Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Bouquet & Handpainted Flowers

Fresh Spring flowers from my garden make up this centerpiece. I chose them to go with hand-painted salad plates & wine glasses, which were a gift from a sweet neighbor in Florida. We had the nicest neighborhood when we lived there.
They really looked out for each other.

I had surgery in 1999 & all the neighbors signed up to bring us dinner
each night for an entire month!
Delicious meal after meal arrived at our house while I recovered.

One day a HEAVY gift bag was left at our front entrance.
In it, were 6 gorgeous hand-painted plates along with their matching wine glasses
& a lovely bottle of wine!

The note said:

''I don't DO chicken soup!
Hope this will help you feel better.

Bridget & Ed''

We laughed at Bridget's wonderful humor & I cherish these dishes as a special reminder of their friendship. She & her sweet hubby still live there.
(He was my piano teacher & duet partner.)

The plates & glasses are each done in a different color.

I positioned a set of oil & vinegar carafes with
violets on them
next to the purple plate & glass.

White scalloped edge ironstone dinner plates with a middle layer of the BL Gibson china round out the place setting.

The scalloped edge matlasse placemats are a soft, sage green color that seems more gray-green in my photos. :-( They match much better in real life, honest.

This ironstone water pitcher is very HEAVY & I always set it on something to protect the glass tabletop, as it has a rough bottom & could easily scratch.
One of the drawbacks of having glass tables!

The leaf patterned napkins (Tues. Morning) are
layered over plain white linens.

The hand-painted salad bowl (which I bought to go with the gifts)
really picks up the colors used in the centerpiece.

A close-up of the other side of the vase.

More flowers on the bread basket liner.

The tulips were closed in the morning
but as the house warms up, they open beautifully.

The flatware is Wallace Napoleon Bee & is available through
both Neiman Marcus as well as Horchow.

The white ironstone covered casserole, on the right, is what I usually make lasagna in but I'm undecided about serving a RED sauce item for a dinner party Friday night.
I need a lighter, more Spring-time dish.
Any suggestions?

Excuse me while I get my scissors to clip off that stray thread!

Dessert & tea/coffee will be served
from the bakers rack just outside the
sunroom, using many solid white
accessories to continue the look.

I'm joining Susan's
beautiful blog

Between Naps on The Porch


Tablescape Thursday
Thank you Susan, for hosting this fun
event every week.

Thank you for stopping by
The Gazebo House.
I wish you could ALL come to dinner!




  1. This is fantastic. I would so much rather have the dishes!! All the glass painted pieces go so beautifully together!!

  2. That looks beautiful! What a wonderful gift...they are so pretty.
    Lovely table, Rett...I bet you were a good neighbor too!
    another DZ!

  3. sweet story, gorgeous table, but FANTASTIC PICS! girl you got it going on!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful gift! The photography is fabulous! Love those napkins as well!


  5. What a lovely table and such special memories!

  6. How pretty -- What a wonderful memory of a sweet neighbor from your past. Those are such pretty plates.

  7. Hi Rett,
    thats a nice tablescape, so airy and springy. I like the clear colors with lot of glass, red, blue, yellow. The flowers accomplishes the painted dishes very well. You must be a very nice women that your neighbors wanted to make you lucky. This tablescape is full of memories.
    Greetings, Johanna

  8. Rett-Your flowers and plates were just made for each other! I also love how you have captured different stages of light. Isn't it wonderful to have good neighbors (especially ones bearing gifts :) Loved it!

  9. Your table is gorgeous, and I would much rather have those beautiful dishes than chicken soup.

  10. Rett-My son Luke would be a little surprised to see that he is now perusing tablescapes and leaving comments....it's me. I did not notice that he had signed in to check his email :)

  11. Rett- what a great friend! YOur handpainted dishes are a real treasure. They look so pretty as the main color on your white table. And your centerpiece carries your theme in a big and beautiful way!

  12. What a lovely table, Rett. Your flowers are so pretty and they go so good with the wonderful dishes your neighbor gave you. what a thoughtful thing to do. I know you enjoy them.


  13. What a lovely table, Rett. Your flowers are so pretty and they go so good with the wonderful dishes your neighbor gave you. what a thoughtful thing to do. I know you enjoy them.


  14. Rett, Your plates and goblets are so pretty! You have put together another lovely table and it's so good to see the spring flowers from the garden!

  15. Rett.. This is all so beautiful... The violets are my favorite! and I am crazy for that bee flatware:-)

  16. Rett, not only is this a beautiful table, but it obviously has a lovely sentimental aspect. The hand painted plates and wine glasses are as fresh as the bouquet of spring flowers. Another perfect table! I know your dinner guests will definitely feel special dining at this table.

  17. What a beautiful tablescape. Love your story of "friendship". What a gift to us....friends.....Everything is so beautiful. Be blessed. Cindy

  18. Let's see ... chicken soup (which she did not DO anyway!) or gorgeous hand-painted plates with matching wine glasses? Your kind friend obviously made the correct choice!

    Lovely table, Rett. Everything's so fresh and filled with the uplifting joy of spring!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the thoughtful comment. You asked whether the china is decorated with blue or burgundy. They're the latter. Looking forward to seeing your "Monroe" table!

    Warmest regards,

  19. beautiful, beautiful- what a lovely way to say thank you- over and over- bet you even planted the bulbs to go with the setting. my first thought about dinner would be a spring risotto - asparagus- i know not to original - but just says spring to me- looks like you have mastered your new camera

  20. Those dishes are beautiful and the colorful bouquet picks up all the colors in the salad bowl so nicely...beautiful spring table.

  21. Oh, Rett, you have done a marvelous job of letting the beautiful plates and wine glasses from your friends play a starring role on this table! I'm impressed you were able to create such a stunning centerpiece with flowers from your garden. That second photo is breathtaking -- love the lines of the arrangement!

  22. What a beautiful table!
    What about a white lasagna - seafood, perhaps or chicken lasagna?

  23. I'd pick dishes over chicken soup any day - and what lovely dishes. The talble is so springy and welcoming. I love glass and the painted flowers add a special spark. Glad I found you at Tablescape Thursday.

  24. What special memories you have of your neighborhood & friends! This beautiful table is the epitome of SPRING!


  25. That's a very charming suite of handpainted flower plates. And your centerpiece is beautiful, too. -- Jane F.

  26. Hello there sweet lady,

    I cannot tell you just how much of a cheerful lift your lovely, lovely Spring floral tablescape has given me! A real Spring tonic to a weary soul!

    Oh my, I just love every exquisite detail!..,

    I find visiting my dear fellow, 'Tablescape Thursday' participants with Susan's delightful weekly blog party meme at BNOTP is so inspiring and uplifting for those of us who enjoy the beauty of a beautiful tablescape!

    It has however in other respects, been quite a week!~ Truly manu good things,yet..,

    ..,(My dear mama is ill with the shingles and in much pain with nurve myalgia even though her doctor thought he caught it ontime and gave her two round of anti-viral meds)..,

    Alas, I then lost my whole Thursday's blog post and had to repost it just 'as I was highlighting my blog title in blue to copy and then paste my webpost URL TO JOIN IN WITH 'TABLESCAPE THURSDAY'!


    (HOWEVER, in the process I also lost THE ENTIRE LIST OF THIS WEEK'S PARTIPANTS FOR MY 26TH, 'TUESDAY TEA fOR TWO' as due to ill health in my family as mentioned I was 'dovetailing' the two posts! ~ MR. LINKY IS BACK UP YET THE WHOLE Tuesday tea LIST WENT 'POOF'!


    So sorry for the length of my comment, yet with you people; (Your dear husband and yourself); having worked in the medical profession for many years, I'm sure you can very much understand dear lady, just how much the respite and beauty of bloggers sharing such loveliness can mean!

    Now back to the cheerful, sunny side of life!~ There really always is so much to be thankful for!..,

    You are most warmly invited my dear, to pop over and enjoy my whimsical blue and white tea and other bonus tablescape!..,

    Have a lovely Friday and a marvelous weekend!

    ~ Thank you so much for sharing such beauty!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  27. I love your table setting. It is just wonderful. I am a new follower to your blog. I hope you have a chance to come say hi. Cheers, Lia

  28. I love your table and your words -- the story about how the dishes came to be yours made it all the more special!

  29. Absolutely breathtaking photo of a gorgeous table! LOve those plates. The flowers are just beautiful...love the bright colors. As always, perfect:-)

  30. Hi Rett...

    Ohhh...what a fabulous table, my friend! It just sings of Spring!!! I adore all of the beautifully painted glassware...the plates, glasses, that awesome vase!!! OMG, your flower arrangement is fabulous!!! Ahhh...to think that you already have all of those lovely flowers growing at your place!!! Well my friend, you certainly set a fabulous table...thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my "Springtime" table! I always enjoy your visits and sweet notes, Darlin'! Thank you!!!

    Have a fabulous Friday!
    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  31. Hi Rett again!!!!
    My sister painted me some lovely goblets and a pitcher and a butter dish and a small bowl, I want a set like yours, 4 of each!!! Could I be greedy and ask her for more stuff!!! I will be telling her to check out your blog!!!!She will love it all!!!!
    I will PAY her for the stuff!!!!
    Yours is quite lovely and a very generous gift!!!!


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