Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring has Arrived in Ohio!

Many of you have been posting photos of your beautiful spring flowers for awhile but here in Ohio, they are just starting to bloom.

I really missed all these lovely flowering bulb plants when we lived in Florida for 10 years.

Without that cold spell of winter weather,
they just can't grow them down south.

This is our reward for enduring
three solid months of cold & snow!

Planting these daffodils & hyacinths was
one of the first things I did when we moved into our new home.

Soon, I'll have lots of RED & YELLOW tulips to share!

I'm joining Mary at the
Dear Little Red House

for Mosaic Monday.
Follow the link to see lots more pretty photos.
Thank you, Mary, for hosting this gathering.

Thanks for stopping by the Gazebo House.
You're welcome to pop in anytime!



  1. Rett, I envy your spring blooms. I need to get back into the habit of planting bulbs. My irises are in bloom and I have a beautiful crop of blue bonnets. Thank you for posting these beautiful mosaics. Beautiful garden!
    Hope your Easter weekend has been glorious!

  2. Spring flowers are certainly worth the wait. Lovely photos.

  3. Those are some gorgeous spring flower photos. Beautiful colors.

  4. Those beautiful flowers are the reward for a long winter - and it sounds as though you really appreciate it! Enjoy!

  5. I have a few daffs, the crocus have all gone over, but the hydrangea is no where near as advanced. Amzing how things differ in different parts of the world. Here's mine

  6. How great to see that spring has sprung!

    Love Tyra

    Tyra's Garden

  7. Your Spring flowers blooming must make your heart sing! How wonderful to see these little faces after such a long winter. Here we have just the tips peeking through the earth but temps are high so within a week I should see my planted bulbs! I too am a lover of peonies! Happy MM!

  8. Rett- Fabulous spring pictures! And you presented them in a beautiful way. I don't have any bulbs this year. We took out my garden. I miss them, so this is a real treat for me!

  9. Your spring flowers are beautiful. In another couple of weeks we should be able to enjoy ours too.

  10. Hi, I'm from Ohio also and Spring really is finally here! I love your mosaic! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

  11. WOW! Gorgeous spring flowers!

    I love the images in your mosaic!

    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  12. Isn't it great that old man winter has gone and now on to beautiful spring when everything looks so fresh and new. Your photos were terrific. Valerie

  13. Good Morning Rett, Your mosaic and photos of your flowers are beautiful. We are in south central Ohio on the top of a mountain as my husband calls it (he is from Louisiana and mountains are rare The plants in our yard are just beginning to pop up out of the ground. The only thing we have flowering right now is the forsythia.
    Have a great week.

  14. Ahhhh.... Beautiful flowers!!!

  15. Rett, you have been rewarded royally!!! Gorgeous spring bloons!!!

  16. So pretty Rett! I am planting hyacinths this fall too because I need to see that reward after winter cold!! LOL My irises and tulips will be blooming soon though. Love spring! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Lovely mosaic and flower shots. Enjoy the warming weather!

  18. very lovely flowers and your gd pillowslip dress is perfect! Lezlee

  19. It was a beautiful welcome after the terrible floods of the prior weekend.
    Love seeing your pretty!

  20. Bulbs really are the gift that keeps on giving, aren't they? Fun to plant, exciting to see break the ground and heavenly in bloom!


  21. All of your flowers have brightened up my morning! Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. you are having a ball with your camera... AND SPRING! thanks so much for the dog link, so many gorgeous shots! off to walk my mongrels this very moment, all i ever get in black blurry shots...

  23. Isn't spring a beautiful time of year- loved seeing your pics of spring flowers - makes me wish I had planted more of them myself- one can always add to the next year's list. thanks for sharing your lovely mosaic. Did you finish Caroline's easter dress??? We wore last years dress

  24. Your photos are wonderful, Rett. I especially love the hydrangas and hyacinths. Isn't spring grand!!!!

  25. Your pictures made me homesick! Actually, my sweet husband sent me pictures today of my red tulips, forsythia and my beagle baby. We brought my mom home today. She certainly isn't getting around well and I are learning how to help and we came home with a wheelchair, walker etc. for temporary use. They are both so happy she is home...the rehab place was awful, even though it was supposed to be the best. So...I'm going to stick around a few weeks and see if we can get her going again. Now, I'll have some blogging time and hopefully some energy.


  26. Hi Rett!!!!
    You can come to my House any time for any event, the invite is always open!!!! Your flowers do not even look real, they are just amazing!!!!So very pretty, and yes your reward for the long cold winter!!!!We get nice flowers in the spring and fall, but only 1 or 2 can stand our heat!!!!!
    I bet your Easter gathering was so fun, I hope the kids had a fun time hunting eggs!!!!
    Have a great week

  27. Your photos are just beautiful.
    We don't have many blooming here, either. So windy and cool today. One day we have 90 degree weather, the next, 37. GOOD GRIEF..!
    hugs, bj

  28. My flowers are just starting here in Iowa too. We had hail yesterday and I was so upset..they did make it through ok---soon the lilacs will be blooming too! I found you through another blog you left a comment husband makes silverware jewelry and I create out of his leftovers!

  29. Hello Rett ~ I've missed my visits, but little by little I'm catching up.
    Although last month was difficult with our loses a new month has brought new hope.
    I poured myself a cup of tea and read a spell....
    I'm so excited to see more spring blooms popping up. I look forward to applying it's inspirational palette of colors into a few DIY decorations and gifts, with a little baking/cooking in between.
    Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
    It's definitely invigorating.

    Sweet wishes,


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