Monday, June 20, 2011

Tea Swap with Lavender Cottage

DSC_0200-cropped sky

Well, my forced blogging break certainly turned into a much longer absence than I had planned!

My arm & wrist feel much better, having stopped playing tennis, planting & computing for almost 3 weeks.
HOWEVER, it seems I was grinding my teeth in my sleep, due to the arm pain & I somehow managed to create a toothache!

I have not had such tooth pain since I was a wee little girl. It was just took over 45 minutes for a Vicodan pain pill to dull the ache. I was, literally, in tears! The dentist could find nothing wrong with the tooth. I'd had a round of antibiotics & anti-inflammatory meds. There were no cracks, no cavities, no abscess...Nothing!
He thinks I was just putting pressure on the tooth NEXT to it & it inflamed the ligaments.

Who knew teeth had ligaments, anyway???

My sweet hubby had to do the grocery shopping...a very RARE occurrence, believe me!
He brought home the 3 beautiful white roses for me because he felt so sorry for me
...such a touching gesture...I wanted to cry even more!

I added the single pink Queen Elizabeth first flower from this newly planted bush & took them with me outside on a tray while I wrote a "thank you" note to Judith, author of the blog, Lavender Cottage.
I wanted to just sit in the warm sunshine & enjoy all the lovely tea swap items that Judith had sent to me, as a participant in Beth's Beyond The Garden Gate Tea Swap.

Such a delightful assortment of tea related items! I'm in love with the beautifully embroidered linen hemstitched handtowel & the little individual teacup & saucer with the butterfly on top.
Judith is very partial to butterflies, ya' know.
That is hand soap in the shape of a butterfly!
Ms. Caroline is going to LOVE washing her hands with it on her next visit.
They only have liquid soap at their house & it is Hilarious to watch her try to manage a slippery bar...she just laughs & laughs because she can't hold on to it.

I was especially tickled with the lemon honey drops....I've never seen them & they are wonderful!

I'm going to save this special blooming Fairy Lily green tea for when I can share it with a friend!

The Oh Canada tea is AWESOME!!
I can't wait to try Jessie's Tea next. So fun to discover new flavors!
I'm enjoying the Laura Childs book, Death by Darjeeling very much.
(one of my favorite tea flavors, too!)

The saying on the magnetic bookmark that Judith sent is especially touching.
It is one my Mother had hanging in her kitchen all the years I was growing up.
I don't know why it appealed to her so much, as we don't have any alcoholics in our family
...that I know of, that is!
It is the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr, a theologian.
It has been adopted by
Alcoholics Anonymous which was created right here in Ohio
at the nearby Stan Hewett hall,

where the originators of
AA held their first meetings. You can read more about it HERE.

We've finally had some GLORIOUS weather here in Ohio &
it was a perfectly blue sky day to just sit & enjoy the sunshine!
I wish you ALL could have joined me for a cup of tea.
I would have loved the company & you're always welcome at
The Gazebo House!


  1. Welcome back! So glad you're doing better! I'm so impressed with a grocery shopping husband being able to help you. I've been giving my husband lessons in that department. The roses are a lovely bonus.

  2. What a wonderful gift assortment you received from your swap. So many delicious goodies! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better! Having had a few root canals I am very familiar with nerve pain in teeth. But, I never would have thought about healthy teeth having ligaments to get sore as well. Yikes! Please take care of the arm as well. Mine gets sore when I'm online too much also. I love to see your blog anytime you post, whenever you can, I understand. Glad to also hear you have such a sweet husband, those are gorgeous roses and I think you certainly deserve them! Welcome back!

  3. Glad you're feeling better Rett! Your swap goodies are very pretty and it looks like a lovely day to be enjoying them:@)

  4. Glad you're doing better, Rett! Bummer when you don't feel well......especially not well enough to grocery shop. E-gads, it's a wonder you ate at all! Bravo for Ernie!

  5. Hi Rett
    I certainly didn't know that teeth had ligaments - learn something new every day. :-)
    A nice post with the goodies I sent and I know you'll enjoy them sitting in the sunshine with your cup of tea. Hopefully your ailments will clear up and have you feeling like your old self in no time.
    Wishing you sunny skies and happy gardening.

  6. I would love to join you for a cup of tea, Rett. I'm so sorry to read about your tooth ache. There are few things more miserable than that. I hope you are feeling back to normal very soon.
    Your assortment of tea items is wonderful. What a lovely surprise.

  7. Good to have you back Rett, I was hoping that nothing serious had taken you away from our little blog world. As one who is dealing with a "tooth issue" right now I can certainly feel your pain.

  8. I'm back too, but I hate to hear that you were out due to injuries and now a toothache! Those are the worst. I hope you are feeling better now, and what a lovely assortment of goodies you have! Your flowers are lovely and against that blue sky is just beautiful! Feel better soon!!!

  9. What a lovely package you received! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better and I hope you're taking care of yourself. You are so lucky that Judith's package arrived before our post offices were shut down due to the strike.

  10. Yeah! She's back! What a lovely assortment of gifts. I hope they cheered you up. I am glad you are getting some good weather there too!
    I never knew teeth had ligaments! Does that mean they have muscles , and that we must eat a lot to keep them toned and shaped?
    You keep yourself well. Give up the tennis, but not the typing!
    I send dh to Costco an hour away so I can have some alone time to do tables! Too much togetherness is not a good thing!

  11. Hi Rett, I hope you feel at your very best soon! I miss your blog posts! I enjoyed this one very much. You received some lovely things. The teas all sound delicious. Judith picked out some very nice items for you and I'm glad you are enjoing them.
    blessings, Beth

  12. Dear Rett!
    I am overjoyed you are back with us. Blogging was just not the same without you!
    I hope you gave your hubby a big hug for shopping and for bringing you those pretty roses! YOu have a lovely spot set with them. I could let the day slip away just sitting there and enjoying the sun and the view!

    I bet you were so excited to get your swap package. How fun!

    Thanks for entering the Mikasa giveaway at StoneGable! Thank you for your support!
    xo Yvonne

  13. I am so sorry for all this pain you've had to go through. I can totally sympathize with teeth pain on perfectly fine teeth, as you know. I hope you are up to your energetic self real soon. Those darling tea gifts and the beautiful roses from Ern were just what the good doctor ordered!

  14. Rett, so happy to see you back! Glad you are feeling better. The tea gifts should help too. LOL Not to mention the gorgeous sky and lovely flowers. ~ Sarah


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