Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Lost Hours - Food For Thought

I'm joining Jain in her creative meme,

Food For Thought

with a review of the book

The Lost Hours


While I enjoyed reading this because of the beautiful

descriptions of the plantation & the gardens, (I could easily

envision them before my eyes) I found the book to

be a bit predictable. I prefer that a story tantalize me & end on

an unexpected twist that surprises me & keeps me thinking.

This did not.

Perhaps it was because I've been reading so much lately?

I'm wading through Ahab's Wife

(pun intended)

as well as Sarah's Key,

both of which I have found to be much more interesting.

The beautiful garden in the book enthralled me!

I could easily picture the bench & the stone wall &

all of the plants they spoke of.

I cut these tulips & plunged them into icy cold water then set

them against my brick wall to emulate that feeling of the garden


I adore flowers & would spend every waking moment

outside in my flower beds if I could.

The spring tulips have been especially beautiful this year

since the deer seem to have forgotten where we live.

I couldn't think of any specific foods mentioned in the book,

although the main character, Piper Mills is invited to frequent

dinners in the home on the plantation.

I went with Southern fried chicken & coleslaw since the book

takes place in Savannah, GA.

It brings the segregated South to life through the eyes of two

different young women.

In the interest of some semblance of a heart-healthy balance to

the meal, I served all veggies along with the chicken...corn,

tomatoes & I also made the coleslaw with low fat Marzetti's slaw


If you are an equestrian this book will also be of interest to you,

as it is the story of an Olympic hopeful & her fall from that


Thank you, Jain, for providing this venue to read & cook & talk

about the things we love!

Thank you, too, for visiting the Gazebo House.

I hope you have sunshine & flowers & healthy food

in your life today!




  1. I also love flowers and could spend all day in the garden, not working but just sitting and absorbing. I am reading a book called The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, very interesting, you would like it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Fried chicken!....yummy!
    I love a book with a strong story line and well-developed characters, but if the main 'character' is a garden, I'm happy about that too.

  3. Rett, a lovely review. We had a huge thunderstorm roll through last night so this morning is cool and refreshing. It's a perfect day to be in the garden! Your flowers and food are both visual treats. I want to read Sarah's Key. It sounds like my kind of book.
    Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  4. This book intrigues me and I may seek it out!

    Your dishes are lovely, too, as are the flowers.

  5. At least you had some lovely garden images to stroll thru in the book, since the story was lacking for you! I have all the books on your bench too~ Beautiful flowers, I'm glad the deer have forgotten where you live :-)

  6. It looks like you have your share of books to read, and nice that you were inspired by gardens and food. The fried chicken and cole slaw looks delicious.

    I am in the midst of reading two books at once and since I have 6 magazine subscriptions, I am wading through them as well!!

    Happy Saturday, Rett!


  7. thanks for the reviews - always looking for something new- did request the funeral book you recommended- it's on it's way.

    wonder when hybridizers will come up with reblooming tulips?? then again- maybe they would not be so special if they did.

  8. Hi, Rett,
    Very interesting, enjoyable post. Your tulips are beautiful, and so are your pictures!


  9. i hear you on fluffy books, verses meaty books, its hard to compare them isn't it... when i read my mood dictates my ratings, if you read a lot of fluffy books in a row they all become yawners, but after an intense book sometimes they just hit the spot! i have sarahs key to read too, i need to get back in the swing of things and get reading faster again!

    i loved the garden talk too, but if i could pick tulips like you, i would give this book 5 stars on that merit alone!

    before i forget, you said you read frances mayes tuscany and didn't want to review it again because mlw had, PLEASE, do another review, its so fun to see how everyone plays, we all take something different away. i just love to see everyone share, it opens our eyes to so many wonderful details~

    you nailed it with the fried chicken, thats what i did too, but yours looks authentic!

    thanks so much for sharing at food for thought, i love love love seeing everyone play with food, books and camera! oh and flowers, my one true passion!

  10. Oh this food looks so yummy, and the flowers are stunning! I enjoyed your post today!

  11. A nice review, Rett, and a delicious looking meals. I always love to see flowers from your garden.

  12. Great looking Southern meal! I haven't read this book, but since it's set in Savannah where I have a house, I might give it a look.

  13. Hi Rett,
    Too bad the book wasn't better, but the chicken looks great!

  14. I have just proven that you should not blog after midnight!! I see that you did see my Thirteenth tale post! Thanks for popping back in. I hope you like the hollandaise. Harold McGee has changed my life!!


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