Friday, May 10, 2013

♥♥♥ Tea with Ms. C. ♥♥♥

 tea with Ms. C. 001

 The day after I got home from helping with post-op care of my sister, with her knee replacement, my granddaughter, Ms. C. got BRACES put on. (PINK & TURQUOISE)

Poor little thing had no idea how much they were going to hurt!

She came to Nana Rett's house to spend the day, getting sympathy & comfort with a tea party.

 We tried to incorporate the colors of her braces into the table.

tea with Ms. C. 003

 Her favorite place mat has all the countries of the world labeled & we spent some time finding all the places of origin for our tea party. 
It helped to distract her from the discomfort.

The miniature vintage sugar bowl & creamer are from England, as are the intricate sugar cube tongs. 

tea with Ms. C. 004

The teapot, that she picked to use, came from Japan.

Please note the very *fancy* "Hello Kitty" plates & napkins she chose!
Those came from China.

tea with Ms. C. 005 
 I always let her pick which teacup she wants to use & this time, she chose the pretty floral with the gold bands.

tea with Ms. C. 006

I told her it was a gift from her Great Aunt Ruthie, who now lives in Maui. 
We had a little trouble finding that island on the is so tiny!

This is the closest thing to a "tablescape" that I've had time to do lately. 

I'm joining Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish meme as well as
The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sundays & for the first time, Artful Affirmations for her Tea Cup Tuesday & Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday.

My sister is doing MUCH better after a change in pain medication.  I hope to do a very EYE OPENING, educational post on that subject soon.

Thank for stopping by The Gazebo House today.
My sister & I so appreciated everyone's prayers for her knee replacement surgery.
I will get to stop by your blogs to visit just as soon as I can catch up on my household chores & grocery shopping.  


  1. Nice to see you back doing things you really enjoy again. Tell Miss C that braces don't last forever and soon she will have a gorgeous smile!

  2. What a beautiful post, with gorgeous dishes! My daughters had braces back on in their late 20's, (couple of years ago) and now their teeth and smile look amazing! They don't last long too. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Tell Miss C that as soon as she gets used to them it will become easier. I worked for a Ordo Dentist. Try a little beez wax if they hurt to much - helps with the wires. Maybe they do things different now - that was 50 years ago. Wow time flys when your having fun. LOL
    So glad that your sister is better and that your back with us.
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day.

  4. Aww, bless dear Ms. C's little heart and yours, too, dear Rett! What a lovely tea party. I, of course, love the Hello Kitty plates. I'm sure she loved your comfort, as well as the tea party. Glad to hear your sis is doing better. xo

  5. That poor little thing! I wore braces for 4 years, and I empathize with her. The pain is pretty significant, especially at first. It's certainly nothing a kid wants to go through alone, so I'm glad you were able to come to her rescue and keep her spirits up. It has been about 40 years since I wore braces, but that pain remains vivid in my memory. I really feel for her!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, Rett. You have been very busy being what good Moms/Grandmoms/Sisters/Wives represent. I hope you have a day to pamper yourself a little bit. You deserve it!

  6. No doubt, Miss C looks adorable in her new braces. Happy Mother's Day to you! ~ Sarah

  7. My mouth hurts just thinking of braces! It is nice that grandma can give a little sympathy...
    Have a Happy Mother's Day, Rett.

  8. What a sweet tea and ouch those braces do hurt don't they! Have a great weekend and I'm so glad your sister is doing so much better!

  9. Ms. C. is blessed to have sanctuary to which she can retreat...especially when those braces are hurting. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  10. Rett~ You get the grandmother of the year award with a tea table set to match her braces! What a fun and creative way to distract Ms. C and educational too! Glad your sister is doing better, I hate pain medication it doesn't agree with me.

  11. Life can be hard even when you are young. I'm sure you made it a little more bearable for Ms. C. My daughter had braces and I remember making soft food and trying to comfort and distract her. You did a wonderful job at that. You are a sweet and sensitive grams. Lovely little tea party.

  12. You are such a good sister! I have a hair raising story about my sister's hip replacement too. How a mistake caused her unbearable pain.

    Anyway, your little scape is darling! Miss Lily has braces as does her 8 year old brother. His are because his second tooth wasn't coming down!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Rett!

  13. I really remember those "braces" days - ouch! Love the idea of the map placemat. My grandchildren adore looking at globes and picking out the places they have been. Whatever happened to Geography in schools - do they still teach that??? Anyway, you setting is charming and I hope the young lady feels better soon!

  14. Tea with our little misses are the best, aren't they??? What a sweet table the two of you set, and I am certain that it distracted her from her pain--poor baby. Braces DO hurt! It's always nice to see your post, Rett. ~Zuni

  15. Rett, I'm so happy to see this post from you, and I'm glad to hear about your sister. I will also be interested in what you have to tell us about the pain meds. I pray she feels better and better each day.

    Love your cute tablescape with Miss C.



  16. I forgot about all the little colored elastics for the kids braces! Every time we went the kids would come out with a different color. The girl choices are much better than the boys. Sometimes my son chose black and brown. They certainly don't try to hide them now. I hope your little darling doesn't suffer too much. More of Nana Rett's clever tea parties will definitely help! Linda

  17. A tea party always helps one feel better. It sounds like you're a very nuturing grandmother and she's in very capable and loving hands. The teapot is lovely as is the teacup. Thank you for coming to tea and have a wonderful week.



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