Wednesday, April 18, 2012

*Good Earth* Tablescape

Good Earth table 005

Today is Cuisine Kathleen's

*Let's Dish* Party

and this month’s special theme is

*Good Earth*

My table represents all the wonderful bounty

that comes from the *Good Earth*.

Good Earth table 006

Starting with the centerpiece of


that comes from the *Good Earth*

behind the garden gate.


That cute little gate container was a gift from

my older sister, Fritzie…Thanks Sis!

It contained these gorgeous ROSES

grown in her own garden,

in the *Good Earth*

I ♥♥♥ that CORAL COLOR!

Good Earth table 013

My salt & pepper shakers are replicas of


grown in the *Good Earth*.

Good Earth table 001

The pitcher & matching glasses

are from Turkey & are hand painted


that grow in the *Good Earth*.

Good Earth table 008

I thought they echoed the FLORAL motif

(from the *Good Earth*)

of my new placemats that

I found at Old Time Pottery

for $1 each!

I ♥♥♥ those scalloped edges!

Good Earth table 003

Each place setting has either a PINK or GREEN

FLOWER (from the *Good Earth*!) pot with

a candle, as a take-home favor,

along with a pair of gardening gloves.

(which I tied with PINK ribbons AFTER these pictures)

Good Earth table 015

The FLORAL (from the *Good Earth*)

napkins are by April Cornell®,

which I've used before and I

was thrilled to see how well

they matched the new

FLORAL placemats.

Good Earth table 010

My dinner plates & matching

napkin rings are the Mikasa pattern,

"Silk Flowers" (from the *Good Earth*)

Good Earth table 009

The CABBAGE (from the *Good Earth*)

shaped salad plates are by Bordallo Pinheiro

Good Earth table 004

The coordinating pretty PINK CABBAGE bowls

(from the *Good Earth*)

are also by Bordallo Pinheiro.


I served homemade

Slow Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

(recipe HERE)

with ingredients of garlic, tomatoes & basil

(all from the *Good Earth*)

Good Earth table 007

I used two of these large CABBAGE

(grown in the *Good Earth*)

shaped serving bowls,

one to hold a salad & one for the

side dish of four cheese RICE.

(also grown in the *Good Earth*)

Grilled garlic shrimp & rice 003

Good Earth table 011

My stemware markers all represent

items either grown in or used to dig & play in the

*Good Earth*

Good Earth table 012

Dessert was pistachio muffins,

chosen to looked like GREEN GRASS

from the *Good Earth*.

flower cupcakes 001

Topped with DumDum sucker FLOWERS

(from the *Good Earth*)

flower cupcakes 002

You just fold a cupcake paper liner

into fourths & then cut a

curve into the top edge.

flower cupcakes 003

Poke the sucker stick into the middle &

it turns out looking like FLOWER PETALS!

(from the *Good Earth*)

flower cupcakes 004

flower cupcakes 005

If you recall, I have

of cupcake liners

valentines day food & decor 034

I thought the small nut cup sizes

looked the cutest.

flower cupcakes 006

I served ice cold Crystal Light®

Peach (from the *Good Earth*) Bellinis.

Easter 001

It is one of Crystal Light's® two newest flavors,

the other being "Margarita".

Good Earth table 018

We liked the Peach Bellini much better

than the Margarita flavor!

Good Earth table 016

There is still some left over...wish you could

stop by for a cool glass.

Good Earth table 014

Our garden gate is always unlatched for YOU!

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.

Along with Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish,

I'm joining

Susan's Between Naps on the Porch for

Tablescape Thursday as well as

The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.

Oh & be sure to stop by on Friday

to celebrate the launch of

Michael Lee West's new book

"A Teeny Bit of Trouble"

where I'll share the recipe for

the entree I made...

*So Sue Me Grilled Garlic Shrimp*

Grilled garlic shrimp & rice 007

They are so good, they should be illegal!!


  1. Rett,

    Good morning! Lovely table and the dum dum flowers are very clever. I just started reading the new book so I shall have to look for the shrimp recipe.

    Almost time to go back up north and another year has gone by...not much sewing this year as I was in a knitting mode.


  2. Oh Rett, I NEED this whole table setting for a church luncheon table I'm doing for the mother daughter dinner. I have the idea of a garden in my mind but don't have the china to back it up. I love this table, thanks for sharing and the great ideas.

  3. Oh my gosh...that is the cutest Good Earth table ever!!! I don't know where to start...I love the welcoming garden gate, the cabbage pieces (swoon), the cupcakes with the dum dum flowers and the bellinis. I wish I was a guest at YOUR table. I'm looking forward to the shrimp recipe. Have a great week!!

  4. Well, Rhett! I could just live at your lovely table! I have some of those precious dishes. Your food looks scrumptious too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. It's only about 8:30 in the morning which means it's breakfast time, but that slow roasted tomato basil soup sounds so good....I just might have to indulge! I love a good soup, and tomato basil is among my favorites. I saw that you posted the recipe. I'll need to copy and paste it to my recipe file so that I can try it out. Friday should be blustery with a high only in the 50s, so it will be a perfect lunch for a chilly day! (Of course, the peach bellinis are great for breakfast EVERY morning!) SO MANY cool things to celebrate the Good Earth! Great placemats from OTP. I almost never see anything that good there in the placemat department. Thye mostly have weird plastic ones here. The stemware cute! You have a lot of cool things that work well with this theme, and you just went above and beyond with the sucker flowers!!! Kathleen will love that you put so much thought and effort into this!!!

  6. Rett,
    Hi! Your table is lovely, colorful, and cute.
    Love to sit down at that table and have a taste of that new Crystal Light. It looks very appealing in that pretty pitcher. Your upcoming recipe looks good too.

  7. Retta, That was the best post!! Your garden table is divine with the cabbage plates and those fabulous pink bowls (I am such a dish person). Everything else on the table went together beautifully...and then I came to the cupcakes...forgive me, but I will be copying you there...and probably with a pink and green themed table setting as well. Just wonderful!
    ♥, Susan

  8. Beautiful table setting Rett. Love Love the gardening gloves as a take home gift, you are very generous. The soup sounds yummy. Take care, Jen xo

  9. Your "Good Earth" tablescape is gorgeous! A little secret: I have a weakness for Stop & Shop's pistachio muffins and always buy them when whenever I shop in that grocery store! :)

  10. This is SO pretty, and you are very witty today! I love everything, the color scheme, your dishes, the cute cupcakes and I really like the wine charm holder! Beautiful tablescape, Rett! :)


  11. I LOVE your Good Earth tablescape! Everything looks sooooo inviting! Every time I see you do a different tablescape, I think that is my favorite, but this time, I'm sure this one is!!! How clever with the muffin flowers! You are too creative!

  12. What a feast for our eyes and your family's tummy!

    Pink and green are really ringing my chimes right now, so of course, I love it all.

    I am going to save your recipes, too, and will look for the shrimp on Friday.

  13. Another beautiful pink & green setting!! Love your dishes and your linens as well, so very pretty!!
    Thank You for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful evening!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  14. Rett, this is such a lovely party table. Love the pink and green combo. Cabbage leaf pieces are some of my favorite. Cute details on your table. This is a delightful table to celebrate The Good Earth. Food looks yummy! ~ sarah

  15. Fabulous! You nailed the theme! I love it all, seriously, I can't pick just one thing. I love that little wine charm holder and charms. And those place mats, WOW! you couldn't make those for a dollar! They are so pretty!]
    I have to tell Alma to check those out, they are wonderful!
    Thanks so much for linking this creative beauty to Let's Dish! I didn't think you would make the part, but so glad you did!

  16. Absolutely wonderful. I love the table setting. Your dishes are so pretty. So many pretty pieces on the table. Happy Earth Day.. xo marlis

  17. Rett~ Your pistachio muffins with your cupcake liner flowers are the cutest! I have serious dish envy over your BP pink & green cabbage pieces! Love your adorable stemware charms too. Your shrimp skewers look delicious~ I'll look forward to the recipe at FF :)

  18. Your tablescape is so adorable, Rett. I love the colorful flowers. The table looks so delightful and the food, scrumptious...Christine

  19. Ding, ding, ding...I think that we have a winner! This is darling...every single "Good Earth" tidbit of it. Yes, I wish that we were neighbors...we could have so much FUN!!! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  20. Love that Pink and Green combination! Just lovely!

  21. WELL DONE- your post is awesome.

    The color, the menu, the fun - love love love it!

  22. What a beautiful table Rhett and your menu goes so well with your theme. I love the green grass and the green cabbage plates. You might think I like green and you would be right.

  23. Hello Rett
    You have so many cute and interesting things on your table to look at. Now that I'm into cupcakes big time, I'll check out your pistachio ones; they sure look yummy.

  24. I love your centerpiece with the garden gate and your sister was so thoughtful to incooperate the roses. The lovely colors of pink and green are repeated in your china and linens. I like the cupcake with the dumdum flowers which is so cute.

  25. Hang on! I'll be there just as fast as I can! LOL! You have so many lovely bounties from the Earth. I know your guests must have just adored everything. The food looks so delicious too. Everything is so pretty and so colorful and fresh, I love it all!

  26. OmGosh,I am enthralled by everything I see here! The table is perfect, your recipes, I am salivating, 4-cheese rice, mmmmm! I have to go to the store now! The fence container with grass, I LOVE it . I am following you now, and thanks so much for stopping by. xo

  27. Wowzers! You really gave us an earthy garden treat here for Earth Day! All the fun table ware and accessories and oh my...the food. It must be lunch time here on the West coast cuz after looking at the food here my stomach is growling. Have a wonderful weekend.

  28. Rett, I enjoyed your thought process so much! I was hooked the minute I saw the grass within the fence. Each thing you showed us made me smile. Oh, my do I want shrimp for dinner now. The chicken I have out just doesn't sound good at all any more. Happy Earth Day!

  29. What a darling table! I just love pink and green together and we finally have some pink and some green around here! I bought some grass seed to grow some grass for a table but didn't get around to it and just today as I was driving, I was thinking I didn't have to just do it for Easter - sure enough - it is a beautiful garden table. Your lollipop flower cupcakes are too cute! Definitely making those for the kiddies. They get two treats in one! But knowing my grandkids, they are going to just steal the suckers out of the cupcakes!

  30. Beautiful table, Rett! I had those Mikasa plates in my cart at Savers a couple weeks ago, then put them back on the shelf, now I wished I hadn't as they weren't there last week when I went back to get them. I love all the cabbage leaf plates and bowls. The shrimp is killing me, can you tell it is getting close to dinnertime!

  31. What a colorful and beautiful post for Kathleen's party, Rett! I love all of your Bordello pieces.

  32. I love pistachio muffins!! Yours look delicious. So does the shrimp!! All the elements are perfect for Earth Day from the grass behind the adorable fence to the little glass charms and the cabbage dishes. Happy Earth Day! Linda

  33. Your tabletop garden is lovely. Love the pretty colors and the cabbage leaves.

  34. Wow, Oh, Wow! I love this table. I know it is a salute to Earth day, but it is so wonderfully girlie! Just love it. If I lived nearby (we would have so much fun) you would have to be very careful that those placemats and napkins did not go missing... and your soup bowls... and your cabbage plates... and you drinking glasses!

  35. OK, I have serious plate envy for those BP plates!!!! And those glass charms are adorable, LOVE the little holder! The placemats and napkins stole my heart. I guess you can tell I love the whole table:):) XO, Pinky

  36. PS, forgot to mention: I am so sorry I haven't been around lately. We are moving, selling this house and building a new one. Our daughter and SIL and their 2 dogs are living here while THEY are building their new home and I am trying to get some things packed away to get this house ready to show. I am busier than a one armed paper hanger, as they say:):)

  37. This is such a pretty table! I love all the dishes and those beautiful linens. you put it together beautifully! And I will have to look for the new flavors of crystallight! Thanks for the heads up on them. Have a terrific day!

  38. This is sooo cute. So vibrant and full of life!

    - The Tablescaper


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