Wednesday, March 03, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Tea Table

Come in & sit down!

We're having shamrock shaped

lemon poppyseed muffins with tea!

I set the round table using

my Belleek tea cup & saucers

along with a few other Irish

a Belleek candy dish & a little Belleek house.

This little green teapot looks very much like a Bordallo Pinheiro

but the rabbits are facing each other

so I think this might be a reproduction.

I've only seen one Bordallo Pinheiro jug where the rabbits

were looking Towards each other.

I collected teapots for a long time & people

gave them to me for every occasion

so I don't know the origin of this one.

I just teapots, any shape, any color!

The little Irish kitten music box was a gift from

my sweet Alabama friend, Bobbie and

the Christopher Radko four-leaf clover in the background

is really a Christmas ornament, another gift from my daughter.

I keep it out year 'round I like it so much!

There is a lead crystal shamrock in the center but you can't see it very well on the cream handmade cutwork lace table topper. (from Venice, Italy). The heavier tablecloth beneath that reaches the floor is from Ballard Designs.

Here is a close-up of the Belleek cup & saucer.

They are so thin & delicate that they are almost translucent.

Belleek pottery began in Belleek, Ireland in 1857 &

is known throughout the world for it beautiful

porcelain china & hand craftsmanship.

No two pieces are ever exactly the same because

each is crafted individually using

techniques that have been passed

down for generations.

Ooops, Sorry....I almost poked you in the eye with that spoon handle!

The little Belleek house on the right holds

a votive candle & was inscribed in gold

with my mother's maiden name

for me by a member of the Belleek company

They have such signings throughout

the world at dealers who carry Belleek.

Thank you for visiting The Gazebo House &

thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch too,

for hosting the fun Tablescape Thursday event.


  1. My oh my, sweet lady!

    You've quite simply outdone yourself once more! How do you do it?~ All that pretty , St. Patricks green, and so artfully tablescaped!~ My the detail; exquisite!

    I meant to also mention earlier,(yet I was called away for a protracted length of time); that I so loved the post,(several posts ago), featuring the lovely afternoon tea tray with a silver tea service.~ The photo was set in front of the fireplace..,

    ..,I seem to recall that the post was regarding a certain British or southern family's chronical's and /or a book or something;(I can't quite remember).~ I do however vivdly recall however, that the photos were so very inviting and quite simply stunning!

    You are most warmly welcome my dear to visit my little "two day, two blog, two meme" afternoon tea party for Tuesday's and Wednesday's Teas!~I would be most honered and delighted if you could visit!

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen, and aslo @ Silken Purse

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you so much for inviting me. What a marvelous display of Irishness! It's wonderful. I cannot find my box of Irish decorations since I moved..but I need to do that. If I do not hurry..I may miss it all.
    Yes, I do see the crystal Irish Shamrock in the is just lovely! That tablesetting is fantastic! I am so happy I didn't miss out on this. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know about it!
    :) Love and hugs!

  3. Oh, this is so pretty. I love all of your lovely dishes and accessories. Your linens are just lovely. The teapot is stunning and the little house is gorgeous. Your teacup is perfect. A lovely St. Patrick's Teascape. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hi, Rett, :)

    Your tablescape is lovely. I love your shamrock cups and saucers, and all the other Irish things you have.
    P.S. I think I like your teapot better than mine.

  5. so pretty and perfect for St. Patty's day. I don't have anything for that holiday...but I enjoy seeing every one else's collections!

  6. OK, since you poked my eye out with your spoon, I need you to FORK over the Belleek! :)
    You have such lovely things, and Yes, I see the crystal pretty.
    I hope you are holding back something for my party, Rett!

  7. Rett, This is a beautiful tablescape! You have such lovely things! The goblets are really pretty and I especially love the Belleek cup and saucer. Pretty tablecloth too.

  8. I love the green glassware, and of course the green tea pot! You certainly have a lot of green treasures. Joni

  9. Love your little Irish teascape. That is the cutest tea pot and just adore that Belleek cup and saucer.

  10. I love all your Irish goodies...your poppy seed muffins look scrumptious!

  11. I really like that shamrock patterned tea cozy and the teapot with the bunnies is lovely! The bird cage filled with greenery makes a wonderful backdrop. Lovely St. Pat's tea setting!


  12. Hi Rett!

    What a very sweet table! LOVE that teacup and saucer!

  13. Rett, this is a perfect St. Pat's tea table. Belleek china is so delicate and lovely to use. That tea cup is the sweetest! Thanks for having us to tea. The poppyseed muffins are delicious!

  14. Your table is beautiful!! I LOVE Belleek!! I have a few decorative pieces, and someday I hope to have a teapot and a couple of teacups.

  15. Love your teapot. Green is so great to use on a table. Those scones look yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  16. May I have another shamrock scone?! They were yummy! Thank you for tea! :)


  17. Love your Irish tablescape!! Very pretty cup and saucer!! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  18. Wow..........what a beautiful header and a great table scape. Makes me want a "spot"!

  19. When I saw the title of your blog over at Garden of Daisies I just had to drop by for a peek. What a pretty blogspot - lots to look at and read, so I'll be back ... because I'm your latest follower.

  20. What a lovely post. We both share the same love for tea pots.

  21. A beautiful post, Rett. Your tables are lovely and the green stemware immediately caught my eye. So did your Belleek. I have a few pieces that I treasure.

  22. Beautiful again!! Your header is incredible!! I see that gorgeous tea/coffee service in the background, and the green it!!

  23. Hi Rett,
    Your table is just darling. Love the St Patricks day themed tea. I have been to so many tea parties today, and have enjoyed each and every one. Thanks for having me, yours is so fresh and pretty.

  24. You have such pretty things. I love the teapot, so cute. I'm always drawn to teapots too...I have several, but I could easily keep buying them.

    Everything looks lovely.

  25. We're a big Irish family, so this post is really fun!

    So nice to meet you. Love your photos!

  26. Rett...such a beautiful St. Patty's Day Tablescape! Your Belleek cup and saucer are just the darling handles! :-) Now, I'm craving muffins...wonder why! ;-)

  27. Hello Rett~ ~
    You have set the most lovely table. I'm so glad I stopped by. The tea pot with the bunnies is the sweetest.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  28. I am so jealous of your Belleek china pieces. Have a great evening!

  29. Rett, I'm back again. I forgot to ask you about that gorgeous tea service on your sideboard. Is there a post on this service that I missed? Do show us more of this. Please!

  30. Rett, you are going to think I can't read. Now as I looked to the side and read the comment by silk purse, she says you did post about it. So I'm off to look through previous posts to find said post. LOL

  31. You have the most gorgeous stuff. Where in the world do you keep it all????

  32. The tablescape is beautiful! I love your belleek cup and saucer and what lovely teapot.

  33. So many treasures!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    - The Tablescaper


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