Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tea in the guest room

I set up this little table for tea in our guest room for an overnight visitor.

I thought that she might be tired & hungry upon arrival &

yet it was too late for lunch & too early for dinner.

The floor length tablecloth is from Ballard Designs &

the cutwork lace topper is one I brought home from Venice, Italy.

I was told it was done by hand.

The teapot was a gift from a friend &

it matches beautifully with the cream & sugar bowl that go with my Lenox china.

I've collected the silver trays & pitchers over the years.

This one I filled with little peach roses & baby's breath.

This photo shows a close up of the Irish Belleek china cup & saucers.

They are eggshell thin & I absolutely treasure them!

They were given to me by our dear sweet neighbor in FL when she downsized.

You can also have a good peek at the wonderful lace in the table overlay in the above photo.

I only took one photo towards evening with the candle lit,

as this room was difficult to photograph.

I wanted you to see the one & only Waterford napkin ring I own!

I bought it in the duty free shop as we were leaving Ireland,

thinking I would start a collection & add to it over the years, but sadly, I never did.

May I highly recommend the individual cheesecakes, shown above?

I'm not affiliated in any way.

I found them at Sam's Club & they are DELICIOUS!!

Three different flavors come in the one box &

they are so dainty & pretty for a party or a last minute gathering.

They make a tasty little treat to go along with a hot cup of tea in the afternoon.

Won't you join me?

Don't forget to check out Susan's blog

Between Naps on the Porch

for more special places to dine!

Thank you, Susan, for letting us gather at your blog.


  1. Dear Rhett,
    This is so very pretty!!!
    You have really created a charming atmosphere. Love the table cloth.
    Autumn blessings to you,

  2. I ran right over to see what lovelies you have for us and I'm not disappointed! This is so elegant and pretty. That table cover is gorgeous!! Your guest must have been so pleased and really enjoyed such a special setting!


  3. What a pretty table -- it's absolutely lovely! I would love to be a guest!

  4. You have captured the essence of a teatime break! How nice for your guest to be greeted with that lovely setting. The teapot and table linens are beautiful!

  5. Oh this is all so pretty and elegant. I would love to have tea here!

  6. You are so thoughtful! Your table just says "welcome" . I agree with you on the cheesecakes--delicious! Now, how do I go about making a reservation?

  7. Rett, Your friend must have felt so special! This is a very, very beautiful table. I love the teapot...and cup and saucer... and silver... and waterford... and linens... and anything else I didn't mention! Thank you for sharing this lovely post.

  8. Hello Rhett ~
    Such a lovely table - and you aren't the only one who has collections of one....LOL ! I might
    have to check out those cheescake minis - yummy !

  9. Yes I will have two sugars and a little cream and only one little cheesecake, ok maybe two little cheesecakes, how could anyone resist this setting

  10. Oh this is so pretty. That table topper cloth is equisite! Everything looks so elegant and so peaceful. I would certainly enjoy being a friend who arrived too late for lunch and too early for dinner at your house. laurie

  11. Rett,
    Anyone would feel so special with all the wondeful thought and love you put into that guest room. The table cloth was beautiful as well as the tea pot. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh my, I am really drooling. I love silver and white and this is just absolutely stunning. Your linens are fabulous. Such a beautiful setting for tea. Love, Love Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  13. What a beautiful teascape! If I stayed in your guest room, I might not ever want to leave!

    The mini cheesecakes look yummy. We have a Sam's close by, and I'm definitely going to look for those the next time I go there.

  14. I ♥ everything about your tea party. What a beautiful tea service, the little cup with the shamrocks is adorable. Ohhh, that table topper is just gorgeous...

  15. Rett, I am SO glad you stopped by to see my post. I have edited the post to credit you with posting the recipe. It really was delicious, and it really did get rave reviews! Thank you. lauire

  16. Rhett, I want to be a guest at your home. This is the most inviting little spot for a guest room that I've ever seen. Your table is so elegant with every detail in place. You don't miss a thing! ~ Sarah

  17. What a lovely tea table! The Belleek is so pretty. This is such a wonderful, welcoming, and elegant way to entertain.

  18. What a lovely welcome for an overnight guest. Your little table is so beautifully set. Lucky guest!

  19. I've nominated you for the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD come on over to see what its all about!

  20. Beautiful! I would love to be a guest at your house!

  21. OOHHH I love beleek...I just wonder if it is too extravagant to purchase just for St. Patrick's day LOL...I just adore your table and wish I was a guest.

  22. Wow Rett, this is certainly a very beautiful welcoming and cozy corner.You have made sure that every little detail has been addressed to make them feel like the most special person in the world!.
    Best wishes, NM.

  23. Oh how pretty! and I love Beleek, too -- so fragile and delicate. Like tea cups and china that belong in an enchanted cottage.
    And those cheesecakes? I'm going to have to find a Sam's Club near me!

  24. Oh my, how delightful! Surely your guest must have felt mighty special when she saw that sweet "teascape"..and if she didn't feel special then, then surely when she choose a cheesecake square. Yum!! I think I'd just skip dinner and enjoy the cheesecake.

  25. Hi,
    Thanks for browsing my blog, I hope you enjoyed everything, I'm having some difficulty lately posting as often as I would like.

    You asked about the depression glass - I didn't do a post on the history, maybe you are thinking about Carrie, at She often gives histories of china, etc. and she has some yellow depression glass, in fact, she just posted a tablescape with her depression glass!


  26. Hi Rett,
    This table is so YOU! Everything is pretty, romantic, and tastefully understated. The cutwork overlay is just stunning. I can see why you went all the way to Italy just to purchase it! ;)

    Is that the silver tray you sent me a photo of recently? It looks beautiful! I hope you'll continue collecting the Waterford napkin rings. Christmas is coming soon ... Santa would probably love to know you want more of them.

    Warm regards,

  27. This is so beautiful. Wouldn't it just be wonderful to find that waiting in the guestroom? It looks as if it is set for a bride. Sue

  28. Rett,
    Wow, I love the white table tea scape! As I scrolled down, it just about took my breath awy to see such a beautiful table! The thin cup and saucer are so pretty as well as the tablecloth and runner! thanks for sharing... Dee Dee

  29. What a lovely and gracious way to welcome your guest.

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  30. Lovely table. Love the teapot and the tablecloth! Very elegant. Can I come for tea?

  31. What a welcoming lovely room, just the perfect spot for a tired guest!!!
    I am in love with that lace table topper!!!

  32. Beautiful tea setting...your guest will feel like royalty, for sure! I can see how thin the darling tea cups are...what a wonderful gift! Hey, there's still time for the napkin rings...check eBay. :-)
    Thanks for a lovely tea setting and the tips on the cheesecakes...gorgeous!


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