Monday, August 22, 2011

My Portrait Quilt from MamaCJT

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened a package this weekend from my friend,
Carol...aka MamaCJT.

She told me "something" was on its way to me, but I never,
in my wildest dreams, could have imagined it would be THIS:

She captured all my favorites & features beautifully in this mini-quilt.
My naturally curly BLONDE hair, my BLUE eyes, my love of RED lipstick &
polka-dot dishes along with some LIME GREEN & WHITE ones.

She even paid homage to my nursing career with that cap
as well as my fondness for sewing...
check out the real button earrings & the textured floss for thread.
She even knew that I wear BLACK often...(its slimming, ya' know!)

I have her hung right next to my polka-dot items on the bakers rack in the kitchen.

She's staying there until everyone in the family visits & gets to see her,
then I maybe will let her come stay with me in the sewing room.

I don't know, though, because I smile whenever I walk past her.
Lord knows, I've been spending more time in the kitchen
than in the sewing room lately, too.

Be sure to hop over to Carols cute blog to see the
process she goes through as she
made this & other wonderful portrait mini-quilts.

She is doing a mini series of ladies faces in quilts.
She is an amazing talent with more creativity in her
pinky finger than I'll ever have in my lifetime!

Thank you, Carol, from the bottom of my !


  1. How adorable! What a treasure and what a sweet friend! I am visiting her blog now!

  2. That is amazing! Such a labor of love and from a distance and up close, pure artistry! You make a might fine quilt pattern!!

  3. What amazing talent! This little portrait quilt is full of charm and whimsy. Yep, that's Rett! ;-)

  4. This is sooo darn cute...sweet sweet friend you have there!


  5. I saw it earlier today on Carol's blog. It is delightful. I am so envious of you! I think that your picture actually makes it look brighter than her pictures did. Congratulations to owning a Mamacjt original.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  6. Rett, she captured your essence and this is just fabulous. I am blown away.

  7. I saw this on Carol's blog yesterday, how fun Rett! You truly have a one of a kind piece of art-enjoy:@)

  8. Rett,
    How absolutely beautiful! The stippling!!!! You are a lucky lady!


  9. Oh sweetie, you are entirely welcome! It was so fun to "do" you, I was smiling the whole time and could hardly wait to be done so I could stick it in the mail. You are so multi-faceted in your interests that you were easy to capture. (Thanks for telling me about your pretty turquoise eyes though. I never would have known that otherwise.) Keep hiding those dishes! LOL

  10. That's amazing! It's like a caricature turned into a work of art. Completely whimsical and adorable. What a wonderful gift!

  11. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful treasure.

  12. How fabulous! That is absolutely adorable.

  13. That is just so creative! I love it. What a treasure!

  14. AMAZING WORK...I love even the binding!!!

    Thank you for sharing the close up photos showing the details and her fabulous sewing and creativity!!


  15. I have a huge smile on my face right now! This really is the most adorable quilt! Your friend is a real treasure! And thanks for telling me how easy it is to make the tortilla bowls!!

  16. Rett~ This is SEW Wonderful!! I love her creativity & artistry with your portrait...the spool earrings, tape measure & scissors behind the ear!! You couldn't HELP but smile seeing your persona captured in fabric :-)

  17. What a wonderful surprise to receive. The quilt is soooo cute. I can easily see why you smile every time you walk by it.

  18. She is amazing RETT...truly an honor, a likeness that suits you to a T...and how wonderful to have a friend like Carol make YOU sew filled with it.

  19. That is just adorable!! You must feel so loved!!

  20. What a great gift! Such talent!

  21. Rett, this is such a fantastic gift. What a treasure of friendship you have been given. I just chuckled when I looked at each of the elements of you Carol captured in her quilt.

  22. Rett, Your quilt is absolutely amazing! Carol is so kind, and full of talent. How personal she made your portrait. I love it!
    xo, Beth

  23. What a priceless gift!! You are even adorable in a quilt. She has really captured you and your talents!
    No wonder you smile every time you see "her"! You make EVERYONE smile.

    I know how I feel every morning I use my mug rug. I always say a little prayer for you!!! And the pretty piece certainly makes me smile too!
    xo Yvonne

  24. This is just too cute!! She is very talented.

    The strawberry salad, and the chocolate cake looks so delicious, but I can't eat them :-( Does your husband eat them after reading "the book?" Thanks for your comment on my book post. I even had a picture of that stone book on that post, but took it off right before I posted!



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