Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

I quilted a *Witchy* Tablerunner
to get you in the mood!
I made one of these last year,
for my daughter’s home that you can see HERE.
This one is my smocking friend’s,
who took the class with me,
but didn’t have time to finish hers
so I completed it for her.

I left the sewing of the button eyes to her two girls,
so that they could feel like they had a hand in finishing it.
It is wonderful to see how interested they are in
learning how to sew.

This photo, taken on my front porch bench,
in the sun, really shows off the quilting.

Oct. 2011 027

We got to see Ms. C’s school parade outside on Friday.
It was 38º & VERY foggy!
They marched along quickly, believe me!
I captured some of the great costumes that the teachers wore.
I think they were having as much
fun as the kids.

Oct. 2011 020 Oct. 2011 025

Oct. 2011 026
Oct. 2011 022

I didn't make her costume this year,
but I made her a Halloween tutu for dance lessons.

Fall apples, dance, cucumbers, soup 058

I wish you could have seen her,
twirling around in this one!

I'm joining The Tablescaper for her
Follow me over to her house to see more scary stuff!
Have a safe &


  1. Hi Rett! Is that a cute table runner or what! Love the costume parade! And...I never show my grandie's faces either...too many weirdos out there. Love her costume! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. The runner is so cute! Equally cute is your little Dorothy. I love costumes like that.

    I laughed at the crayon. As a young teacher, I went as one too. Actually, I was a crayon sticking out of a huge crayola box. The kids in my class all came as either crayons or coloring books.

    We won a special prize by the PTA for being a box of fun!

  3. Rett, Little Dorothy is adorable!!! I love the bewitching table runner - really cute. Happy Halloween, my dear talented friend!
    Hugs, Beth

  4. Rett, that table runner is adorable!
    Your little Dorothy and Toto are cute as ever...

  5. Hi Rett, I love the pictures of your Halloween runner. You are very talented! And of course Dorothy is darling. I just found our old Dorothy costume so I may have one too is a year or so. Looks like like of chilly fun in your area!

  6. Hi Rett, Love the table runner, so cute!!! Your granddaughter loved wonderful all dressed for Halloween. I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween. hugs, Jen.

  7. I love that table runner with its big green nose, too cute! Caroline looks darling as Dorothy.

  8. What a cute table runner!! You did a fabulous job. I loved the cute tutu...tu tu Cute!!!!

  9. So cute! Miss C looks so big!!! And that tutu... oh my!!! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!!!

  10. Oh, how I love your be-witching table runner...down to the wart on her nose. The parade was delightful and fun to see that the teachers really got into the spirit.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  11. Love the adorable runner Rett, the nose just cracks me up! Looks like a fun parade too! Happy Halloween:@)

  12. Hello Rett
    The Halloween table runner is so sweet. In your post last year, I see you went way out to celebrate, lots of fun!
    Happy Halloween.

  13. Rett~ How generous of you to complete your friend's runner! LOVE the nose, wart & all!!

    Fun costumes & parade! Ms. C is an adorable Dorothy~ I bet she having a ball in her wonderful tutu!! Happy Halloween :)

  14. I love your table runner! Your site is so Halloweeeeeeeny and festive looking! Gets me in the spirit. Pat

  15. This is such a happy and colorful post. What a lovely table runner, makes me want to eat treats at this table. Wonderful job. Hugs...Lu

  16. You are so talented, Rett! I love the witch runner.

    The parade is wonderful and the teachers' costumes are terrific. Your little goblin is adorable ;)

  17. The teachers are such good sports aren't they? Your little one looks darling, love the pup in the basket!

    I'm once again impresses by your sewing skills!


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