Sunday, January 22, 2012

♫ ♥ ♫ My sisters visit me for lunch! ♫ ♥♫

sisters vvisit 025

♫♫ ♥♥♥ ♫♫

so they could sing

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

♫♫ ♥♥♥ ♫♫

sisters vvisit 012

Two of my four sisters came to visit last week

to help celebrate my birthday.

The other two live in AZ & CO,

so its a little hard for them to pop over,

but I sure wish they could have joined us!

sisters vvisit 009

I set the table using my Valentines Day

tablerunner that I made last year.

It is a free pattern HERE & was very easy.

sisters vvisit 021

I'm anxious to make another one, only longer.

My kitchen table is 60"x 60",

so its a challenge.

There are lots of darling ♥♥♥ prints out right now

at JoAnn's Fabric.

Did you know they are also carrying April Cornell fabrics??

Woo-Hoo...I see some pretty tablecloths

with matching napkins in my very near future.

sisters vvisit 022

You're probably sick of seeing these same dishes

again & again but they are some of my favorites.

sisters vvisit 023

I ♥♥♥ RED & I ♥♥♥ Polka-dots...what can I say?

sisters vvisit 013

Since my younger sister is a Vegan &

my older sister is a diabetic,

I had an all veggie lunch planned.

Marinated garlic green beans with

RED (what else?) ORANGE & YELLOW peppers.

sisters vvisit 014

and Cowboy Caviar with fresh cilantro.

sisters vvisit 015

sisters vvisit 004

Normally, I make it from scratch,

(Printable Recipe HERE)

but my grocery store carries this wonderful

black bean/corn salad to which

I added the fresh cilantro &

some chunky salsa & it was just as good.

Lime flavored tortilla chips were used for scooping.

sisters vvisit 005

They each took home a piece of cake

to enjoy later.

sisters vvisit 007

As part of the decorations, I added

this little drink carrier I recently found

at a thrift store, so I

tucked in some little jars, filled with

both red & white candy & then

tied on ribbons & strips of fabric & selvages.

**Mother, you never throw anything away!**

sisters vvisit 006

I have lots more Valentine REDS to bring out,

especially since my *Smock & Talk* sewing group

is coming here next Tues.

I better get busy!

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House

I'm going to join The Tablescaper

for her Seasonal Sunday meme

along with Marty's Tabletop Tuesday

at A Stroll Thru Life

and Susan, Between Naps on the Porch

for Tablescape Thursday.

Thanks Ladies!

Pop on over to visit these gals...lots of inspiration there!




  1. Rett,
    Happy Birthday! I am sad that you will not be coming to Florida this year. And Happy 25th!

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love that cowboy caviar and make it a lot in the summer when we are more apt to have a crowd.


  2. What a wonderful picture of the three of you together and what nice memories! Happy Birthday! (I'm sorry I forgot!) As you know, I also LOVE red and white dotted stuff and now I'm wondering if perhaps you didn't "rub off" on me a little.........although I have loved that combination for ages, I suppose.....!! Now I can hardly wait for the tablescape from your stitchin ladies luncheon.

  3. Hi Rett~ Happy Birthday to you!

    I love your adorable runner! I wish I had your MAD sewing skills to whip up a few napkins, runners, or placemats with some April Cornell fabric! Love your little thrifted caddy :)

  4. Those garlic green beans with the bell peppers looks WONDERFULLY delicious and I'm going to try that!

    Happy belated birthday to you! Enjoy the day.

  5. Happy are a blessing from the Lord! Enjoyed the pictures of your tablescape and the food looks scrumptious...had my eye on that cake!

  6. Happy birthday to you! How wonderful to have so many sisters. I have one and she is so precious. Love your red dishes and your carring tray with the little glass containers filled with candy. Great idea! I have a large tea set in the moss rose like your creamer and sugar bowl. They are still available once in a while here at thrift stores, so I keep collecting.
    Have a good week,
    Nancy @ Two Cottages And Tea

  7. What a gorgeous picture of you and your sisters!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend. You look utterly fabulous and I love the long hair.

    Wish I was there to sing to you too. You deserve a choir!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! What a blessing to be able to celebrate it with two of your sisters!
    Not sure any of us ever get tired of red and white polka dots. Too cute!

  9. Well Happy belated Birthday Rett. I've decided since I don't have a sister I'm going to join yours, y'all look so happy. Your bean salad look fabulous as does your table. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Happy Birthday...looks like you had a great time! I like those polka dot dishes. I have some bigger black and white polka dots...wouldn't that be a pretty layering?? Have a great week.

  11. Happy birthday Rett! I'm so sorry to be late in the wishes but may all your wishes come true. Such a nice picture of you and your sisters.

    I love that table runner (and the beautiful placemats too). You are so funny mentioning it, and giving us a link to the pattern just like it is no big deal to whip one up. You are amazing!!!! With the red in place you are nearly ready for Valentine's day which is just around the corner.

    How is your hand?

  12. Those marinated green beans look delicious!
    I never tire of the red and white dishes...
    Lovely picture of you and your sisters.

  13. A belated Happy Birthday to you Rett! It looks like you celebrated in the best way, with your dear sisters at a beautiful table. I don't ever get tired of your Valentine table - I remember that runner from last year - it is a beauty.

  14. Rett, Happy Happy Birthday. The picture of the three of you shows your joy for life! So wonderful. Food looks great. and show those red polka dots anytime.. they are wonderful. Thanks for dropping in.. the candle wraps are so easy to make! I made all three for about $21 instead of paying upwards of 60 for each one! xo marlis

  15. OOh forgot to comment on that darling runner.. Is the hearts quilting design an embroidery? It's absolutely perfect. Love love the quilted placemats too. Did you make those too? xo marlis

    1. Yes, Marlis, the quilted hearts are an embroidery design and so are the little yellow & white flowers. No, I did NOT make those heavily quilted red placemats. I only WISH I could quilt that nicely!!

  16. Happy Birthday, Rett! What a fun party...the food looks delicious and your sisters look like they are having a fabulous time! Perfect theme for those cute dishes and your runner and place mats!


  17. Hello Rett,
    Belated Birthday wishes to you - hope you had a lovely Birthday!So sweet of your sisters to have come down on your B'Day:) You look charming and beautiful in the photo!I do hope your hand is healing well. All of the decor was exotic but loved the tablerunner the best - its so tidy and absolutely immaculate!Envy your sewing skills,dear:)

  18. Yum! This looks delicious! I remember when your sisters came last year. That is so special and I never tire of seeing your polka dotted dishes. I love them! Beautiful tablescape Rett!

  19. Happy Birthday dear Rett!
    So sweet to spend your bday with your sisters.
    Now when I come bring on the meat!
    I remember the dilemma last year with the menu!
    I wish you a wonderful year!
    And can't wait to see what you serve the swiggin' sewers! Their stitches will be very crooked! :)

  20. Happy Birthday Rett! What a wonderful time it looks like you had with your sisters. Your table is lovely, only to be outdone by your sewing skills. I surely wish I had paid attention to my mother and learned to sew. Many happy wishes for a wonderful year.

  21. Happy Birthday! Rett! Your red and white dishes are beautiful! Pat

  22. Happy Birthday Rett! What a lovely time for you and your sisters! I never get tired of your dishes! They are gorgeous!

  23. Oh Happy Birthday. I love it. Your cake, and the food all look soooooooooo good. Hope your day is the most wonderful one ever. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  24. Rett, So glad you were able to celebrate your b-day with your sisters and enjoy such a yummy lunch! You set such a pretty table with those polka dotted plates. Hope you're warm! It's cold down here!

  25. How fun to have your sisters with you! I really am impressed with the quilted runner -- just gorgeous. And the red and white polka dots will capture my eye every time! The menu sounded delicious, too!

  26. Awh, that's sweet! I am the baby sister of 4 sisters so I know what having a bunch of sister's is all about! Looks like a great meal and the cake looked wonderful! Happy Birthday too!
    Blessings to you for being a critical care nurse- the world needs more special people like you!

  27. Lucky you to have two sisters to sing to you! Love the polka dot dishes. Happy Birthday. Yum! ~CJ

  28. Aww, what fun to celebrate with two of your sisters!! What a great day. Happy Birthday!!

    Your birthday and mine are very close I bet, mine is in January too!!!
    How awesome your sisters came for a visit!!!I sure wish you could come to Az for a winter visit, you could enjoy our 70 degree weather!!!
    I wish your 2 other sisters could have made it, would that have just been so fun????
    I have 2 sisters and they are both coming out for our son's wedding in March!!!I am so excited!!!My brother is coming too!!!!
    And My MOM!!!So we will be doing a family picture for sure!!!!
    I love your RED POLKA dot plates and I for one Never get tired of them!!!I Love Red and Pink, so use them all the time for me!!!
    Your sewing still amazes me....YOU are so talented, I love all the embroidery you put into things too!!
    Have fun sewing and how sweet you taught the little ones how to sew something too!!
    big hugs 2 U,

  30. Happy Birthday! How special that you got to spend it with 2 sisters! I also love polka dots, especially red and white ones! Love that little glass carrier and how you have repurposed it - very clever! Enjoy your pretty cake! OH, and I made cowboy caviar for the first time last summer and it was a hit, so now it is on the menu for all picnics!

  31. Nope, I never tire of seeing your beautiful dishes. How wonderful to celebrate with your sisters. I was lucky enough to be with my sister on my birthday this year too. ;-)
    Happy, Happy ~ Sarah

  32. I don't get sick of the plates, I want them!!! What a fun birthday. Happy birthday to you dear<3 You had such a fun lunch menu. I especially want to dig into the Cowboy Caviar. And I just love what you did with the little metal holder. The red candies just make it pop.

  33. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful time with your sisters...great vegetarian menu, by the way...that from a dedicated carnivore. I never tire of those darling dishes. I've decided that it's always the really nice people who adore polka dots. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  34. Happy Birthday, Miss Rett!!!! I'm so glad you were able to celebrate with at least 2 of your sisters! (Wow...FOUR sisters?!??!!) From the looks of things, you guys had a great day with beautifully styled food and a lovingly crafted tablescape! Oh, what I wouldn't do for a 60" x 60" kitchen table!!! And I really like the chairs in there, too. The multiple slats on the chair backs are really cool!

  35. Happy Birthday, Rett! Love your table runner. You are so very talented. Loved seeing the picture of you girls. Glad you could spend some quality time together.
    Hugs, Beth

  36. Hi lovely lady.
    Happy Birthday !! I love your photo of you and your two sisters so sweet.
    I hope you all had a wonderful day on your Birthday.
    xxoo Diane

  37. Happy Birthday...what a wonderful party! Aren't sisters great? (I have 3) Love your red and white polka dots...nothing cuter or happier! All of the food looks wonderful, but the dish with the peppers really speaks to me!!! Great post!

  38. Wishing you a Happy Birthday! I have two sisters, and sisters can be the very best! Your table looks beautiful for the celebration.

  39. Hi Rett,
    First ... Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You! Looks like you and your sisters really celebrated. I love your table runner and the polka dot dishes. LOVE polka dots. Everything perfect for your birthday and Valentine's Day. The green beans look delicious and I'll have a piece of the cake! :D :D :D

  40. I can see you had a fantastic birthday!! How fun. There is just nothing like sisters!!

  41. Awww, we missed your bday by a few days...but it looks like it was a happy, happy day--I'm really glad it was! But happy belated bday, Rett! I wish you many, many more, with lots of blogging! Love this table, and I love your candy jars--really cute idea! ~Zuni

  42. Oh Rett, how wonderful to share your birthday with your sisters (at least the ones that live close). They so must have enjoyed your beautiful table. Thanks so much for sharing it with Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  43. Happy Birthday to You! I also have my birthday in January and I am an aquarius. The table is so festive and the menu sounds delicious. I will try your easy recipe for the black bean and corn salad. You have so many ideas ... like the drink container with the jars. Your photos of your table are so pretty and you and your sisters are so happy in the picture. I hope you had a terrific birthday and send me a piece of the pretty cake! Happy Tablescaping! Pam

  44. I just checked it out and now I remember this from last year. I love that pretty runner and should really download the free pattern!!


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