Sunday, January 29, 2012

♥♥ ♫♪ Valentines Day Preparations ♪♫ ♥♥

valentines decor 006

We're full of fun ♥♥♥♥'s & other SWEET

Valentines Day preparations here at The Gazebo House.

valentines decor 002

I had to try filling my apothecary jar with

pretty cupcake liners after I saw

darling display idea Kathy did on Kathys Cottage

valentines decor 004

BJ, over at Sweet Nothings is having a

little give-away of some of those same

Mary Engelebreit cupcake liners,

so pop on over to her place & sign up.

They're A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!

valentines decor 005

Ms. C. was here for a visit &

hung red felt ♥♥♥'s in our sunroom windows.

Don't you the contrast of them,

against the white snow?

valentines decor 020

I've got a shaped wreath on the front door

that pays homage to my love of tennis.

*I've been playing weekly for over 25 yrs now*

I was inspired by Karen’s glasses holder from Sew Many Ways

(Did you SEE her sewing room??? TDF!!!)

valentines decor 018

So I redid this little metal hanging ???? envelope???

whatever it is....was pale pink & green.

I sprayed it white but I think it needs another coat.

*note to self...don't buy the cheap spray paint EVER again*

valentines decor 017

I've tucked in some of the many SWEET cards my honey has

given me over the past 25 years.

Yes, I've saved EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!

(plus the ones from my grands)

Someday he'll be gone & I want to be able to go back to

read the SWEET words he wrote to me while still alive.


Speaking of painting, I sprayed the above lantern

with oil rubbed bronze & it looks

SOOOO much better now,

don't you think?

valentines decor 019

It is especially pretty at night with the little battery

operated tea light inside.

valentines decor 008

I'm still trying to think of something creative to do with this vintage floral container. I'm not talented enough to make a sideways flower arrangement in it.

Look at all the wonderful ways to fill vintage containers.


Any suggestions on how to gussy mine up a bit???

I'm joining Susan's, Between Naps on the Porch

Metamorphosis Monday meme,

a rare treat for me!

I don't usually have very many

"Before & After" changes to share.

I'm also joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life

for her

Table Top Tuesday party &

The Tablescaper for

Seasonal Sundays

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.

I hope you have a very SWEET start to your week.




  1. Hi Rett, The heart shaped holder would be great for pens and pencils by the phone. I love your lantern makeover, it does look fabulous in the darker colour. Take care and have a wonderful week:) hugs, Jen.

    1. Now, there's a good thought! I was stuck on thinking about flowers but it COULD work on the desk in my kitchen very nicely. Thanks for the idea, Jen!

  2. I think Jen's idea of pens and pencils is a great idea. Your lantern looks so good in ORB. That's one of my "go to" colors for things like lanterns, lamps, most anything metal. I sprayed my fireplace screen ORB, too.
    I also thing your little metal envelope with your special valentines is darling. Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great week.

  3. {{{{{ RETT }}}} what a wonderful and cheery post today. I love all the love you are spreading around. Your cupcake wrappers look adorable...I need to buy myself a pretty jar for mine.
    Thanks for the shoutout....and really glad to see you picked some of the wrappers, if you win mine, too, you may hafta buy another pretty terrible that would be!! :)))
    xo bj

  4. I love all of your sweet Valentine's touches Rett. The cupcake liner idea is darling and I think I have some with hearts on somewhere. It's nice to see another card saver ~ I have a few from my grandma that I treasure!

  5. Lots of sweet ideas in this post. Cheery and bright - much needed during these grey days. Love it all. Have a great week.

  6. Love your lantern - and the idea of stocking cake liners in an apothecary is so cute!

  7. You have given me so many great ideas! I love the cupcake liners in the jar, and I love the way you put your old cards in that envelopey tin. I think my mother has one like that.

    I wish I played tennis. I never learned. My MIL turned 83 this month and just stopped playing weekly about six months ago. Such great exercise.

  8. The lantern is very pretty. Love those apothecaries.

  9. Hi Rett, Love your tennis wreath, Rett, as well as your hanging envelope and lantern. You are just full of creative ideas! I wish you and yours a wonderful Valentine's Day!
    Blessings, Beth

  10. Great makeovers, Rett. Love the apothecaries filled with cupcake liners. Such a cute idea! Your little patchwork holder could be used for many things. Fill it with flatware for your Valentine Day's table. ;-)

  11. Such great ideas! I love the simplicity of the cupcake liners in the apo. jar...might have to borrow that idea from you. So glad to be introduced to your sweet blog!

  12. Well aren't you so festive and it's not even quite Feb. yet? :) I do love all your cheery touches with Valentine's day in mind Rett. It all put a smile on my face.

  13. It sure is festive time at The Gazebo House:)Loved the richness of the red felt against the snow white backdrop - what a lovely idea!Thoroughly enjoyed the decorations and now I feel like decking up my own little home - see how infectious this is;)

  14. I just love all your hearts, Rett, especially the felt hearts in the window. I'll be that your granddaughter adores coming over to your house.

  15. Hi Rett, I love your Valentine decor. I have been having so much fun pulling mine out also. They've been out a week now. That's a bit early for me, but we had no snow and the winter decor just wasn't cutting it. I love the cupcake liners in the jar. I did this for Halloween and Christmas and loved it also. Thought I would do it for Valentines, but before I knew it my jars were all filled. lol! I think all you need to your cute container is go buy a bundle of fresh 'Valentine themed' flowers at the super market. Cut them down and throw them in and they will look sweet. Don't forget the water. lol!

  16. All very cute and the cupcake liners in the jar really put a smile on my face

  17. You are so romantic! I don't have any cards, when we moved I ditched them!
    Love all your decorations, snow? None here! :) Knock wood!

    I saw the cupcake paper thing at bj's , very cute! Love your lantern, still say orb looks black to me! I tried it on some candlesticks and dh asked why I painted them black!

    Love your header too!

    Going to CTS tomorrow with Alma. Wish me luck!

  18. Oh my word, I am totally amazed. Cute beautiful and lovely Valentine's decor. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  19. Rett~ I've seen apothecary jars on Pinterest with cupcakes liners~ what a fun, colorful way to store them! I love all your Valentine's Day touches! I'm embarrassed to admit I've tossed all my husband's V's Day cards except for last year's {blush}...

    I have some chickadees that are flying your way to nest! Send me your address marymc{at}carolina{dot}rr{com} :)

  20. Well, I've got a big, huge smile on my face from all the darling things on your post. Wow! You have done it again, my friend........such wonderful and unique ideas! Bravo! So when are you making the big Valentine's dinner and what are "we" having????

  21. I wanted to pop in and congratulate you on winning the lovely dishes! Omg lucky you.. Your valentine preparations are in full swing and are making me say .. help.. I'm behind already!! xo marlis

  22. Rett!!! I love all your heart things, but did you see you won Mary's (Home is Where the Boat Is) chickadee giveaway???!!1 Congratulations!! You're going to love having these pieces around your house! Congratulatory hugs to you ~ Zuni

  23. Hey Rett~I think what I enjoy the most is seeing transformations from befores to afters. It always serves to motivate me to experiment with those Goodwill finds sitting around. The cuppy display was charming and is creatively inventive, i really loved it. Adding to the idea of using the heart vase for pens...I'd include a decorative notepad to the mix..maybe one with seasonal prints. For me, it seems whenever I need to jot something down in a hurry there never seems to be a pen and pad readily avaible.

    Sweet wishes,

  24. Pretty red touches! Love the cupcake papers, I want to do that too!

    Yes, I have saved all my Valentine's (and b'day, and anniv. cards from dh!) I even mentioned the Valentines in my recent post!


  25. What a fabulous way to store the cupcake liners. They are always falling off my pantry shelf! Maybe I keep being tempted to buy them. You have included so many fun Valentine ideas. I just love the glass holder too. So great and so pretty.

  26. Big kisses right back at ya', Rett. Lordy, when I saw Karen's sewing room I about fell off my chair! That's my idea of heaven on earth. I love all those cupcake liners in that pretty jar, a very clever decoration indeed. Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday.

  27. You had me hooked with the cupcake liners in the apothecary jar! I love that! I had never seen this before and it is awesome! You are so good and everything looks so sweet and festive!

  28. HI Rett!!! I love the cupcake liners in your apothecary jat and also the lantern. It looks awesome! CONGRATS on winning the dishes from Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!! They couldn't be coming to a sweeter person! I hear you made a chickadee quilt too, can't wait to see it! We leave in the morning for Fl. but I will have a laptop so can keeep in touch. Have a great weekend. XO, Pinky

  29. Hi, Rett. Got your sweet comment back about the chickadee dishes--aren't they the sweetest? I don't have the teapot--I think it's precious! Email me directly when you can since I don't see your email address. ~Zuni

  30. Rett, I didn't realize that you got so much more snow than we've had down in the "south." LOL Seriously, we've had one snow fall and it was not even 2 inches. And that was weeks ago! We keep getting the rain.... And the blasted creek floods. That's when I wish for snow, instead! Can't believe you have all those precious LOVE cards from your hubby. I only kept a few special ones. At least I have those to peek at every so often. I think ORB saves many an ugly and rusty item, don't you think? Your lantern looks brand new again. And those sweet cupcake liners are just adorably colorful! How come I never see cute things like those? Where did you find them? Glad you like the new linky follower. Brent did a good job of setting it up. Still a couple of bugs to work out, I'm sure. But I'm satisfied. Who knows if Blogger will let us keep GFC! Take care! hugs, Sue

  31. Rett,
    I love everything... Have a great sunday.


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