Monday, February 06, 2012


doll pjs 001

Remember the AG dolls pajamas I made for Ms. C. for Christmas? Well, I made her some matching pjs & a dress to wear as well, from knit fabrics.
Knits used to scare me but I'm doing better with them, now that I have a serger & have learned a few tricks, like using ball point needles.

12-31-11 011
I've been using this vintage Kwik Sew pattern as the base for all the tops, sometimes widening it at the bottom & by changing the sleeve length & finishes.
12-31-11 010
Like on the little top, shown above,
I used a knit from Hobby Lobby &
some stretch Cluny lace from JoAnns for the cuffs,
rather than ribbing, as shown in the pattern.

This fabric wanted to roll something fierce so
I starched the heck out of it, prior to cutting out the pattern.
I made pj bottoms, too, but
those went home with her before I could get a photo.

valentines day food & decor 019

From the leftover scraps, I made Ms. C's Mom an insulated mug wrap.
(shown on MY cup)
Directions can be found HERE.
I'm going to purchase a pretty white cup to slide it over &
will tuck in some gift cards to Starbucks for Valentines Day.
I hope you get a nice gift, too,
from someone who loves you!
Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House.
Won't you join me in a hot cuppa something?
I'll be partying over at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch
for her Metamorphosis Monday meme
as well as The Tablescaper's

Seasonal Sunday.


  1. Hi Rett, Beautiful outfits, it will be a few months before I can sew for grands as first grand is not due until July. I can remember sewing all my kids clothes when they were in primary school, sigh. So lonnnnggg ago. Jenxo

  2. Lucky Miss C - and isn't it great that she is such an appreciative little girl? That must make it such a pleasure for you!

  3. How cute is that dress? Jemma and Miss C would be bosom buddies! I am always amazed at your talent!

  4. Rett, I sound like a broken record (or perhaps my 97 year old mom), but Miss C is one lucky little lady. This dress is adorable. I'd be pulling it on after each wash too. Looks so comfy and that hoodie is adorable. You are a talented and generous grand.
    Have a fun week. ~ sarah

  5. Rett,

    Your work is just exquisite. Makes me want to sew. Need to finish this knitting first!


  6. Everything is "sew" cute, Rett!! I can't wait until my little grands want doll clothes. They're not into American Girl dolls yet. However, I'll bet it won't be long. I love the bunny rabbit slippers..adorable!!

  7. Darling dress, Rett. Miss C is much like Sophie in size and taste. They both love those bright floral fabrics. I have made her a couple lately and she asked for more. She told me,"Bunbun, please don't make me any more old fashioned dresses." (tear) So I am on to bright and light. I guess they have to grow up some time.

  8. With one grandson and another grandson coming soon, I envy your little girlie creations :)

  9. How adorable! What talent! Love those little slippers too! The sewing gene passed me by! You are such an inspiration.
    Now I need you to live close so you can teach me!

  10. Cute, cute. Both the clothes and the model. I can see why she loves it. It looks so darn comfy. Mom's gift is pretty darn cute.

  11. SEW adorable Rett~ I ♥ the hoodie! Ms. C is one lucky girl :)

  12. You are brave for making those doll clothes. One Christmas, my parents got me a baby doll that had patterns with it to make clothes for it. My mom suprised me not only with the doll that year, but she had made clothes for it, including a little red coat that matched my own coat.

    Knit fabric has always intimidated me too. I have some in my fabric stash, but have never used it. Your granddauther's dress is adorable, so no wonder she likes it so much.

    I like seeing all the different ways you use scraps so all your pieces aren't wasted. Sounds like the mug wrap and gift cards will be a hit with your daughter too.

  13. I wish I had a serger! Oh the things I could do. At least I like to think so.

    I love that hoodie dress. It has to FEEL comfy to wear it too. Nothing like feeling comfy and looking cute in one fell swoop.


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