Monday, January 23, 2012

♥♥ National Pie Day is January 23rd! ♥♥

National Pie Day 1-23-11

Every year, we celebrate National Pie Day on January 23rd!

Lemon meringue is MY very most favorite of all time &

my sweet hubby makes it for me on my birthday each year.


It is also Ms. C's favorite flavor to share with her dollies.

Cloche party 001

My hubby's favorite kind is APPLE &

I make it for HIM every year on HIS birthday!

He like BIG pies...

Copy of DSC_0123

but we like little ones, too!


Last year, it seems CHERRY was a

frequent choice.


Topped with sparkles of sanding sugar!



But when PEACH season rolls around,

THAT one becomes the favorite!





I hope you get to eat some pie today!

I'm making lemon meringue ones for my

*Smock & Talk* group's visit tomorrow.

Hopefully, I'll remember to capture some

photos before we start to eat.

Thanks for stopping by &

Happy National Pie Day!

(I still say it should be moved to


I'm joining The Tablescaper


Seasonal Sunday


  1. Lemon meringue pie is my husband's favourite. Wouldn't he be surprised if he came home and had one waiting for him. Probably not today, but maybe next week.

    Enjoy your pie!

  2. And here I went and made brownies this morning! Shoulda, coulda, woulda!

    I do think I have gained five pounds just looking at these wonders.

  3. Ohh Rett, those are such cute photos you have clicked!The pies look out of the world,specially the one with the leaves cut out - they are so beautiful!I loved your tablecloth too!Happy Pie day and I just wish I could grab a bite of that cherry goodness - I wish:)

  4. Geeze, too bad I didn't know about this sooner, I might have made a pie today too. Yours look really yummy!

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm STARVING after looking at these delicious pies. Beautiful pies too! Happy National Pie Day. I did a pie post of sorts too :)

  6. I missed Pie Day again, gonna have to mark the calendar! All of your pics look great Rett, I really need to try to make lemon meringue-enjoy:@)

  7. National Pie Day, gsons bday too! 1 23 4 easy to remember!
    Your pies look wonderful! Lemon Meringue, not my fave, but yours looks delicious. Cherry, Apple, blueberry, choc cream, preach, I am in!

  8. Hi Rhett, First a belated Happy Birthday. Your pies make me hungry. They look so yummy and I would have a hard time deciding which one I like best. Lemon Meringue looks delicious. My hubby's favorite is blueberry. Have a wonderful day. I am trying to catch up with some of my friends. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.

  9. I had all intentions of making a pie for yesterday, but I never got around to it. Plus, I knew that I would have to participate in part TWO of the adventure, that of pie EATING.

    Cream pies are my very favorite, but generally speaking I just plain love pie.

  10. Wow, did hubby make that gorgeous lemon meringue pie? What skill! Those peaks are fabulous. I am going to have to vote for the peach pie. I just love peach pie, baked or fresh. Those little pies look wonderful too. I am going to have to try them! I think it isn't too late to make a pie in honor of National Pie Day! I am going to get on the ball and do that.

    I would love to see your pictures of Miss Universe! Wow!

  11. Okay, Rett--you sew, you cook, you set beautiful tables, AND you bake beautiful pies! These all look yummy, especially the little cherry ones! Will you be doing one for Presidents Day (i.e., George Washington--remember when they were celebrated individually? I'm dating myself; I'm sure you don't remember! :) ) Anyway, I just bought the dinner plates that go with the desert plate with the fork in the pie!! I'm LOVING them!! Let me know how you're coming along. Is the tree still up? with hearts on it? :)

    1. Yep, the Christmas tree is STILL up! LOL I haven't been able to find any really cute Valentines Day decorations for it, so I may start to take it apart now. Although I'm fully healed from my fall, I'm still going to need help carrying it down the steps & I hate for it to sit, bare & plain & ugly looking till one of the grandsons gets over to help.

      YES, I WILL be making cherry pies for Presidents Day!! Wish you lived closer, so you could have a taste, Zuni!

  12. Oh Rett, I'm so glad you're perfect from the fall now! I love all those pies, pies we love at this house, specially hubs, he's so partial to my pineapple one, it it terrific, though. You displayed them so beautifuly too! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit honey. Hugs,

  13. A great post with fantastic photos, Rett. Those little cherry pies are making me swoon and the thought of peach pie...well, it's almost too much. I would love a slice of any of these beauties with the cup of coffee I just poured.

  14. Oh my, which would I choose?? They all look delectable, but I think the cherry pie is calling my name!!!!!

  15. Hello Rett~ It's always nice stopping by for a visit.
    I enjoy your posts and the eye candy you so generously share.
    There isn't a pie I'd turn away,but one of my favorites is strawberry rhubarb.
    Of course any pie warm out the oven ala mode will have me singing like that lil' blackbird.

    I hope you can stop by to see the Valentine surprises I've got in stored. This week starting with...Pain au Chocolat with a Valentine twist. I'll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.
    Sweet wishes,

  16. What a neat post! I would love some of your pie, those babies are gorgeous!
    And cherry is my absolute hands down fave!
    Your a very creative gal!

  17. OOO, Rett, I dub you THE PIE QUEEN....Every single one of these are beautiful and every single one is my favorite !!
    And, I have looked for sanding sugar here in Lubbock but can't find it. I will order it online.

    xo bj

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your kind words and the Prayers you sent up on my behalf!!
    I love all my blogger friends and appreciate everything you do.
    OH and yes, I am eating lots of yogurt and taking a Pro-biotic!!!!!
    Can you imagine if I had not???I feel so much better!!
    PIE, I missed National Pie Day???oh darn, I love Peach pie, Lemon Pie too!!!
    my fav though is APPLE!!!!
    Loved all your little pies!!!!

  19. How on earth did I miss National Pie Day this year? I need to put this on my calendar. ;-)
    Love seeing your yummy pies, Rett. ~ sarah


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