Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salad with Strawberries & Warm Bacon Salad Dressing ♪♫


This was a delicious salad,

inspired by one that I saw on Mari's blog

Once Upon A Plate.


I did a few things differently, based on what I had in the house.
I used a mix of salad greens instead of just spinach alone &

I added slivered almonds instead of pine nuts.


Mari's recipe for the warm bacon dressing can be found HERE.

I substituted Splenda® Brown Sugar for half the

regular brown sugar called for in her recipe.

It was still pretty sweet & if I make it again,

I think I'll cut back even more on the sweeteners.

It was VERY good, just a titch too sweet for us.


I'll be joining Yvonne, from StoneGable for

On The Menu Monday

The Tablescaper for

Seasonal Sundays &

and Michael Lee from Designs by Gollum for

Foodie Friday.

Thank you, Ladies, for holding these parties where we get to share our cooking adventures.

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House, too.

I've been a bit quiet while my desktop computer
was in for removal of a "redirect virus".
I have no idea how it go through,
as I have Microsoft Security Essentials
updated & running at all times.
*sigh* 'em & hate 'em.

Prayers going out to all those affected by
Hurricane Irene.
I truly feel for all of you!
I'm having PTSD anxiety, just thinking
about all you have ahead of you.

Hurricane Charlie, in FL was the last straw that
sent us back home to Ohio.
Well, that & the birth of sweet little Ms. C!!

Hard to believe this was taken just 6 short years ago!


  1. OMG, Rett, what a salad! Your photos are good enough to eat and have me practically drooling on my keyboard. Bacon and Strawberries are a dynamite combination with the mixed greens. I can't believe that your sweet little Miss C is 6 years old. Wherever does the time go?

  2. Rett,
    Everything in this salad are some of my favs...must give this a try.


  3. You should be a professional photographer for a food magazine, dearie! OMG....that salad looks amazing!

  4. Great looking salad!!! Great to have you be a part of Sesonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. This looks delicious! Love a salad with bacon. Your food photos are amazing!
    Glad to see The Tablescaper commenting. Looks like she has power. ;-)

  6. Yummy. Wish we could taste it through the computer! I am not a pine nut eater, so I love almonds. I grew up on a bacon dressing, but it's been a while. I am almost drooling!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  7. HI RETT!!!
    OH THAT salad is SOOO Yummy and tempting for me, I love those kinds of salads, mix some protein, mix some fruit, some veggies, all makes for some good stuff!!
    I agree about hurricanes, made me nervous all weekend.
    Have a great week

  8. That salad looks wonderful!
    You little Miss C was as sweet then as she is now.

  9. Oh my, that salad looks wonderful! I'd love to have that for my lunch today. I LOVE strawberries in salad...m--m-m. I love to use the Splenda brown sugar, too!!

  10. What a gorgeous salad. Bacon and fruit go so well together! Like you, I'd probably cut back on the sugar.

  11. Oh, this salad looks so yummy! And such beautiful colors. I love when food is so pretty!

  12. The salad, and dressing, sound great and your pics are just beautiful Rett:@)

  13. This looks really delicious. I would substitute the splenda too.

  14. Hi Rett! Thank you for the mention ~ I LOVE your idea of the added strawberries. Such gorgeous photos, too.

    You know, I've noticed that too ... when I use Splenda products they tend to bring more sweetness to the mix. We don't like things "too" sweet either.

    You did such a fantastic job photographing this in such an appealing way. Happy Monday!! xo

  15. Rett, What a great salad! It looks beautiful and I'm sure it tastes good too.
    Hugs, Beth

  16. Rett, This is a beautiful salad! I drooled when I saw it on Mari's blog and I love it just as much on yours. Great substitutions.
    AWWWW! I love the picture of little miss C. Too bad you no longer take pictures to post of her. But I understand why. It's I just feel like an Auntie!
    Thanks for joining ON THE MEMU MONDAY with this yummy salad!
    xo Yvonne

  17. (D leans overs) heheheh
    Hi, Rett,
    I've been out of town for two weeks and just got back to check my email. You made me laugh.
    The salad looks delicious! Seriously. I also love the portrait quilt of you. So cute.

  18. MY mouth is drooling over this salad!!!

    I will definetly be making YOUR version..yummy!

    Thank you so much for sharing this..I'm always looking for not only a yummy salad but a PRETTY one at that! You have done both.

    Hurricane Irene..missed us! But I took in a friend and her children from NC. A lovely visit and all was well at her home with hubby watching over it and having a generator.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog as nice to meet new bloggers with great things to share.

    Blessings to you..

  19. Rett thanks for stopping by. So sorry you couldn't find my widget.. maybe that is why I have been stuck at 156 for weeks! That salad looks yummy. Good thing about blog is making new friends, bad thing is they don't live near when you find so much in common.. girl you sew too? Man, nurses that blog and sew? Good to me. A precious little one.

  20. yum YUM YUM! from salad to that cutey pie ladybug toting miss c!

    no wonder you know about stress, between health and hurricanes i hear ya!

  21. Beautiful salad!! Love the flavors.

  22. Rett~ Your salad looks scrumptious! I have all the ingredients on hand~ I HAVE to give this a try!


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