Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day 2012 010

While we decorate the house & prepare to honor the men & women of our country, who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces, we cannot help but mourn the loss of lives in the Oklahoma & Texas tornadoes, too

My heart aches for them & the pain & suffering they are enduring. 
Words escape me & so I'll just be quiet & share
what we've done so far in preparation & anticipation of Memorial Day.

Memorial day 013

    Memorial day 015 

memorial day 2019

Memorial Day 2012 019

Memorial day 009

Memorial Day 2012 021
memorial day 2017

Memorial Day 2012 022

Oneida's white Wicker dishes, La Rochere French bee glassware, Horchow French bee flatware.

Memorial day 020

The desserts, seen below, are from last year's celebration. I never posted those holiday photos, as DH had surgery the next day on his eye. 

I'll make similar dessert a little closer to Monday's Memorial Day gathering.

Memorial day 022

Printable recipe for blueberry pie HERE:

Memorial day 023

 Big, juicy fresh strawberries, dipped in white chocolate then into blue sugar makes a very easy & patriotic dessert.


Memorial Day 2012 023

Thank you for our veterans who gave their lives defending and upholding the freedom of the United States of America.

Thank you for their willingness to risk everything & may they find the honor, recognition, and peace they deserve. 

Thank you for stopping by The Gazebo House.

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  1. Yes, it's good to remember those who have fallen on behalf of their country. Everything looks wonderful, Rett.

  2. Rett, your red, white, and blue is a pretty tribute to our men and women who serve our country. The food looks delicious. I think I need to make a pie to take to our little gathering Sunday evening. Your flowers are glorious! I love the way you put them in the wooden box and the tomato can.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend. ~ Sarah

  3. So pretty Rett and a beautiful tribute to all who serve our country and the first responders. Enjoy your weekend celebrating with your family!

  4. Very pretty Rett, I love the red, white and blue! The star plates are cute and the blue really pops! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend:@)

  5. Thank you, Rett, for your tribute to honor those on Memorial Day. Your patriotic dishes are fun and whimsical. I especially love the star ones and the polka dots. Now I'm hungry for a big slice of your blueberry pie. I'm thinking that would make the perfect dessert for our celebration. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  6. It all looks so nice. Love the polka dots!! If I kept a cookbook open.. my, I'd be hungry all the time. A lovely tribute.. wishing you a happy and blessed Memorial day, xo marlis

  7. Your home decor is lovely and very seasonal. Love the strawberries! Beautiful, and so is your pie. Wishing you blessings this Memorial Day. Thanks for your tribute.
    xo Beth

  8. Your food items from last year look husband loves blueberry pie! The strawberries look so good and patriotic too!

  9. Thank you Rett, for posting such a meaningful tribute! Love your dishes and I also love blueberry pie!

  10. My heart also goes out to the terrible loses of this week. Your post is a wonderful tribute.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Love all your food ideas! The dipped strawberries in the patriotic colors is so tempting. I love your all your red, white and blue colors in the house. Have a lovely Memeorial Day!


  12. Rett, Love your patriotic parade of sweet treats and all your red, white, and blue! Your blooming can of tomato puree and flowering box makes me giddy!! Wishing you and your family a Safe & Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  13. Rett,
    Wonderful tribute and beautiful photos of everything. Oh, that Blueberry pie looks delish and the Bee glassware are too cute, never seen them before.
    Wishing you a safe and wonderful Memorial weekend!

  14. This is such a lovely post. I think just being around all of your beautiful red, white and blue decorations would make anyone patriotic. Have a safe and reflective Memorial Day.

  15. Very fitting post! Thank you for honoring those who gave their all.

    Jocelyn @

  16. This is the time to remember and appreciate all those who have given so much for the rest of us to be free. My heart and prayers also go out to all those who have suffered through catastrophic weather events. Love all your red, white and blue, Rett.

  17. I think everything looks just wonderful. I love the table, and I really (really!!) love the way you did that flower vase out of the tomato can. I want to copycat that.

    I agree with your sentiments about honoring the fallen in silence,and I agree with your heart about the horrible events this past week. My heart can not do anything but pray.

  18. A great tribute to our soldiers and horrible events this past week. Thank you for sharing your lovely tablescape and decorated bakers rack. Beautiful! The pie and strawberries look wonderful!
    Blessings My Friend,

  19. It's so important to thank and appreciate these men and women who gave their all for our rights and freedoms. Thank you, Rett, for such a beautiful expression of this sentiment.

  20. Your baker's rack looks a celebration! Love all of the red, white, and blue and I love the way you added patriotic colored plates to the plate rack on the wall. Oh My! The star cutouts on your pie are perfection, and the patriotic strawberries are such a great idea. Thank you for all of this inspiration. laurie

  21. The 1st funeral for one of the Moore, OK victims was held today, and my heart hurt as much today as it did the day it all happened. Gosh, that was horrific! There continues to be so much hurt and devastation, but there are some good stories coming out of there, too. I saw on the news tonight about a guy who searched and searched and searched through the rubble of his downed home to find the opal ring he & his son had just gifted his wife with for Mother's Day. God is good. He found it! Another lady was searching for her handbag. Found it! (That thing was HUGE! She must have used it to shield herself and everybody else in the house!!!) So there are some heartwarming stories coming out of this whole mess...but it doesn't lessen the pain because there is so much painful loss.

    You'be put together a really nice tribute, Rett. You've given me a couple of really good ideas, too, like the All-American muffins that I think I'll bake for breakfast. I already have in mind doing miniature blueberry cobblers, and your pie reminds me that I need to buy the larger granule sugar to top them. The strawberries look fantastic, as does that fun floral in the tomato can. What a neat idea!!!

    I hope that you and your hubby enjoy a peaceful and safe Memorial Day holiday weekend. Take care!

  22. You know how sometimes we look at a blog post and feel a bit like a "loser"! Well, you just did that to me. I haven't put out one thing in red, white or blue and yours looks so festive and perfect. I love how much patriotic spirit you have...I need a dose I think!

  23. So sweet! I love those strawberries, must try those! The Red Pack can is perfect Americana.
    Lovely post, so many to be remembered and thanked, and prayed for!

  24. What a treat to already have such beautiful blooms flourishing for your al fresco celebration. Everything looks glorious! Thanks for inviting us for a peak and for the prayers. Cherry Kay

  25. Rett, I want a piece of that blueberry pie, a couple of those cool strawberries and that awesome bouquet of flowers!
    Have a great week...

  26. Such wonderful images!Perfect for Memorial Day.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. This is a beautiful and touching blog post, Rett. I think we're all hurting for the people in Oklahoma and their devastating losses. We are also so very privileged to be able to honor our military men and women, wherever they may be.

    Your flower arrangements are just gorgeous!!! I love all your patriotic red, white and blue decor; it's so cheerful and welcoming. You did a beautiful job and a great tribute to our nation's veterans. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  28. O, everything looks just amazing. I love all the pretty flowers and I love your use of the colorful can. :))
    Your strawberries are adorable!!!

  29. Rett, this is just gorgeous. You did a super job with your decor for Memorial Day. Soooo pretty, and I love your header, too.




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