Friday, May 17, 2013

Lemon Supreme Pie

Mothers Day 2013 lemon pie 001

I L♥♥♥VE Lemon!  

Anything Lemon Meringue Pie or Chicken with Lemon, or Lemon Pull-Aparts or Lemon Candy Drops in my tea.
Mothers Day 2013 lemon pie 007

  For years & years, it was tradition, that when visiting my baby sis in AZ, she would pick up a Marie Callender's Lemon Cheesecake Pie for dessert on the way home from getting us at the airport.  

Once, when two of my other sisters went to visit her without me, they carried a pie home on the airplane, just for me!!!!  I'll never forget that wonderfully thoughtful gesture.  I couldn't believe it & it makes me smile to this day, just thinking about it!

We don't have ANY Marie Callender's in Ohio...believe me, I've checked.  Maybe that's a good thing, too.

Mothers Day 2013 lemon pie 005

However, I recently discovered that we DO have a new O'Charley's that has opened up, not too far away.  

I brought home one of their *Lemon Supreme Pies* for Mothers Day dessert. You can see that tablescape HERE. It tastes very much like Marie Callender's, except hers is in a graham cracker crust!  Yipee!!  

Now I can enjoy this delicious treat anytime we have company.  I don't dare buy it for just the two of us.  If you would like to make it at home yourself, here is the recipe:

For Printable Recipe, click HERE and you can watch it being made on this Youtube video:

I'm linking to Micheal Lee's at Rattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday as well as The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays & Yvonne at StoneGable for her On The Menu Monday party.  
Go visit these lovely ladies for some wonderful recipes.

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Life is shortNever pass up a good dessert...

how do you think those ladies on the Titanic felt, after they'd said 'no thank you' to dessert?


  1. Rett, I love your little button at the end of your post - so clever!
    Up here we love our lemon pie - in fact, lemon is The Great Dane's favourite flavour. I make a lot of lemon meringue pies!

  2. I agree with you about dessert, Rett. Life is too short to pass it up. I'm lucky enough to have a Marie Callender's close by and their lemon pie is one of my favorites. Can a pie be hand carried onto a plane these days? There are so many crazy regulations that it could be on the danger list. It sure is a danger to my waistline.

    1. The ban on "liquids" had been instituted on airplanes yet, when my sisters brought home the pie. I doubt that one could do it now...things are way too strict! I remember bringing homemade Kielbasa (with LOTS of garlic) from OH to FL after a could smell it all over the plane! LOL That, for sure, wouldn't pass regulations now.

      I'm glad you got your forks through customs in France!

  3. I like the Marie Callendar frozen pies. They're better thank I can make and certainly much easier! I baked one for our Mother's Day Luncheon! Cherry Kay

  4. Oh yum!!! I can hardly wait to have some company so I can make this. The recipe is going right on the front of my refrigerator so I don't forget. YUM! Thank you soooo much!

  5. Mmm, I used to be a waitress at Village Inn, and they had a lemon supreme pie that is still one of my favorite desserts ever! Thanks for the inspiration, and for the link to a homemade one! I can't wait to try :) Found your post on Foodie Friday!

  6. Hi, Rett. Good to know about O'Charley's pie!! It looks delish!! Thanks for stopping by my Old Ladder Decor post! ~Zuni

  7. Thanks for the recipe, Rett. Sounds wonderful! I just made "Lemon Lush" dessert and I'll be featuring it on my Tea Time Tuesday post. I think you would enjoy it, too, and it's easy.

  8. Oh Rett I do love a good lemon pie! I visited Marie Callender's when I was in Scottsdale in 2002. I have found her pot pies and dessert pies in supermarkets like Wegman's and even Costco. xo

  9. I love lemon too, sounds like a great pie! Happy Weekend Rett-enjoy:@)
    PS-Lovin' your sewing projects videos!

  10. I've never eaten a Marie Callender pie, but we do love Lemon Meringue Pie around here. It's my husband's favourite. I made one not too long ago. Lemon desserts are scrumptious! Have a wonderful weekend, Rett.

  11. We do have a Marie Callender, so I'll have to give their lemon pie a try. We love lemon meringue pie here, and I do make a great one. '-)
    Thanks for sharing the lemon love.........Sarah

  12. Mmmmm that photo of the lemon pie is making my mouth pucker! What is it about lemon that we love so much? The pie sounds amazing and I thank you for sharing the recipe. Happy weekend, dear Rett!
    p.s. I love your cute button at the end of your post.

  13. Oh, Rett... this looks WONDERFUL. I agree with you totally about lemon. I love it in everything. And this looks so cool and refreshing for summer. I'll be sure and check out Marie Callendar's on your suggestion. I love her Key Lime pie, too.



  14. Rett, No Marie Calender here but there is an O'Charley's about 20 miles away! I heart your your bokeh/heart overlay on your first photo :)

  15. I had to stop by because I break for lemon. Looks wonderful.

  16. OHMY....I love lemon, too. I just bought lemons yesterday...
    excuse me while I go bake a Lemon pie....:))

  17. I'm so with you on loving lemon! I know we don't have O'Charleys here, sadly. It looks really good.

  18. What a yummy pie!!! Did you think about ordering the Marie Callendar's pie on line. NOt only does this pie look delicious but it is sooooo pretty! Please share it at ON THE MENU MONDAY, going on now! YUM!

  19. This is the second post in a row about lemon pie that I've read...totally different, but still I think there is a message here that I'm supposed to have lemon pie in the near future. That has to be what it means, doesn't it? Have you checked the freezer section at Walmart for Marie Callendars? I know ours carries some of that line.

  20. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I haven't visited your blog until today. This pie looks delish and very, very soon I'll have some fresh lemons to make it with. All my lemons trees are loaded with itty bitty green lemons right now. Lemon pie is one of my hubbys favorites, so I'm sure he will love this one.
    Take care and have a grand week,
    From your newest follower.

  21. Rett~We're lemon lovers too! I've cut the steps by using Trader Joes bottled lemon curd. I've also used a shortbread crust in place of traditional pie crust...devise!

    We were just in Palm Springs CA. The home we rented had a loaded lemon tree! We enjoyed fresh lemons in an array of drinks and desserts.

    Sweet wishes,


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