Thursday, April 01, 2010

Marty is having a Spring Cloche party!

Marty is at it AGAIN...playing with her cloches at

A Stroll Thru Life

I'm happy to be joining her party!

Granddaughter Caroline's basket
awaits the Easter Bunny.

I tucked a clear cylinder glass vase
upside down inside this apothecary jar
prior to filling.
It takes up quite a bit of room
so I didn't need as much candy.
That's STILL a lot of candy!

I added the bow at the last minute.
I think it resembles a Monet watercolor!

The skeleton keys are to my parent's old home.

Its warmed up enough to sit
in the gazebo & have some tea & cake.
My crystal cake dome qualifies as
a cloche, right?

Let's look inside...

♥♥ I hope you love lemon as
much as I Love Lemon! ♥♥

Spring has finally returned to Ohio!

I was so busy trying to
capture the sunlight, I never noticed
that candle was leaning.
Too late to take another picture
or I'll be late for the party!

This Depression glass butter dish
(made by Jeanette Glass in the 1930's)
is the "Sunflower" pattern &
is somewhat of a cloche.

Look at the can see an
upside down view of the iron scrolls
of the table base. Cool, huh?
I love little surprises like that which,
of course, I didn't see through the camera lens.


I see you!

and you too!

This pretty little hand-painted ceramic egg
is by Kaldun and Bogle.

The REAL eggs were hand dyed by ME! LOL

This little yellow & white egg could be
considered a form of a cloche.

with tiny peanut butter cups hiding in there!

The little bunny cheese spreader

is NOT going to work too well
on these malted milk ball eggs!

Have a Happy Easter &
thanks, Marty, for another
fun meme!


  1. Hi Rett! Looks like you are all ready for the glorious day! Great idea with the cylinder!
    Love all your cloches and the cake looks wonderful..
    You are linking that up with Gollum right??
    Have a wonderful Easter! Enjoy those little bunnies!

  2. What beautiful pictures on your blog today. How could the Easter bunny stay away from all of this.
    Hugs to you on this day of fools.

  3. Oh how fun! You're all ready for an Easter Egg hunt - we won't tell where Peter Cottontail has hidden long as you give us a slice of that wonderful looking lemon cake! Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Rett!

    I love all your secret little hidden treasure pieces! But, OMG! That cake stan an dome is just about the most beutiful one I have EVER seen!! It is just gorgeous!!

  5. Oh Rett! I love your cloches, everything in them are so pretty too. That's a lot of egg candies! I want some! Your lemon cake looks delish and so pretty! And oh, I love your gazebo!...Christine

  6. Rett...this is a great post! I love your little hidden treasures and that cake dome (and cake) are gorgeous!


  7. What beautiful pics, beautiful cloches too! I love the gazebo house, oh my, would I love one of those! Love your blog!

  8. How pretty! Wonderful photography! You have so many nice Easter things! That lemon cake looks delish! I love anything lemon!

    Great gazebo!!


  9. Very, very pretty and I love the lil' bunny spreader :)

  10. I think I could stress eat all that candy right now! I love the centerpiece on your table...I know this is about the cloches, but I love florals. Everything looks darling. You've really done clever things with all your covered pieces.

    Mom was moved to the rehab center this afternoon. She isn't happy, but knows she has to be there a little while. Dad finally came home to get some sleep. My husband heads home tomorrow and I have no idea how long I'm staying. I do think I can get a bit of blogging done while we spend afternoons at the rehab center. I miss it!

  11. So many pretty things to look at! I love your dyed eggs - perfect shade.

  12. Hello Rett,

    This is so pretty as well as fun!..,

    I've also joined Marty for her cloche party..,

    Hugs, Wanda Lee

  13. Everything is so beautiful, Rett! You make your guests feel so important with all the special things you do to make them feel welcome and pampered. As my grandfather used to say, "You are the hostess with the mostest."

  14. Dear Rhett,

    Thank you for visiting my site and your friendly comment.

    Your crystal cake dome is gorgeous - outside as much as inside! Looks delicious, your lemon cake. Hmmmm....

    Who is this little fairy in your header? Is that one of your granddaughters. So cute. I like your blog.

    Happy Easter to you and your family,

  15. This post just speaks Easter and spring to me!

  16. Rett, your cloches are just wonderful and all of your decorations are just gorgeous. I love all of your cute eggs and the tall apothecary jar full of candy next to the basket is just the cutest thing ever. Your cake stand is stunning and the cake looks wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful decorations and joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  17. Everything is so joyful, the essence of Easter Sunday. That lemon cake is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Are your decorations peels or something else? Whatever, its gorgeous.

  18. Everything looks so pretty! Love lemon cake. :-)

  19. Rett, what a delight for the eyes. The apothecary jar is stunning and how clever to think of a way to avoid filling the entire space with candy. I'm going to have to remember that trick because it is so expensive to fill a large jar with candy. Then guess who would end up eating this at our place? How special that you have the keys to your parents old home. And yes, the cake dome is definitely a cloche. Wish I had a slice of that lemon cake with my cup of coffee as I sit here writing. Happy Easter, dear friend!

  20. Hi Rett, so nice to meet you. Your cake in that crystal cover is scrumptious, and love the touch of the skeleton keys on the jar. Great Easter decor!
    blessings for a wonderfl Easter!

  21. Love all the sweetness of Easter here. :) Come for a visit.

  22. Great post! Clever idea to put the vase inside the apothecary jar! What a beautiful cake plate and your lemon cake looks soooo good. I love lemon too ;)

    Happy Easter!


  23. Very beautiful and festive!

    I love Easter and the spring colors. I'm so glad that I stumbled across your blog. It blessed me so much to look at your settings.

    Happy Easter!

  24. LOVE your yummy-looking lemon cake. The apothecary with jar with candy and all the rest! Lezlee

  25. Wow Rett, your Easter displays are just beautiful. I just love the picture of the cake stand in between the potted bulbs. That is a spectacular photograph!

    So glad to hear that the weather is getting nicer in Ohio. You have had a really bad winter I hear. The weather is getting a little cooler here but it is still pretty humid here in Brisbane.

    I love the gorgeous pictures of your little princess in your header-I bet she can't wait for the Easter bunny to come tomorrow. I hope that you all have a very Happy Easter and that she gets lots of goodies in her basket.

    Blessings and best wishes,

  26. So much fun decorating with eggs and candy!!! I hope to get the Ohio bloggers together soon for lunch and a nice visit. Will keep you apprised. There are several from the Columbus area, as well as near me in Dayton and one in Cincy. Would love to meet you and have you meet some of the other gals I hang around with. Happy Easter. Sue

  27. Your displays are all just precious! I hope your and your family have a truly wonderful Easter holiday!
    Cheers, Andrea


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