Wednesday, February 08, 2012

♥♥ More Valentines Day stuff! ♥♥

valentines day food & decor 012
We've got ♥♥ HEARTS ♥♥ all over the place
during the month of February!

Pancakes for the Princess...
me 006
valentines day food & decor 015

I tried making heart shaped bread with my Pampered Chef loaf pan.
valentines day food & decor 014
The results were less than stellar & not photo worthy
...tasted good, though!

valentines day food & decor 003
I made an 1950's Jell-O molded salad
recipe with pineapple & cream cheese.
I found it on Pattycakes in the Kitchen &
it was everything I remembered.

valentines day food & decor 024
Have you tried these shaped marshmallows?
Such fun!

valentines day food & decor 025
Had to put them in a pretty little jar, too!

valentines day food & decor 032
I thought these pretty PINK Jordan candies
(JoAnn's wedding supply section)
would fit into the scheme of things.
This would also be great for October &
Breast Cancer Awareness month.

valentines day cupcakes & candy 001

I filled another jar with more of the darling cupcake liners.
Such a festive & inexpensive decorating idea!
valentines day food & decor 034
I saw Martha Stewart use her shredder to make
mounds of crinkled stuffing out of used
tissue paper.
valentines day food & decor 039
I could just cry when I think of all the pretty wrinkled tissue papers
I've thrown away over the years.
Why didn't I ever think of this??

valentines day food & decor 040
I shredded some to go beneath my stash
of Chocolate ♥♥♥'s.

I saw on Pinterest where someone had sewn
paper doily hearts together with a wee bit
of candy tucked inside.

So I had to make some for the Princess...
she was royally pleased & shared them with her little girlfriends.

valentines day food & decor 048

valentines day food & decor 063
I added a butterfly to my metal card holder.
It was attached to one of my
birthday cards.
"Motherrrr, you never throw anything away!"

valentines day food & decor 070

I made the grandkids a batch of Rice Krispie Treats
valentines day food & decor 071
Jazzed them up a bit by spreading melted
chocolate chips along one side &
shaped sprinkles for effect.

valentines day food & decor 074

valentines day food & decor 078

I worked on perfecting my cake decorating skills
on some cupcakes.
valentines day food & decor 080
The ones that had a mounded top to them,
I just sliced it off, cut out a ♥ shaped &
put LOTS of icing on before resetting the cut out top.
(saw that idea on Pinterest, too)

valentines day food & decor 055
I filled the liners 1/3 full with white cake batter,
then used paste coloring to tint the rest of the batter PINK!
valentines day food & decor 054
I love seeing that marbled effect!!

valentines day cupcakes & candy 002
End result looked like this!
valentines day food & decor 082
I had to set them outside in the snow to get a decent picture,
it has been so dark & gloomy around here.

valentines day food & decor 049
valentines day food & decor 052
We've got ♥♥ hearts ♥♥ EVERYWHERE!!
valentines day food & decor 030
(another idea from Pinterest...using pedicure foams to keep bobbins under control)

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  1. have so many SWEET ideas here! You have made me want to start my baking early. The cupcakes are so cute and the Rice Krispie hearts, too. I have to check out Pinterest {afraid I am going to never stop though!}.

    Have a wonderful day, Rett!


  2. Wow! You have heartily embraced Valentines Day. Love it all! The doily thing is so cute for classroom treats!
    Such adorable touches throughout your house, I hope your Valentine has something wonderful planned for you! :). I'll probably just get heartburn. :)

  3. Hi Rett
    Valentine's Day is quite the celebration at your place! Love all the ideas you shared and the cakes and candies all festively displayed. I wouldn't mind that princess breakie myself.


  4. You do have lots of hearts and valentine's around your home. I love those paper grandchildren would flip!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed your post...great ideas for young and old :) I have my eyes on those cupcakes! Blessings, K

  6. Such lovely V Day decorations happening at the Gazebo House - I feel like dropping in and staying a while to get that lovely feel;)Your family must be so happy that you think so specially about setting up your beautiful house for every such occasion - very charming indeed!Loved the delicious and cute cupcakes.Just perfect for V Day:)

  7. Oh so many special touches at your house! I love them all and I'll bet Miss C does too! Your rice krispie treats are so cute, and I see you make your pancakes the way I make mine ~ with whip cream and sprinkles!!

  8. This was a joy! I bought a shredder to deal with rough drafts, but I will put that machine to better use! What a great idea. XXOO

  9. I just love all these Valentine ideas. Love the cupcake papers in a jar and the heart doilies sewn together (will save that for a future craft idea for the kids). Thanks for sharing!

  10. Can you adopt me as a grandchild? You make so many neat things!!

  11. Love your pretty cupcakes Rett, the icing rose looks great! And the paper heart candy holder is such a neat idea-have fun:@)

  12. What a lot of great Valentine's ideas. I love the little doily hearts filled with candies. Who wouldn't love to get any one of those treats?

  13. Rett, you truly get the award for Grandmother of the Year. Those pink pancakes are the best and what a feast for Miss C. Love all your ideas. The "rose" cupcakes are gorgeous. Thanks so much for the doily idea, too. How did I miss that one?

  14. Rett, you are too much fun! You have so many fun things around the house and your cooking and baking for the kiddies is out of this world! I love the rice Krispies, the fabulous varied cupcakes and the heart doilies. Now I feel like a slacker!

    (Would love to have you shop at TJ's for me! Probably would get into even more trouble that way - with barely any spare room in the house as it is!)

  15. What fun for the grands! Everything you do is so creative and colorful which = fun. Lots of great ideas! I haven't been in blog world much lately nor on Pinterest. Now I see what I'm missing! :-)

    Have a wonderful day ~

  16. I love a post when I get one great idea after the other! Honestly, I felt as if I was cruising pinterest in one single blog post. Wonderful!

    (And my very favorite thing is the sewn doilies with candy. I love that.

  17. Hi Rett, Your cupcakes are adorable! Love your little jars of pretty candies too. Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. Hi Rett,
    What a beautiful Valentine's post!
    Love all of the sweets and goodies...the heart shape marshmallows are so cute!
    Your cupcakes look fantastic!
    I have just joined you as a new follower! Visiting today via Seasonal Sundays with The Tablescaper!
    All the Best,

  19. Beautiful post!! Where did you find time to make all these?! Loved the pictures! Happy Valentine’s Day!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  20. I love the idea of shredding the old tissue why didn't we think of that?!! Love the rice krispie treats in heart shape will have to do that too.
    Happy Pinkatine Day

  21. Oh my Rett, I loved all your heart inspiration!! Those little doilies with the candy peeking out ar adorable!! I loved ALL your food...cupcakes, rice krispie treats, all too cute. It's fun to play with food, isn't it??!! xoxo

  22. Hi Rett!..Sister Ohio Gal, I adore your inspirational posts! I plan to borrow your cupcake papers in a jar! ok? so cute! Yes, I am following you too! Love it all and plan to read all your posts as fast as I can. (working :() if only work didn't get in the! So great to meet you, Di


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