Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day Table

Mothers Day 2013 016

 Like many other Mothers, I prefer to eat at home on this day rather than fight the crowds & pay exorbitant prices for mediocre food & less than stellar service.

My wonderfully thoughtful daughter made me a delicious ham & cheese quiche the day before so I wouldn't have to cook.  Wasn't that the sweetest gesture?  

Mothers Day 2013 001

 I had my DD & family come here for dessert & punch later in the evening.  I wanted an excuse to use my newest milkglass items!

My older sister, Fritzie, prior to her knee surgery, bought me this lovely punch bowl with eight cups, all in perfect condition.

(I'm on the hunt for a nice ladle instead of the ironstone one that I used with it this time.)

Mothers Day 2013 003

 You can see the grape cluster design on the sides of the items and not a chip or a crack anywhere...that is rare!

Mothers Day 2013 004
My younger sister, Ruth E., sent me several sets of these darling vintage snack plates with matching cups...all adorned with beautiful RED ROSES.  

Our Mother had given them to her almost 30 years ago.  I found two more sets on Ebay that match, so now I have enough for a party of 24!!  I see many bridal & baby showers & maybe even some graduation parties with these in the future.

Mothers Day 2013 006

 They are called "Rosecrest" Patio Snack Sets & were made by the Federal Glass Company in Columbus, OH.

Mothers Day 2013 007

Mothers Day 2013 008

 Of course, you KNOW I had to have Ms. C's favorite candy on the table.  I have 2 of these *quilted* looking milkglass dishes & just recently passed on buying a third.  Now I'm kicking myself, because 3 of anything looks so cute together.  I hope I see another one soonMy "tip" for Yvonne's Tutorials, Tips & Tidbits party is "Buy it when you see it!  It might not be there when you go back!"

Mothers Day 2013 009

 I found this mini red rose plant & fully intended to remove the foil & get it tucked down inside the milkglass compote (same grape cluster design as the punch bowl) before the company arrived.  They surprised me & I didn't get it finished.  Oh well...the splash of red foil just added to the fun of the table.

Mothers Day 2013 012

Mothers Day 2013 011

I made four of the napkins, shown below, last year.  I used them out in the Gazebo here along with the quilted runner under the punch bowl.  They go beautifully with the cherry placemats that I found at Tuesday Morning awhile ago.

 Mothers Day 2013 014

I need to make four more!  I had to alternate plain white hemstitched napkins, all held with red satin wrapped rings.

Mothers Day 2013 013

 The RED flatware is from Target & has a much nicer weight to it than the BLUE ones I bought at Walmart.  I hope Target has some other fun colors this year.

Mothers Day 2013 lemon pie 007

 We enjoyed Lemon Supreme Pie from O'Charley's restaurant & I have to say, it was D-E-E-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!  You know how much I looooove lemon.

  It is almost identical to the Marie Callender ones that I love so much & could only get when I visited Ruth E. in AZ.  We don't have a Marie Callender near us in OH...Thank God!!!

Mothers Day 2013 lemon pie 005

I have a knock off/copy cat recipe for this pie that I'll share with you on Friday, so be sure to stop back then.

Oh & the NEXT time I used these cherry placemats, I'm going to make THESE instead: 

Mothers Day 2013 minis 003

Tuesday Morning has these mini dessert dishes, 12 with spoons for only $9.99!  I bought two sets so I can use them for parties.  I have a million ideas for how to put these to use.  Just wait & see!

Mothers Day 2013 minis 001

Aren't they cute??  They will be perfect for sorbet between courses or even individual shrimp cocktail appetizers.

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  1. Oh Rett...I wish this was last Tuesday. I went to an estate sale and they had tons, I mean tons of milk glass and it was so cheap. I said to my hubby, oh, I don't know anyone who is looking for any of this. I will keep you in mind next time!

  2. Oh what a gorgeous tablescape. Love the cheeries and the roses are incredible. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a pretty table! Those little placemats are adorable! I have a set of four snack sets like yours. I think they are so pretty! I had forgotten I had them til I saw yours.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. It was a beautiful table Rett. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Take care, Jen

  5. I love all your milk glass, Rett! Wasn't that sweet of your sister to gift you with the gorgeous punch set? Aren't those snack trays beautiful??!! The placemats looks so pretty and I do love your coordinating napkins that you made. I look forward to your lemon pie knock off, but the one you have pictured sure looks mighty tempting.

  6. Your table was beautiful. Everything went together so well. I know what you mean about the Lemon Pie from Marie Calendars one of my favorites. I could eat the whole pie lol.....
    Have a great week.

  7. Adorable dessert cups and how fun that they came with the spoons Rett! Lovin' all of the milk glass, I think it's so pretty and goes with everything-enjoy:@)

  8. Rett, I love milk glass and your collection is impressive. What beautiful snack dishes adorned with their roses! I hope and probably know you had a wonderful day with family. Hugs and a belated Happy Mother's Day to you!

  9. Your table is beautiful, Rett. I adore your placemats and napkins. The stitching on the napkins is exquisite! Love the rose too, and the snack plates are fabulous. Looks like a wonderful Mother's Day!
    xo Beth

  10. Hi Rett, Your sister found a fabulous set for you. I would be perfect for a Christmas brunch, filled with a red punch! I have the same little dessert glasses but with red, blue and green bases. I use them all the time. They are perfect for mini servings of ice cream or pudding for those of us who are thinking about swim suit season ahead, or for mini cupcakes. You will have so much fun with them. Linda

  11. Rett, how special to have these treasures from your mom. Your mats and napkins made with that darling cherry fabric are a sweet match with the milk glass. I use my mug mat every day beside my computer and think of your thoughtful friendship. '-) Glad you had a delightful Mother's Day.

  12. It's all so pretty, Rett! I love the tiny dessert glasses and can think of lots of uses for them - you'll have such fun!

  13. Rett~ I love your beautiful milk glass punch bowl set and your rose snack sets! Happy hunting finding a ladle! I have the same dessert flare set, so fun to use and portion controlled too! Looking forward to your Lemon Pie copy cat recipe, we're lemon fans too. I haven't had O'Charley's version, there's one nearby I'll have to splurge :)

  14. Good morning Rett,
    I finally finished our Cosmic Star Challenge and it is quilted and on my blog today with a mention of you! I love writing the blog but it seems to take a back seat to Facebook.

    We are about ready to head north. I hate to leave my "things".

    Your blog is beautiful as usual!

  15. Rett this is such a darling table. I love milk glass and you have set a very sweet Mother's Day table with it. Those snack plates with the rose pattern, adorable!

  16. I'm so glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day celebration with that quiche!!! That gives me an idea of what to do for my Mom next year! She loves quiche and scones, so that would be great for her to wake up to!

    I LOVE those snack plates! I remember when you could find those everywhere! Now you have to search and search and search to find them. They're just so cute and convenient. PERFECT for those times when people have to do a balancing act with their plate if not sitting at a table!

    I guess I should be glad there is no Marie Callendar's here in the Midwest, either. The pies are SO good, though. I see them in our grocer's freezer, but I just don't know if they would match the quality of those you would buy straight out of the restaurant. We DO have O'Charley's here, but I have never been there. Looking at this pie gives me good reason to remedy that!!! :-)

  17. If you ever need to find a new home for the placemats, send them my way! LOL They would look good in my kitchen too. I love milk glass. It looks good with just about anything!
    You always have the prettiest table settings.

  18. Oh your table is so pretty and happy! We actually did go out for a late brunch with my sister and family. It was at our local "fancy place" and we had reservations, tucked in a corner so it didn't feel crowded. It wasn't my idea, but it was fun for a change and the food there is always perfect, thank goodness as it is pricey on holidays.

    The pie looks so good...and your rose plates are very special. I like the foil on the rose bush, looks like you planned it that way!

  19. Since Mother's Day is all about love, your red tablescape is pefect. Hope you had a great Mother's Day. The pie looks delicious!

  20. On, what an interesting table - love the red and white color scheme! I cannot believe that you have 24 of the snack plates - you definitely will be able to have some great parties with those! The milk glass punch bowl and cups are a fabulous find. It is amazing that everything was in such amazing condition. I just bought some cherry placemats that remind me of yours, but mine have black and white checks under the cherries. So adorable - wish I had napkins!!

  21. What a delightful post! I could almost taste that pie and am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow when you give us the recipe for the "fake" one. I can't believe you are still buying dishes. Where oh where are you storing all this stuff, my dear????? Wow!

  22. I love all those cherries! What a fun table! I agree, Mother's Day is best enjoyed at home! I bought a set of mini bowls at HG last fall and still haven't used them! Total mind block! one of these days I will think of something! Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  23. Thanks for visiting me and helping me find you, loving what I see! You and I do collect the same things, for sure. Those rose snack plates are wonderful. I see them from time to time, 1 here and there, but never so many, you are very fortunate! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  24. Love your cheerful table, Rett...I thought the napkins came with the placemats, they match so well. You have a wonderful milk glass collection and it is something that can be used for any occasion. The pie looks delicious and probably not on my diet, but it's okay to look, right?
    Have a wonderful week...

  25. I really like this! The white snack plates with the rose look so pretty with the black and red! We didn't fight the crowds for a Mother's Day meal either. We went to Steak and Shake for a burger! LOL! It's kind of a tradition since my daughter always used to take me there when she was young! None of my children live here so my dh takes me.

    Yummy looking pie!


  26. Rett, I love your tablescape! I will keep my eyes peeled in Florida for you for that third dish.

    This is such a sweet table full of warm family memories. The best kind!



  27. I love your milk glass collection. I have a few of the snack plates with a different decal. I've have never seen some as beautiful as yours.

  28. Rett, that milkglass punchbowl and cups are spectacular! What a lovely gift. Your Mother's snack sets are so sweet, and how wonderful that you found even more of this set. I love cherry decor. Just looking at cherries makes me happy. Actually, your cheery, cherry tablescape makes me happy. laurie

  29. Hi Rett
    I have that very same punch bowl and cups that I found at a thrift store for only $8! I was so excited ~ I never find deals like that. I have yet to use it as it is at our cabin and it is too big for the plane:-( Yours looks fabulous with your darling snack sets and your pretty placemats. You always set the prettiest tables.

  30. Love this, the colors are great! Such a pretty punchbowl and the snack plates are wonderful!


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