Sunday, June 02, 2013

Where Do You Keep It All?

storage 002

 Today is The Tablescaper's 4th Annual
 it is also her 4th Blog-o-versary!
Congratulations, Ms A!

If you missed my first *poetic* tribute,
(I use the term loosely)
just click on the link above
to view my main storage sites.

In that post, I failed to mention a few corners
where I keep my tea related items.

The shelf in my laundry room holds most
of my teapots, many of which were gifts
from treasured family & friends.

storage 003

storage 004

 You KNOW I had to have a *tennis* themed one, didn't you?

 storage 005

 Some of the more delicate ones, 
(follow the link to learn a little more about it)
stays out on this little table in one of the bedrooms.

My granddaughter, Ms. C. gets to pick which 
teacup & saucer she would like
 to have tea in when she visits.

I think she has tried them ALL!!  LOL

storage 007

 The floor length tablecloth is from Ballard Designs &
 the handmade cutwork lace tabletopper is one 
I brought back from Italy...
St. Marks' Square, to be exact.

storage 008

You can see another post where I used it HERE. 

storage 009

The BEST part about this little table is 
all the hidden storage beneath it, though.


I wondered where I'd put that strawberry basket!
(note another use for rubber bands, too)
They help to keep those little plates
 safely in place during transport.  

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House today.
Wish you could stay for a cuppa tea with me!
to see how others hide store their addiction dishes?


  1. Rett, fun to see your collection of teapots and clever idea to store things under the long table cloth.
    Hope you are enjoying a beautiful start to June. Lovely here! ~ Sarah

  2. Fabulous collection of teapots Rett! The gorgeous tea cups displayed together is a lovely storage in itself. How fun to store under your table skirt, lol.. Have a great week.

  3. Love your teapot collection, I like peek a boo hiding places like that round table! And the rubber band idea is a good one. xo

  4. Stopping in again after a 6 month "time out" from blogging. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things again, and wanted to say thank you for letting me in on the Tablescaper's storage you posted on. I loved looking at your tea pots, you have a wonderful selection. Stop in and seem me sometime. I haven't been on for awhile, but hopefully will get that fixed! Sandi

  5. Rett, I love that you can see your teapots while they're stored over your cabinets! Skirted tables hide a multitude of sins :)

  6. You have a wonderful collection, Rett. Loved seeing it. xoxoxo

  7. I knew I liked you when you first showed you had dishes stored under the sofa! I had to show my son so he would know his mom isn't the only umm...nut! :)
    Love your collections!

  8. Oh my, the dusting you must do with those darling teapots right in the open there. I'm like Kathleen though....I like all the really unusual places for storage like under your sofa too!

  9. HI RETT!!!!
    I hope this comment posts.....for so long..blogger and I were enemies...I finally found on google's chrome is working again!!!But for a while I could Post but NOT we shall see if this works!!!!!I hate being MIA on all my blogger buddies....I have missed all of you so much. You made/MAKE me life so fulfilled with new friends--Great friends--lessons learned everyday!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by my BLOG today!!!!
    I miss you so much. I LOVE your tea pot collection.......That tennis one was especially dear to my old tennis playing heart!!!!!!
    I also love the way you display them all!!!!That table and covering is adorable and works perfect for hiding all the extra ones underneath!!!!
    I Sure hope you and I come face to face very soon!!!!
    Hugs 2 U,

  10. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!OH YEAH!!!!!!!

  11. Hi Rett, I love that you use above the laundry cabinets to store teapots. The best was under the little round table! A girl has to do what a girl has to do!!! Ms. C must love picking out her teacup when she visits. Thanks for the tip on using the rubber bands to hold the dishes together.

  12. I like your teapot and teacup collection. How wonderful to take tea with your little granddaughter!

  13. What a great collection of tea cups and pots! Loved the tennis themed ne too. I hide/store things under my round tables too!!! I have one that has a SHELF under there so get twice the storage space:):) I didn't know about the party, DARN! I have a dish ROOM now here at the new house. I haven't shared it yet so have to get busy on a post. XO, Pinky

  14. You are so organized, Rett. Storing everything can be a big problem. I'm out of space so have to be careful what I buy and always think about how much room it will take. I'm thinking about a garage sale to get rid of things I haven't used in several years so I can make room for new stuff. It never ends.

  15. I love that you have enough space on your laundry room shelf to store your teapots. They would make doing laundry a lot more bearable. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


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