look at that fabulous costume, Rhett! WOW!

    I love the little snowballs! They remind me of my snowbird cupcakes from several years ago. LOL!



  23. love your little mermaid outfit, just adorable, she is so lucky to have you!


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